The True Power You Have~ Now

So often people wait for the right opportunity, to have enough time, enough money, a better body, be happier and the cycle of “waiting” is perpetuated. What gets washed over is what is available now. What is available now is going to look different than what you want, yet it is the foundation, building blocks to get you where you want to go.  In order to build and have what you want, you’ll have to overcome, move through and challenge limits and old patterns, hence the perpetual cycle.

Standing in, standing up, being clear on what you need to get where you want to go relies on relationships, the relationships you build and have today, to bring you what you want.

All things flow through relationships. It begins with the relationship you have with yourself. That requires a willingness to take action, providing yourself a foundation that may feel different and new, and surround yourself with people who are willing to provide, protect and give in a way that nourishes your spirit, has you wanting more and stops the cycle of “waiting”.   It’s here now.

When you look at your resources, really look at them, your finances, your work~ the people you work with and the environment you work in, your friends, your family, your neighborhood, your gym and health professionals, everything that makes up your foundation, are they providing and protecting you, supporting you Now to get you to where you want to be? Are they caring for you in a way that gives you opportunity to take action towards your vision?

It is up to you, it is a requirement to take Self Responsibility here. Now.

Maybe your relationships are overprotective.  Then it’s your responsibility Now, to find those relationships that build strength and courage to go out on your own. It may feel or seem reckless or careless, and you know what, the alternative is a slow, steady decline to stuckness and stagnation.  To never being able or willing to take action towards your goals and dreams.  Today, find the people who celebrate and value a little wildness.

The relationships you have today are the stepping stone to building what you want tomorrow.

The key here is, the new relationships you make, they’ll move you forward, and then….when you are ready for the next level in your life, you’ll create new relationships.


The missing piece in society is, when you have goals, visions and dreams, you’ll need to build the relationships that support your vision goals and dreams. Leaving the safety of your nest and spreading your wings to fly. If the people you’re around don’t have the same values, or appreciate you, you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Each level of change you go through, will ask for you to spread your wings and find new connections.


Your life changes when you’re willing to create and cultivate new relationships. Relationships without attachment, relationships for the growth of each person involved.

The true power in this is, allowing yourself to change. You must be willing to receive something new.  Something new in relationship to your attitude, behavior and actions to move forward towards your goals.  This begins Now.  What you learn is the true power you do have.  You learn to see people and relationships as an asset to you or a liability, neither good or bad, just a recognition of who has the potential to give freely and move you forward.

That’s right give freely and move you forward.  Give freely to contribute to your energy. Give freely to invest in you.

This is your power.  Your ability to receive without attachment.  


Illuminating the Riches Within






Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

New Growth; Investment in your resources

Invest in Your Growth ~ Body Mind Spirit

Growth. The ability to support something in development, a natural process.  We all have the ability to grow and change, develop.  It’s a choice. It requires an investment in your resources, time, energy and money. You may say, “I want to lose weight”, or “I want to get a new job”, the truth is, if you are not choosing to invest your resources, into making it happen, you’re not showing up for yourself, your growth and development to the next stage of your life.

Money, by itself is energy, a tool.   It’s used to invest in goods and services and create change.  You could decide you don’t want to “spend” money on a weight loss program, a gym membership, learning new skills, or a headhunter.  The flip side to that is you really don’t want to “invest” in yourself to lose weight or get a new job.

The Truth is, The greatest Investment you can make, is in Yourself, Body, Mind, Spirit

When you decide, having the body you want, having a job you love is more important than “not spending money”, you remove your limitations, your obstacles and choose from a place of self worth, a place where your vision and your goal is set in motion, and you invest in moving forward.

A decision and action are necessary for you to achieve the results you want.  A decision and action demand a different course. Once again, that requires change, an openness, a willingness and a positive belief in yourself to achieve the goals you desire. You plant the seeds and nourish them with your time, energy and money.

So let’s be real here.  Fear, projects limits. Fear see’s things one way. Fear closes you off to investment in yourself. You can see fear around you in the ways you stop yourself, the way you negotiate and the way you perpetuate cycles of lack and limitation.

Investments on the other hand, asks you to stop, check in.  Investments asks you to find peace, clarity, trust and belief in your vision, yourself, and the present moment.  Sure, their will be people who don’t understand your vision, or your desires. They’ll talk negative about it, put you down, and have a way to squash your vision. And that, my love, has nothing to do with you.  That is their view point of the world, their own journey through self doubt and their own projected fear.

When you recognize, investing and putting money, time and energy towards those things you hold near and dear to you, things that matter and that which you desire, you change your perspective, you open the flow to everything that supports you, to have ~.  You must listen. Listen to that which is like in words, thoughts and actions. Free of judgments, free of shame, blame and guilt.  Free.  Free in feeling, free in energy and free in being.

Free to be exactly as is.

Find your voice.

Follow your joy, your passion.

Trust your vision.

Invest your resources, your gifts, your heart energy into those that will move you forward.  It may not be those who have what you want.  It will be those who understand you are empowered to your desires and goals, those who understand the power you have over your vision. And those who believe in the beauty of investing in body mind and spirit.

Growth happens when you give more power to yourself.   Your visions, while taking right actions for those visions to grow, and manifest. Investment time, money, energy ~ body, mind, spirit

Illuminating the Riches Within





Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Deep Connection to Your Self and Your Place in the World~ Emotional Strength



Emotional Strength, like any other strength, comes through flexing your emotional muscles.  Facing challenges that seem insurmountable. As a whole, society has been vague at best when it comes to facing our emotions, and the benefits of rising to the occasion of emotional challenges.  Yet, emotions hold the key to your choices, decisions and actions. How you feel, directly connects to what you decide and choose to do. Gaining emotional strength requires facing fears, insecurities and past programming which has held you stuck, held you in uncomfortable feelings and emotions. It’s only when you decide to take up a training program in emotional strength, that you really shed the unwanted pains, traumas, limits, negativity and burdens you carry, the ones that weigh you down.

And the truth is, you wear your emotional scars within your physical body. The negative patterns, beliefs and limitations show up in your attitude, actions and the way you speak to yourself, your body, mind and spirit.

Emotions have held the responsibility of  been judged, being seen as too much, aggressive, uncontrollable, stoic and the list goes on.  The main issue I see, is society as a whole hasn’t been given tools and skills to learn to understand and train our emotions.  I’m not talking about boxing them in, stuffing them down, cutting them off.  I’m speaking about all of the addictions, habits, and coping mechanisms that people take on to suppress and not feel their feeling because they don’t know how.  A lack of a system to understand when you’re being triggered, having a skill set to recognize it, stay centered and present and feel your true feelings~ in all their discomfort.  Often times the true underlying root of the feeling stems from past experiences where you were emotionally scarred, left feeling unworthy, inadequate, unlovable, experienced distrust, made to feel less than, overall loss of power and weakened.  And you know, you know the true nature of expressing yourself and your emotions.

The journey to emotional strength begins by your willingness to face your challenges head on. Your willingness to trust your own power and your ability to choose courage over fear.

It’s wonderful to have a fitness program, strengthening your physical body, and you have learned through training, it provides a level of mental and emotional strength in the process. Having an emotional practice, gives way to strengthening your ability to respond to emotional challenges. Rather than falling into your pre-programming, or your old behaviors, an emotional strength training program provides you the tools and skills to react with patience, grace, focus, trust and most importantly, your truest source of power~ unwavering Faith and Trust in YOU.  You see, when you see a limiting pattern for what it is, when you have emotional strength, supported by courage, trust and truth, anything is possible. It’s that moment when you shift your world. All of those limits, untruths, negativity, pains and traumas disappear.

You always have a choice. It’s up to you. Do you want to be weighed down by your past emotional experiences or are you ready to face the challenges today and create a new, better future for you tomorrow.


Illuminating the Riches Within





Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Manifestation. The True Connection to your Heart and Soul.

Heart + Soul +  Trust = Manifestation

There is so much talk these days of manifestation, to manifest what you desire.  For me, manifestation is something I wholeheartedly believe in.  What I believe gets left out often is the necessity to be grounded and rooted in Self. In the space of grounded and rooted in Self, you Trust in your being, the environment you surround yourself with and in your own Heart and Soul.

Manifestation requires a vision, plan, action steps and a sacred relationship with yourself.

To be grounded and rooted, there is a simplicity in letting go, a non attachment and a balance of Trusting your own soul, led by your heart. Manifestations asks you to trust in your being, while the whole world continues to move, dance and flow.  With manifestation, you change the level you’re at, change your coordinates on where you are.  This asks you to open, allow and be.  With great joy and pleasure, you allow and receive.  It’s essential to let go of the old, outdated and reoccurring patterns, through practice, meditation or stillness of the mind, and openness.  There is an expansion that occurs for manifestation to take root and appear.

Now, when you drop into your heart and soul, in the quietness and stillness, when you know what you desire, and decide to connect within, you allow the magic to unfold and the Universe to co- create with you. With YOU, your being, your heart and soul.

Your Root is nourished through safety, security, stability in home, finances and relationships, even your relationship with yourself.  Manifestation asks you be strong in your own sense of Being, through being rooted and grounded in your own safety and security. Without proper rooting and grounding, manifestations usually have difficulty staying grounded and rooted, therefore many have trouble with manifestation coming to full fruition. It’s a process.  It circles back around to your heart and soul, the core of your being, where your being is safe, secure, connected and trusting.


Ask yourself these questions when Manifesting:

  1.  Are you centered and stable in what you desire, heart and soul. Do you believe in yourself, without knowing how it happens and trusting that it is happening.
  2. Can you find the calm, your peace, safety, security and stability while the world around you shakes, knowing your heart and soul is leading you forward toward manifestation.
  3. Are you willing, ready and able to let go of the old, the outdated, the story, opening to the new, better and more prosperous level for your life. One that is creating and building a solid foundation, fertile soil for your manifestation to take root, open and blossom, bearing fruit.
  4. Are you willing to sit in the stillness, the quiet and calmness to allow the process to unfold for you.

Enjoy the journey…where all things are possible.


Illuminating the Riches Within





Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Fitness. Inspiration in motion brings in Fun

Fitness for me has always been a way of life.  This has made it simple to be Fun.  I realize it has not been like that for many others, so I decided to share some of my insights and experiences making Fitness Fun.


When it comes to my physical body, the idea of feeling it healthy, vibrant, strong and shapely has always inspired me. That meaning, the inspiration, the idea and knowing I can feel healthy, vibrant, strong and shapely has been a consistent source of power and motivation.

I’ve never thought, “I have to do this in order to get or have that”.  I have always known, when I do anything related to Fitness, and I Feel Good, I’m inspired.  I notice it in my breath, my breathing, I notice it in my Yes, my feeling of saying Yes, I am doing it to myself.

Fitness, becomes fun, when I’m not chasing a goal. It becomes fun when I recognize the Power it has in keeping my body, my mind and my spirit fresh, thinking and aligned. It becomes fun when I have a plan, I know what I am training, how I am training and I stay focused and committed to that plan. The actions I perform in Fitness aren’t meant to be the hardest.  Hear me out on this…. They are meant to Build a foundation for me to build on. For me to continue to improve and get better.  This is what I love about Fitness.

What happens with many people, they chase the end result, the goal. having the great body, having the 6pack abs. From here, they expect their workouts to be a certain way, and struggle at times to commit to just doing Fitness, allowing the ebbs and flows of how they feel, tapping into pure inspiration. When you turn off your mind, and turn into your body, the amount of energy you can generate from your body is amazing!


Making Fitness Fun requires a commitment to yourself daily. This commitment can be as simple as positive affirmations, journaling or positive self talk. Your workouts are a piece of training yourself body mind and spirit.

What I love to do in my workouts is mix it up with weight training, body weight exercises, plyo (jump) drills, pilates, yoga. My workouts include aspects of each, keeping me moving and motivated.  Having a plan is essential.


A good idea is to write out your plan at the beginning of the week.  Write out what your plan is for exercise during each day and stick to that. Focus on one day at a time.  Allow your body and mind to become stronger. Allow yourself to soak in the exercises , discipline, focus and commitment you are making to yourself.


Exercise has the Power to change your life. It’s up to you to commit to the actions and receive the changes.

Let me know if you’re interested in having an exercise plan custom created just for you!



Illuminating the Riches Within





Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

TIME for health, fitness and lifestyle

TIME is essential for health, fitness and lifestyle and it begins with a commitment.

To create a health plan, and fitness lifestyle that works for you, your time will be allocated to your Health, Fitness and Lifestyle and this requires a commitment from you to put your health and well being first.

It all begins with a decision.

A decision to make health, fitness and your lifestyle a priority, may be the best decision you ever make.  That means putting down your fork, your excuses, your work.  Now, that commitment.  A commitment to take positive actions towards your health.

The challenges you face, are best met with the support, help and encouragement of a trained Fitness & or Lifestyle Specialist.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own.  It means, you’re taking your resources, time and money and investing into what you need, guidance and support to stay on track, committed and focused on your health goals.

Building and creating a healthy lifestyle takes work along with your commitment. Staying focused and committed while distractions creep up, while life challenges happen, it’s really important to have someone in your corner, on your side.

When you have walls built up, the way to bring them down is stepping forward into your truth, vulnerability.  That requires a letting go of your attachments, and your beliefs. It requires you show up more powerfully, more fully and more mature.  Spiritually mature to recognize there is a problem and issue with your commitment to your health and well being. Being consciously aware you need help, and doing it alone is not working.

Why are you waiting? Do you really believe your time situation will change? Do you believe your health, nutrition and fitness will find the time on it’s own and actually do the work?

Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle all take discipline, and time to get the work done.  That is exactly what holds you back. You’re in this cycle of needing time, and yet your letting your health pass you by.  This is an opportunity to take inventory and take action.

Having a plan means you’ll have actions and commitments to follow through on. That means your time, energy and money will be invested in your self. Invested towards your goals.

Like a retirement plan you put in place to take care of you when your older, fitness, nutrition and a lifestyle plan supports you in living life better. It’s built upon your time and years young, to prevent and reduce illness later and adds positivity, energy and stress reduction to your life now.

Taking positive action towards your health & wellness begins today. Today because, your body mind and spirit need the attention and craves the nourishment.  Today because, moving your body never felt so good, the freedom, passion and excitement from taking action for a healthier body.  Today because your ready, ready to take the first step take action and move forward. Your ready for a more serious, more committed more powerful you, body mind spirit.  And that is Really What you want.

A more powerful You~ Body Mind Spirit.

Take action Today. Make a decision Today.  Be Bold, Be Fearless.  Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle can be whatever you choose it to be. When you decide, when you make Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle your Today, your future self will thank you.

What are you going to choose?


Illuminating the Riches Within





Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Fitness becomes an essential in your life for quality of living.

Fitness is Life

Fitness was and has always been my first love.  It holds my heart and soul.  It took me a long and winding road to acknowledge the relationship I have so meticulously and devotedly crafted with Fitness.   Fitness, is a place, a space within, and a way of being that rocks my world from the inside out.  I connect deeply & powerfully to my true self, my genuine purpose, My Spirit through the world of Fitness I created for myself.

Fitness in many ways has become about the doing of a workout, with end results and a goal set in mind. What I found in cultivating my unique relationship is, Fitness is a Feeling, beginning deep within the Spirit.

The power of Fitness, having a body you worship and love is turning off your mind, the doing, the aspects that are chasing an idea, the way you’re going to look, the way you’ll get all these things when you have….the body you want.

Chasing an idea, is different than a vision or a goal.  A vision holds an image that supports what you want. A goal gives you strength, courage and determination in attaining your vision.

You see, the only workout that matters is the one you Do TODAY.  Always have a plan.  An action plan.  What body part are you training, what class are you taking, what is your action and intention for your workout?  Now, I do not mean, how hard is it going to be, I don’t subscribe to that.  I mean what are you committed to TODAY in YOUR workout.

Because I COME FROM a place of Trust, Joy, and Inner Knowing with my Fitness Training, my workouts always had meaning and purpose to me.  What I expected from my workouts and always accomplish is, how is this going to make me feel~ what are the feeling running through me when I go into the gym, yoga studio, park, and meditation to get in a workout. These feelings drive me.  They ignite my passion, illuminate my soul. The feelings range and include joy, excitement, fun, challenge, drive, commitment, passion, self expression, and beauty.  I feel beautiful when I train. Not because of what I look like, because of how I feel, how I light up my soul.  These qualities have nothing to do with end results.

The first skill to master is non-negotiating with yourself.  Pick yourself up, get on your treadmill, elliptical, go to the gym.  The minute you being negotiating with yourself, it’s over, your dark side has taken over.  Non- negotiating means having a way of being present, centered and non-judgmental, there is no decision to be made, there is only a space of action, taking action.  That’s the beauty of mastering non-negotiation. The minute you get up, get on the equipment or out of your home, you stand in your power. Now cultivate your feelings of feeling great, joy, passion and fulfillment.  Your workout doesn’t need to be hard, or hurt you or make you feel like your killing yourself to be in shape.  Your workout needs to support you in being a better version of YOU.  Maybe your a parent, a better role model for your children, maybe you want to make more of an impact at work. Committing to a workout plan will bring co-workers to appreciate and admire your dedication and discipline, and your bosses, people will notice you, you’ll have strength and power through your relationships at work, in conjunction with your workouts.

Time is often an issue for people.  It’s time you drop some of the things you are doing that are not supporting you and your body mind and spirit.  I’m sure you can mention one thing you do that frustrates you and no longer serves a purpose for you.  That’s your cue.  Make the decision & commitment TODAY to stop doing it. Begin holding space for yourself, planning your workout, make it happen NOW.   Your workout again, is about taking time for your body mind and spirit.  Not about how hard or how much time you get out of it.  First accentuate it as a priority.  Take your time for it.  Non-negotiating.

Fitness is to make you Feel Good.  Really soak that in.  “Make you feel good”.  How do you think your life will change if you begin to always feel good and make time for your body with fitness?   You’ll learn to be more disciplined, more focused, more committed.  It starts here.

Create a foundation for yourself with Fitness.  You may not see the results you want to see right away. It does not mean it’s not working.  It requires you stick to the plan, trust your vision. The small steps you are taking are all part of your goals.  Each day a new goal is accomplished.  This is laying a foundation for you.  In order to get where you want to be, each day counts as a goal accomplished and building your foundation.

I believe having a stable foundation in Fitness means no matter what, no matter what’s happening in your life, Fitness will be there.  Whether you take a step away from your workout for pressing issues that require immediate attention, or whether you have small issue, you use Fitness as a tool to keep you centered, grounded and Trusting in your Vision.  That means Fitness becomes an essential in your life for quality of living.

Turn off your logical brain, tune into what you want and how you feel.  Add to that.  Breathe.  Inhale your desire and feel free and trusting in you getting there.  It is a journey. Each day get behind the wheel, put your foot on the gas, moving you in that direction.  Stay focused with attention and delight in where you are going.


Commitment and Discipline.  From a place of Your Energy and Your Time Well Invested or Spent, always adding to your Total Well Being.


Illuminating the Riches Within,




Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Intuition, your light to connect to the world

Listen   Follow   Faith

Intuition, Your Light from Within

Intuition often times gets a bad wrap.  We decide to listen and follow the guidance of something that appears real.  It appears to be the right way, the golden ticket when in actuality, it’s our outer surroundings making us believe it’s right for us.  Now, I believe in Intuition.  I believe in the power of our own inner wisdom, your own inner compass guiding you.

What do you do to focus, direct and trust your own intuition?

There is a process.  It begins through looking at the world around you. What are you seeing and experiencing?  Are you seeing and experiences life the way you believe it to be?  Are you engaged in living the way you believe the world to be?   So much of the time, with life being so busy, so full of external demands, we make choices and decisions based on how we believe things need to be, rather than what we truly believe and trust with our own knowing and being.

Intuition comes from a place of Self Worth, Self Value and Inner knowing.  Intuition is cultivated through a relationship with yourself, removing and distancing the distractions of the outer world.

That takes Faith to take ownership in. Faith to believe in your self.

Intuition serves you.

It capitalizes on your strengths, which for others may seem trivial or non important. Yet this is the Power of your Intuition.

Intuition has a special way of revealing itself to you.  Whether it be feelings in your gut, feelings in your body, a knowing, images, voices, messages of all kinds.  Intuition is essential to unlocking your power to your inner freedom, joy, happiness, pleasure and lifeline.

So what happens to your intuition when you are disconnected from it?  When disconnected with your intuition, your resources, time, energy, money flow in many directions, as opposed to towards you, towards your growth and nourishment for fulfillment. You tend to make your decisions and choices from outside of yourself, meaning from expectations from the outside world.  Pleasing other people, being in situations that conflict against your personal values, and at the heart of it, to get your needs met.

The Truth.

Your needs are met when you connect with your Inner Knowing, Your Intuition. Making decisions, taking actions from a place of Faith, with the Power & Security of Your Intuition.

So, how do you know when you are using your Intuition?

There is a wave a strength and courage, of trust and faith, of calm, center and peace.  When you apply these qualities to your choices, actions and decisions, you pave the way for your greatest gifts and rewards to move through. It’s a balance between trusting and moving, stillness and faith.  When you apply these skills and focus on your truest desire, all things are possible.  There’s nothing you can’t do.  The Heavens open up.

The greatest gifts you have to offer the world is you, your unique brightness, brilliance, and joy.

Intuition is your Power, illuminating the way, turning your path to gold.


Illuminating the Riches Within,


Monica Heiz




Finding Grace within the Elements


Thriving requires grounding, action, flow, believing and trusting

One of the most dynamic aspects of living is balancing all aspects of thriving.  Thriving requires grounding, action, flow, believing and trusting.

Often times, one area is strongest, you’re most connected with.  As with Nature, there is a process in which all aspects are given the opportunity to perform.  Growth requires connection from within and feedback from the outer world.

Grounding, is the ability to stay centered, in harmony, balanced from within, while the world moves around you and you decide to go out and create changes.  Now, Action is essential for change to occur. Action, when inspired is a joyful, passionate feeling, to doing what you love to be doing.  Flow, is a state of letting things be as they are, without attachment. Flow, feels passive, when in reality is a subtle power, not allowing anything to move you off course or form an attachment in your way.  Believing, moves your thoughts out into the world ~ to “see” what you want in your minds eye and vision it as your reality.  Trusting, the Golden Ticket.  Trusting is an inner knowing, a way of living in Love, Receptive and Connection with your Truest Self.

What I am learning to love about grounding is the sense of inner focus without doing.  There is no action required for grounding. My life experiences brought me through overextended in action without any sense of grounding.  None.  The shift to learn, apply and be in grounding has been a remarkable journey, settling. A sense of peace.  Grounding is essentially the opposite of action. Where action is the doing, going out, shining, grounding is deep rooted, in the depths of your center.  Grounding is peaceful serene, a sense of feeling into your soul.

Action, as I mentioned is the doing.  Action has a strong influence of power, excitement, enthusiasm, charisma and being seen.  There’s a different kind of confidence that comes through action. It’s one that loves to be seen, to be heard, and to shine.  It’s a confidence of sense of self.  Being Inspired into your action adds so much energy, positive, and light energy to move you, spread your wings.

Flow is the capacity to let things roll off your back, to allow things to be as they are. Flow finds simplicity, grace, ease and freedom in the unknown.  There is an element of motion that occurs naturally, intuitively and receptively. Flow provides, reassurance, comfort, support and value.

Believing honors your self.  Believing creates the space, the focus and clarity for your self, the container for your grounding, action and flow to be.  It makes up your thoughts and the way you choose to believe the world works. Believing paves the way for your desires and thoughts to manifest in the world. It’s the specialness you bring forth in the world, your uniqueness to embrace, cherish and celebrate.

Trusting connects your deepest roots, your grounding with your highest high, your believing. It is the light within. Trusting shines bright, shines bold and shines rich. It’s the essence of who you are at your core, from where the Magic happens.  Trusting is a feeling of power & passion, radiating and magnetizing rippling out through the great big Universe.

The elements, share with us and through us the truth and beauty of who we are.  It’s up to us to spend the time and energy to ignite the gifts found in the treasure chest of your soul.


Illuminating the Riches Within,

Photographer reserves all rights


Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Freedom springs from your being, gushing with fierceness that defies time and space.



Freedom pulls you forward. It’s this space, this gap between where you’re at and where you want to go. Freedom offers you opportunity in the form of a challenge to break old beliefs, habits, patterns, and ways of living. Freedom provides you the experience of trusting your instinct, your intuition and your inner knowing. Freedom is not about your time, nor about your money or income. Freedom is your choice to take action on something that holds meaning to you. No one else may understand this. Freedom is about moving forward. It’s about embracing your feelings, your beliefs and your ideas, taking action towards them. Freedom resides within a place in you. In your heart, where it matches the expression of your soul, and the fire in your spirit. Together, when clear, focused and detached from old ways, Freedom springs from your being, gushing with fierceness that defies time and space. Brave, audacious, courageous, adventurous, daring, fearless. Freedom. Freedom holds power. Or rather your Power, holds freedom.

It’s up to you to confront your fears. Confront your outdated beliefs and old habits and patterns. The ones which keep freedom at bay. There’s actually a practicality to identifying and confronting your fears, outdated beliefs, old habits and patterns. Finding your center, being in stillness. Getting clear on where you’re at, where you want to go. Look at it as 2 canvas. One on the left where you currently are and one on the right, where you want to go. The canvas on the right, what are the things you want to be doing to get you there? Name 3 things. They will most likely relate to something about your beliefs. Recognize them. See them.

It begins right here.

When you realize and see how these beliefs are limiting, have been blocking your path to freedom, you have the opportunity to take a step forward, with a shift in action.

Freedom is the sweet spot. Where you dive in, trust in yourself and decide moving forward is the only option.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Photographer reserves all rights


Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion