Transformation Transcends the Ordinary…Your Spirit Soaring in Action


Transformation transcends the ordinary, moving you into the extraordinary.
It is the Spirit in Action.

Where the Mind processes beliefs and thoughts, and the Body feels experiences and emotions, the Spirit has the courage, strength, will, determination and ability to exceed through Action.
Together, with intention, focus, patience and stillness, Mind, Body and Spirit collaborate for Transformation.

Often times transformation is compared to or confused with change. Change is part of the process of transformation by replacing one thing with another thing, usually of equal value. Transformation involves a change in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, habits, and actions. Transformation open you to a new way of being, doing and having- it pulls you forward.

Transformation requires a letting go of old habits, beliefs, emotions, feelings and actions. Going from where you are to where you want to be, calls upon you to cross the gap that separates you from what you want, crossing into the unknown, to where you desire to be, and what you desire to have.

The first step is recognizing where you are and where you want to be.

  • Notice your daily habits, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and experiences. These are the aspects of your Mind Body and Spirit currently in Action- making up your life.
  • Next, get clear on where you want to be, slow down your mind, center and gain clarity- in the stillness.
  • Process, take note then….
  • Set yourself in motion as you take the actions received in the stillness, the clarity

As you gain clarity, begin to take the next steps, or actions, correlating with your clarity. The issue many people have with this is often due to the beliefs of the mind. Be patient and kind with yourself. Go back to the stillness, the answers are always there, and the answers will most likely challenge your beliefs. It’s during this time you begin to build, strength and courage to take the actions, action is the essential nourishment of the human Spirit for True Transformation.

Transformation takes practice and training. Training of the Spirit with the Mind and Body. It does involve cleaning and clearing, letting go of the old, to allow the fire from within, the passion of your desires to rise and move you into action.

Let’s look at the skills and tools necessary for the path to Transformation:

Action #1
Be in the stillness and release self judgment, practice Self Love

It requires stillness, patience and time. We live in a world full of busy-ness. We look for ways to stay out of our heads, and we wish for more time. The irony is the way to time and peace is through time in stillness. Confronting the emotions, feelings, beliefs and actions which are in direct conflict of what you want. The deeper issue is personal judgment, labels, negative self talk and condemning of Self. We are our own worst critics. Self Love here people. Give yourself permission to Love yourself, all of yourself. Be present, be kind. This takes Practice. Make time for Your Self. Self Love

Action #2
Practice daily habits of fresh emotions- rinse, wash, repeat

Replace your old feelings and emotions. Now that you have begun to release and let go of self judgment and your inner critic, you’ll replace them with kinder, more loving thoughts about yourself. This is a practice, a daily habit. Think about it like this; you wash your clothing to keep them clean and fresh. Your emotions need the same cleaning. Clean your emotions regularly and replace with fresh emotions. Yes, it takes an ability to let go, and there is so much freedom there.

Action #3
Add in a new habit/activity/action that moves you towards your desired transformation

Now, with a clear space for Self Love, begin to add in activities,and experiences that bring more joy to your life- do the things that ignite your passion. I recommend you begin with something that is attainable, you can maintain and will create a sound foundation for you as you continue your transformation. This requires a new action, pattern, and habit

Action #4
The way you spend your time and energy inspires you, nourishes your Spirit- Self Love

Your new habits must inspire you, move you emotionally, to feel something powerful and deep. Allow this new habit to take root and make the necessary small changes around you to compliment and ground this habit. The habits you add into your life for transformation are the foundation, the roots of You. They nourish your Spirit. This includes the people around you. Yes, the people you surround yourself with- do they celebrate your successes, honor your desires and bring you joy. If, they are not doing all of the above- take stock of how they are adding to your life, how they are supporting you emotionally and mentally. As you grow in strength, emotionally and mentally, you’ll be in essence make decisions and choices, taking actions according to you- this may uproot some or many of your relationships.

The stronger you get through your mental and emotional practice and training, the more manageable, with ease and grace your daily living will become.

Action #5
Acknowledge how far you have come, be Grateful

Be grateful for your consistency, positive thoughts, new beliefs and the small steps, habits and actions you are taking daily – the process of transformation. Acknowledge where you are, the positive actions you are taking, show yourself loving- kindness

There is one more step here…
Grounded Present Focused
Your New Normal…

Action #6
FAITH. BELIEVE. Surrender to the Flow of Your Life.

It is the roots- the foundation from where your Mind Body Spirit springs from
It’s the Connection to the Deeper Self. It is not a letting go or a fight for what you want. It’s an Inner Knowing. Your direct connection to your Self
This is the Way. It’s the Light
Faith, Trust and Belief provide the nutrients which nourish your Mind Body Spirit at the Core of Transformation.

This action has you believing, it is the new unfolding…right before your eyes.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Photographer reserves all rights

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion