Whether it’s hockey, business, family or fitness, life is a full contact sport. Your attitude, the people you surround yourself and play with impact every area of your life. How do you want to show up? Monica Heiz~ Priestess of Passion

Positive mental Attitude

Success.  Most of you who are driven by success have created a plan that works.  It has given you the success you desired, fulfilled you in many ways and keeps you striving for more. In the back of your mind or in the depths of your Heart & Soul there are other things, other successes you want that are not measured by degrees, finances, status or even recognition. They are intimate, personal and felt within. They are the Essence of your soul, the Deepest Desires of your Heart. And you know when you achieve these personal successes you’ll bring more fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, and happiness to you and everyone around you.

You know what they are. You know how they will make you feel. You know the gift, the value and the joy these successes will bring.

So what’s holding you back?  You’re not one to make excuses. You’re an action oriented person, you go after what you want. So what’s holding you back? The desires are so great, so meaningful, powerful and grand. You have to step outside of your comfort zone Like Never Before. You know you will need to let go of everything that brought you to where you are, and that is a thought you haven’t been ready to explore….Until Now.

The Truth is, You are Ready. You’ve just needed it spelled out for you, someone to bring it up, to tell you, NOW IS THE TIME. If you’re like me, at the mention of doing something that inspires you, that invokes your passion, your spirit rises and you feel absolutely limitless.

So, What is Your Next Step?

You could:

Feel the feelings, love the idea and inspiration and push it aside again, for all sorts of unimportant reasons. And you know that would leave you feeling empty again.


You could dive in, full throttle, FEARLESS, skin in the game, betting ON YOURSELF.  Putting your money, time and energy on You, on your true desire, creating success, knowing the risks AND, knowing when you have the tools, the leadership, the structure you command success. It’s just how you do things.


I am ready for the few of you fearless women and men ready to bet on yourself, take the action that inspires you and Step Forward.

From now until December 31st I am offering a Huge Bonus for signing up for CORE ESSENCE or CORE INSTINCT, this is my way of inspiring you to move into action.

You’ll receive a 4 Hour Bring Out the Best In YOU VIP Intensive

4- Hour Intensive

A transformational intensive for fast results.

You’ll experience greater focus, reveal answers within, feel a radical shift, and be excited to take action. Bust through your blocks to reveal your highest path and the best in you. Create clarity around your desires and passion. Together, we’ll discover your inner confidence and how to use it that feels authentic and true to you, achieving alignment in yourself and what you truly believe heart and soul. Uncover where you are holding back your power and reclaim your greatest source of power. It’s my joy and pleasure to illuminate the riches within, the depth of your treasures and expansiveness of your mission.

Bring Out the Best In YOU: 4 Hour Intensive

  • a 4 hour strategy session
  • coffee or tea and lunch
  • a 1 hour follow up session within the following 2 weeks
  • handouts, recommendations, tools and exercises
  • email support for 2 week

Walk away from your Bring Out the Best in YOU Intensive with:

  • Confidence to make changes in your life for your Best Life
  • Your Personal Power.  Own your fierceness, no matter what anyone else says
  • Greater strength, clarity and focus from the Inside
  • Seeing and believing in YOURSELF
  • A mentor who knows your Greatness

This  VIP Intensive is an $1,150 Program Investment, my gift to you for moving into action NOW.

Make no mistake, I’m in it, I’m invested to bring all of your gifts, all of your desires and greatness forward into the world for you to really experience fulfillment, satisfaction, joy and SUCCESS.

It’s all about seeing your greatness, trusting in your greatest gifts and stepping forward.  Time, money, energy, won’t fulfill you.  Moving into action, towards your greatest desires,THAT brings fulfillment.   It moves your passion and your spirit. It brings you into the game, inspires you to lean into your edge, break out of the status quo.

Here’s how this offer works for you:

First we take the time for your VIP Bring Out the Best In YOU Intensive.  During this time, I learn about you, what you want and what is currently holding you back.   I give you a new fresh perspective, I provide you a clear direction into what YOUR next step is to move you towards your Success. We create an action plan for you with plenty of resources, passion and purpose to keep you on your path to hit your target.  You learn about yourself, held to see your greatest gifts, expand your current operating system and know that you are supported in your greatest, to succeed.

I am driven by success.   Not just my success, by the success of those who show up in my life.  

This is my gift to you.

If you are moved by this message send me an email at Monica@priestessofpassion and we can set up a time to speak, for you to learn more about this offer

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion