Willingness. What Are You Willing to Do?

Willingness is the ability to say yes to yourself. It is the doorway to possibilities.

What do I mean?

In order to go after what it is you want, in order to create changes and change the course of your life, you are going to have to be willing. I don’t use those words often, “have to”. What I know for sure is, if what you are doing is not making you happy or going in the direction you want it to go in, you will have to change your course of action.

Let’s begin with your resources, your money, time and energy. You will need to, have a willingness to place your money, time and energy towards that which you want. Your willingness shows that you desire the changes. Willingness has no attachment. It is an energy that shows up as yes, this is what I want. Willingness speaks of your ability to let go, vulnerability and openness. This is the path to change.

So what are you willing to Do? Often when you get deep in the chaos turmoil, stuckness, or pain, getting out takes a greater commitment, a greater need to settle, create a plan and act, again a willingness to let go of the story and problem and find a solution, this is willingness.

Most people are held back by their inability to be willing, to have courage, to find faith to act from self trust. Think about this. Do you want to be like and considered most people, or do you believe in yourself that you are capable of making the changes necessary to have what you want.

This is a conscious choice, a decision made based on your own self confidence, no one can or will do it for you.

Willingness may go against everything you were taught and believe, and that is what courage is about. Standing up for what you believe in and speaking up. Courage is not tied to outer resources.

This is where most people lose their willingness. Once you begin to talk about money, time, or energy, people shut down, disconnect or turn off. Willingness flies out the window. Willingness, has no attachment, so once again, it opens the conversation to something new and it understands in this new, in a new direction it will take, money, time and energy.

What are you willing to Do? What is something new you are ready to step into that points you in the direction of your dreams, goals, vision and desires?

Creating changes can be challenging, we tend to be programmed pretty good as to what we believe is right or wrong, truth or not truth and what is important.

Willingness breaks through these barriers.

What changes are you looking to create in your life now?

Illuminatingthe riches within

Priestess of Passion

Monica Heiz




Faith is true self expression in motion.

The Power of Faith


Faith is true self expression in motion.

Faith is an unseen force. It works in mysterious ways with the ability to create miracles. Faith connects your actions, thoughts and beliefs with the very thing you want. Faith stems from desire. In it’s most magnificent state it brings to life your passion, joy and pleasure. Faith is true self expression in motion.

When coupled with the right circumstances, a letting go of the old and a practice, Faith brings in new beginnings.

At the core of your being are beliefs, thoughts and actions which shape your experiences, from the work you do, the people you meet the places you go and the actions you take. Faith, at it’s deepest level, is the orchestration, the symphony of all of these beliefs, thoughts and actions playing out.

For transformation to occur on it’s deepest level, Faith must be the foundation of your true self, the beliefs you decide to hold, about yourself. Faith is your most intimate connection with your true self and all which connects you to the world.

Now, what you decide to believe about yourself, is up to you. There will always be people who don’t believe what you believe, understand what you understand, or approve what you do. This, is a direct conflict with your personal beliefs about yourself. It doesn’t make you wrong, although it challenges how you see the world. Faith, invites you in. It invites you to take a deeper look at your personal beliefs, your feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions. Your role here, is to cultivate a Faith so strong, no ones beliefs in conflict with yours, will sway you from who you are and what you believe. There is a surrender required for Faith. Surrender asks you to let go of the need to know, and to consistently and passionately commit to your beliefs, without attachment to the outcome.

Building a practice of Faith, a foundation of your beliefs, calls for silencing, quieting of your mind and connecting it with the flow and action of your body, such as a dependable yoga and meditation practice. Mindfulness, a commitment to connecting your thoughts and actions together, what you say you are going to do you do. Simplicity, the act of doing things that you enjoy, brings you pleasure and has your passion turned on. And of course, I AM. The power of I AM, builds the strength and fortitude needed to bring in the new.

Here are 3 necessary steps for a Practice of Faith, true self expression in motion:

  1. Have a conviction, a passion for what what you believe in. It’s essential for you to have a passion for what you believe. Passion connects you at the deepest level to that which you believe. Passion is the driving force that moves you into action and fuels your desires. Passion comes from trusting yourself, what you want and your inner knowing on having it.
  1. Commit to actions and a lifestyle that supports, nourishes and fuels your beliefs. Actions are required in order to move your passion forward. This means, taking actions that may challenge your old out dated belief system in order to build your new one. One step at a time. Action is foundation of doing, this builds and supports your beliefs about You.
  1. Take time for yourself. Build a practice of quieting your mind, grounding your beliefs and intentions and focusing your energy on the positive. Affirmations, journaling, yoga, meditation and quiet alone time all give you the space necessary to develop your personal beliefs. Your beliefs are what sets in motion your faith for what you desire.

The True Essence of Faith, building that which is unseen, is based on Your Personal Commitment to yourself and Your truest beliefs.

Illuminating the Riches Within,

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion