Career Women and Her True Power ⭐

Career Women have been put to the test. Stepping up when needed, being present when others are in need.

Playing roles of wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, committee member, and the list goes on.

Add to that her own agenda to stay healthy and fit, feel and look sexy~ expressing her true identity and her own sense of self love.

Where does a woman go from here?

It becomes her negative self or critical self talk which has spiraled her down as opposed to up.

Women are designed to support each other through process. Through letting go, releasing and stepping into the new. This is the truth of a woman.

A woman’s True Power comes from this depth of her own identity, her self expression

As career women, recognize the way words, actions, feelings, behaviors and patterns ~ are either filling you up or draining you.

These are the 2 polarities. Masculine and Feminine

Negative self talk, critical self talk vs. self love and truth.


AND…. you have the right to be; seen heard valued appreciated loved successful worthy. You have the right to feel beautiful to look sexy to be too big too much too full of yourself. This requires a shift in perspective and owning your true power.

Now how do you implement, flow and embrace this way of experiencing your True Power?

You Trust.

You Allow.

You Give and You Receive.

You create all of this from a space of seeing yourself, all of you, and you look, listen, feel and touch a place~ deep within your soul, Your Spirit.

The parts of you which are sensual, joyful, playful, seductive, receptive, open and free.

It doesn’t happen overnight and neither did your career. It takes practice, vulnerability and trust in yourself like no other. The rewards it pays off are greater than you could imagine.

More intimacy, deeper connection with your significant other/lover, an ability to let things go, to release in a way that allows you to feel, without any attachment, no blame, judgement, shame, accountability or responsibility.

Your True Power as a Career Woman asks you to take off all of the hats, to put on your Crown and Lead as the Woman you are.

This is the beginning of something wonderful. Let your Light Shine from the Inside Out.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion



This is for you women. You women who have it all, or want it all.

This is for you women. You women who have it all, or want it all.

Working In A fabulous career can be demanding and rewarding. Being in a marriage has it’s ups and downs. Raising children can be challenging and joyful.

Each of these areas of your life bring about polarity. The key is navigating and coordinating the polarity so it ebbs and flows, and dances. Dances in harmony with the joy & pleasure in your life.

That’s right Pleasure in your life. You stepped into a career ambitious, married the love of your life and created the miracle of life. You deserve pleasure.

The feeling and experience of pleasure. It’s not so fleeting moments or experiences found in a vacation, a workout a green juice or a girls night out. Those fall short of the true level of pleasure your heart is quenching for. Yes, your heart. The part of you that loves so big, there is no job, task, or other persons need to small your not willing to step in for.

Your pleasures matter, from the inside out. You see you can’t buy pleasure. It’s not found in the handbag, the car, or the shoes. It’s found through your own inner knowing, and commitments toward your hearts desires. The place between the polarity where you show up and settle in. Where you ask for support and trust in the process, allowing receiving as you surrender to your truth. The depth with you that desires, passion, intensity, focus, sensuality and this incredible freedom to express yourself all of you. Whether in the bedroom or the boardroom, this lioness, who is the master of her domain with beauty grace, elegance and class. Unapologetically perfect in her choice to live free while maintaining it all. A career, a great relationships and raising her children.

This is a new breed of women. Why? Because our generation has better access to our natural skills. We have learned how to stand firm, svelt and confident while detaching from an outcome. We know how to speak with the men while owning our own feminine spotlight, and yes, she; you, deserve the spotlight.

Today, we as women can identify having it all takes work and we’re willing to do it. Now with that checked off the list, pleasure is the piece where we bridge what we have done and accomplished with what is possible for us and, how we manage, strategize and move the pieces on our boards for more pleasure and joy.

A few delicious facts about pleasure;

1. It asks you to expand. You must grow, stretch and open into the next level. It comes through a version of success as birth, and the love factor is the same, the radiant self love you give to yourself. Pleasure is felt through self acceptance and surrender

2. Pleasure is a visceral experience through a series of intuitive guidance, inner knowing, and a feeling that takes your breath away at the delight. It asks you to slow down, turn in, ignite your inner desire, with focus and attention act, action from your place of power your creative sacral womb and your heart. It speaks from seduction and leaves a trace of intoxication.

3. Pleasure, when in your flow, will make your head spin so fast in sheer ecstasy, you’ll need assistance, help, support which can also be the feminine way of being, open, ready to receive, in intimacy with her partner through sex, even or especially when it feels or looks like you must take control.  It’s this support, help, assistance, which is surrender. Surrender to the pleasure , to being so practical and luxurious. Surrender to the polarity. Allow your lover to see this divine woman you are, the one you created who has it all. Allow him in, in a way that reveals every ounce of you to let go release and settle into the next level of you.

You are a Divine Feminine Woman, and you are here to Have it all and lead the next generation of young woman how it’s done.

Priestess of Passion

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz


Embraced by a larger love, moving from ambition to meaning


Bacons-stained-glass-window-4-largeMoving from ambition to meaning

There comes a point in your life, whether you stop and wonder,  look around you questioning what you have and what you’re doing, or just recognize and acknowledge your life is not everything you want. I’m talking about want from an inner perspective. You see all the things you’ve acquired, the degrees earned, titles held, the way you spend your time energy and money, really hold no meaning to you.  They’re not aligned with your true values. Once you reach this level of consciousness, a whole new world opens up to you, literally and figuratively.

This consciousness brings with it a new level of risk. A risk where you begin trusting in the unseen, you become the observer, peeling back the layers that once held power over you.  It requires humility, compassion and most importantly, self love. This level of risk is a vulnerability to the aspects of your life that you built which held meaning and power to you and for the life you built.

Moving to meaning.  In this new choice, meaning is everything that you value from your heart, body and mind.  It asks for you to listen to the message within your heart, feeling the truth in your body which sets you free.  The feeling of ease, simplicity, grace and flow. It asks your mind to let go, release and surrender to the opening.  It’s only through the crack in the darkness can the light enter.  Like stained glass windows and décor, the effects of the light, sunlight reflecting light can your true beauty shine.  This is your journey through the darkness into the light, where your sense of identity is broken- you transcend into the next phase of your growth. Your truth. Where things hold no meaning over you.

Where you claim your power. The power you hold within, to make conscious choices and decisions, to act from faith and belief in yourself, and to stand your ground for what you believe in.

Empowerment. The true gift in empowerment is you choose where you invest ( I choose not to use the word spend here), your time, energy and money.  When you are empowered the choices you make with your resources, time, energy and money, will add increase to your life and to those you touch.  The resources exchanged will be an asset on both sides, adding to growth.

Let me elaborate.  In ambition, you are looking to get a bigger home, a fancier car, a better body, more of the external with the spending of your resources to get something that you believe will make you have or feel a certain way.  Moving to meaning, you decide to invest your money in a home that makes you feel safe, secure and provides you a temple, a sanctuary to rest your head.  It may still be a big home, yet the meaning behind it is what it provides you.  In that safety and security you make better choices and decisions.  When in meaning, rather than complaining about how much the fitness program costs, the gym, private training, the fresh foods, the time it takes to workout, being to busy, not having any energy, you decide to look at the overall lifestyle of having health, you recognize the investment you are making towards your health which will pay generously as you grow and mature.  You are consciously investing in your health today, so later you’re not at the mercy of the Dr.s and medical system.  In ambition you are looking for doing it all, showing up for everyone.  You want to be seen as successful, only doing it all leaves you unfulfilled on the inside.  In meaning you leave that all behind.  You choose to say, “what makes me happy.  What can I do to be of service that gives to me that which I give to others?”  You decide to find peace, grounding and stability in trusting yourself, your gifts, your OWN INHERENT WORTH, which has nothing to do with a title, money or status.  In this you find Freedom.

You Thrive.

While in meaning you choose habits, patterns, places and experiences that nourish you.  You choose to leave the realm of excuses, problems and difficulties to stand in your place of power in the realm of solutions, gratitude, trust, compassion, and the present moment, a consciousness of richness found within that supersedes anything external.

It is here, You give meaning to your greatest gifts, your values, and power flow through you, from a place of love.

Illuminating the riches within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


More Self Love, less tough Love

Nourishing Your Roots and Finding Fulfillment

Body Mind Spirit


As a Fitness & Lifestyle Expert, looking through the lens of health and wellness, I see many women struggle with finding the necessary movement, nutrition and lifestyle practices that nourish who they are. With so much information out there about which exercise program to do, what type of cardio exercise and how intense it must be, to nutrition plans that can be seen as rigid and a daunting task.

I’m here as an advocate; nourish your roots, and find fulfillment body mind spirit.

Your roots are made up of your beliefs, habits, thoughts, feelings, emotions, environment and lifestyle choices.

Often times, when women struggle with weight and body issues, they are rooted through family beliefs, labels you took on, and ways your environment has reflected back to you. Often time, they are not based in compassion, love, and most importantly truth.

Women, for so long have been judged based on their bodies, and this does nothing for the Truth of who she is and the beauty of her Spirit.

What this has caused, is women of all ages to stifle her true feelings and emotions. To hide the hurt, pain, shame and guilt she has taken on because of her belief of her body.

There is a coldness, a hurt so deep, that it becomes unbearable, so she shuts down her own true feelings.

What I have found time and time again, it’s not specifically the food, nutrition, or movement that interferes with a woman and her body. It’s a deeper emotional connection, or really lack of deep connection within themselves and with others. Her own sense of security with who she is as a woman.

Emotions and feelings hold the power to Free YOU.

Committing to a practice redefining your beliefs, taking inspired action, and leaning into your deep wounds of pain, shame, hurt and guilt to let them go. This is the place where you “stuff down” your feelings, “comfort yourself”, mainly, because it’s the only way you know how. This was put into place long before you were a grown woman.

The first thing every woman needs is a safe space to express her true self. Some place or someone who can see her, hear her and recognize her bright Spirit.

Your emotions and feelings are the essence of your Spirit, the seat of your soul, it’s how you relate to your inner world which creates your outer world.

Here is a list of 5 Practices to put into place to Nourish Your Roots and Find Fulfillment

 1. Alone time, with your thoughts feelings and emotions. Give yourself permission to be with your thoughts, feelings and emotions around your body, your weight and self image. Find within yourself the ability to comfort yourself, sooth yourself with being present and engaged with your true feelings. This means practice, self love, compassion, non-judgment and allowing (see my blog post on the practice of allowing). Often times, it’s the chatter, and chaos of the mind which holds the limitations. What happens here, is you soften. You open, you allow a new, more truthful and passionate feeling to bubble up. This is the beginning of letting go of the old ways, and gives you the grounds to build your new foundation, Body, Mind, Spirit.

2. Find a movement practice that inspires you. Now, movement is not for the idea of losing weight or putting your body under stress of “a workout”. This type of movement practice I’m encouraging is to turn off your active mind, tune into your emotions, feelings and listen from within, having the movement inspire your actions. Maybe a walk in nature, a stretch class, a yoga class, a dance class, a walk on the beach, even walking on the treadmill. Allow the movement to inspire you, to free your mind. Breathe, take in the opportunity to be present and begin anew. This is where great transformation happens.

3. Find community that supports you. Finding like minded women and men that enjoy and can relate to the values you relate to. This is pivotal. A community such as Church, Temple, Gym, Studio, Organizations of Philanthropy and Giving. An essential aspect of community is that there is no judgment AND, they believe in the power of community to create change. Something to be mindful of here, this is not a support group. It’s not meant to rehash or go over the problem and issue. Quite the opposite. They hold you high and know your potential, encourage you to grow and take inspired action to create the changes you desire.

4. Cultivating Joy in your life. Joy is a powerful emotion. Joy, has the capability to empower you in any situation under any circumstance. Make it simple. Learn to tap into and lean on your Joy. Now, Joy is initiated through your senses, smell, taste, touch, sight, feel. You must allow Joy to flow through you. Let’s say, when you have a plate of food, allow your sense to turn on and tune in. Uncover your Joy in the meal. Other ways to cultivate Joy, essential oils, time in an art museum, a bubble bath, a glass of wine, quiet time with a cup of coffee, the feel of something soft, putting on something that makes you feel beautiful, listening to soothing music, watching a sunset, anything that inspires your senses. Listen to the true nature of your heart and soul.

5. Let Go. Let go of people, places and things that no longer nourish your Spirit. Letting Go is an act of Faith. Not a religious faith, a Faith in believing in the Power you do have. The power you have over food, the power you have over your current circumstances and the power you have to move forward. Letting go is an act of courage and strength. In order to make peace with your body, with food, and self image, you must let go of everything which created the circumstance and beliefs in the first place. It’s a surrender an acceptance of where you are. It’s in this space you decide to see things different and take the necessary steps to create a new outcome. This is where you build your practice from 1-4 to match what you desire, the body and relationship with your body the way you want.

These 5 steps, when put into a personal practice can transform any situation. The recognition that your environment, beliefs, thoughts, actions and lifestyle affect you on a very deep and personal level AND can be changed.

When you nourish your roots, the core of who you are, you allow yourself the gift of transformation.

And it’s this gift, the simple practices that open you, that touch your soul so deeply, richly and fulfilling you unfold, removing the cocoon and spreading your wings to fly.

Light as a Feather ….Body Mind Spirit

Illuminating the Riches Within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


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