Creating wildly successful changes, brings you through your greatest challenges. Transformation requires attention

astrology 5 Transformation, Lasting Change. Taking steps to create transformation and lasting change is a process. Like any other successful goal you’ve achieved, your attention, focus, discipline, action and commitment are required. Often when going for wildly successful changes within your life, challenges arise. Think for a moment about all of the changes you want to achieve, things you want in your life that you don’t yet have. A great body, a wildly passionate relationship or rekindling your existing relationship, a certain dollar amount in the bank or specific salary, a career or work that ignites your soul to name a few things many people aspire to have. As you set course to achieve these successes, your challenges actually serve a purpose.

Somewhere deep within, there is a belief, a habit, a pattern, thoughts, limiting self talk that essentially is disrupting your movement forward, pulling you into the challenges to face them. As bitter sweet as it may be, these challenges give you the strength, courage, tenacity, wisdom and vulnerability to connect deeper, more passionate, more committed to your Self, and in a NEW Way. Call it growth, a spiritual growth, spiritual maturity and this gives you the ability to learn, let go of old outdated ways and step forward, with a fresh, glowing sense of purpose towards your goals.

As you strive for these changes to achieve your goals, there is a greater meaning behind your goal, facing that which limits you or holds you stuck. This process to Transformation and lasting change ask you to reach for richer, deeper more meaningful connection with yourselves and with others. Connections filled with meaning, purpose, passion, joy and fulfillment. The path there is through your spirit, the place within that is ignited by purpose, passion, joy and desire.

We learn to cultivate a relationship with our physical body through movement, exercise and sports. We cultivate a mental relationship with our mind through work, sports and challenges. Our personal relationship with emotions are built through personal feelings and emotions from relationships, and with life experiences.

Connection, a deeper relationship with your Spiritual body happens through recognizing, valuing and owning your desires and your wants, facing the limiting beliefs and disruptive patterning. This recognition creates the landscape for growth to happen through facing challenges, and in the process creates a new relationship with your self. A connection that is uniquely yours.

For those of you who enjoy crushing your goals, focusing on your achievements and making things happen, finding the sore spots within where your goals have been elusive is tender and most likely, a vulnerability you’d rather not expose or spend time looking at. Brene Brown in her book, Daring Greatly exposes vulnerability as the pathway through, to  deeper connection and success. To be vulnerable, exhibits the skills to release and remove the limiting, self sabotaging habit, patterns and critical self talk. Only when we are willing to see our sore spot and love it can we set in motion the courage, strength and resilience to move forward.

This is a fundamental reason why having a coach or mentor supporting you achieving your transformation, lasting change is crucial. Finding a coach or mentor who has experienced transformation, lasting change by being vulnerable, open and honest and comes out strong on the other side. Having a coach, a mentor who can listen to your vulnerability, your openness and honesty, and see you with compassion, strength and as courageous, essentially not buying into your limiting belief and holding you accountable and able to create the lasting change you desire.

This is the ground and the foundation for transformation, lasting change. Nourishment for your Spirit.

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