Finding Your Self. Feel, Connect and Open with Exercise

Find Your Self ~ Body Mind Spirit ~ Feel Connect Openexercise

Creating an exercise program that supports and nourishes you, body, mind and spirit can, well, get complicated in the midst of information overload.

As far as making choices and decisions around exercise and movement we can tend to get caught up in the Head, the ideas, the beliefs of others.

The Truth about exercise is, it’s a personal and intimate connection with Your Self. Exercise provides you the opportunity to Feel~ into Your Body.

There’s also the element of Connecting into Your Spirit and Opening Your Mind.

Feeling into your body, is the essence of Feeling, touching upon your Senses. It gives you permission and freedom to explore How you Feel and, What you Feel. With these Feelings, initiates the passageway to Your Spirit and Your Mind.

Exercise brings your body mind and spirit into a synergy where the passageway is Free Flowing. Through the movement of the body with the breath, motion and action, comes inspiration and ignites the Spirit. It’s there the Mind sets itself Free. The power to Feel into Your Self, Connect with Your Spirit and Open Your Mind.

Why then are so many people disconnected from themselves during exercise?

Exercising has been looked upon as an outward activity, to get a better body, tone up, do more. It has been labeled as, a need to do, to look a certain way. So the cycle of doing to get results shapes the way most people exercise, and leaves a wake of hopelessness when the results seen futile.

The first step to being in an exercise program to achieve success is finding how you feel. Don’t hide how you feel, listen to how you feel. If the choice of exercise you’re doing doesn’t make you feel good, sit with that, make a change. Exercise is the ability for the body to express itself in motion, with movement that feels good. That means let go of judgments, expectations and other people’s viewpoints of how exercise “should be”.  Exercise, when centered on feeling good, sets up your personal and intimate connection with your body….. mind and spirit. From feeling good, you begin to nourish your spirit, that place within where all possibility lie, present in the moment. The mind joins in open, with conviction and power of what’s possible in that moment.

This is a process, like wash rinse repeat. It does take practice and it takes Trust. Trust to allow your feelings to lead the way, steer your body, mind and spirit.

How do you make this happen, find this place of being in your feelings?

Listen. Listen to the voices in your head, listen to the movements in your body. Listen to the message of your heart. And notice when you listen, what emotions come up. Do you notice, joy, happiness, pleasure, fun, creativity, inspiration? Or do you notice sadness, discontent, a disconnect, maybe a flood of emotions that shake you to your core. If your emotions are sadness, discontent, unhappy, disconnect, allow them to move through you. Let them be, let them go. This gives way to freedom within your spirit, and space within, along with a place for the mind to let go.

Finding your way through exercise to emotions of joy, happiness, pleasure, fun, creativity, and inspiration. Feel these emotions, embrace them. When in them, soak in all the goodness they give you, the nourishment, the contentment and fulfillment they make you feel.

Begin to notice the feelings, notice how they inspire you, how they make you feel, the loosening of inhibitions and the joy of freedom. Exercise, the inspiration of your body, what it can do and how it makes you feel!

You begin here, building your fitness and exercise program with this foundation. Your spirit will get stronger. Your mind will gain more focus, more clarity and your workouts will flow with more energy, excitement and intensity.

Find Your Self ~ Body Mind Spirit ~ Feel Connect Open

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Creating a Foundation for Positive Lifestyle Changes

Creating a Foundation for Positive Lifestyle Changes

man in field with yellow flowers under sunset

Your Lifestyle is a magnetism for, who you are. It has the power to draw to you the people, opportunities, experiences and growth forward you desire.
The challenge many people have in captivating this Magnetism, is being out of alignment with the Lifestyle they desire as well as day to day distractions. There is a foundation, principles of building a Positive Lifestyle, which brings clarity and simplicity to your changes.

When you decide to invest your resources in living a healthy lifestyle, the first steps usually include quality foods and a clean diet, an exercise or movement program. This sets the motion for positive lifestyle changes.

There are other elemental steps that often times get overlooked, and are an essential part of nurturing a Positive Lifestyle. Here, I’m going to guide you through the necessary steps to creating a foundation for Positive Lifestyle Changes.

  • Mindset~ Your mindset holds power. Having a mindset that owns your beliefs within yourself, settles into your own personal focus and unwavering Faith of your goal. Your mindset does take practice to strengthen and train. Meditation, journaling, quiet time all strengthen your mindset. Adding simplicity to your life.
  • Words and thoughts, people and places ~ Words carry meaning, thoughts carry influence. In creating a positive lifestyle for yourself, it’s a requisite to clean up, be clear and have high standards with your words and thoughts. This is a practice and one of the greatest ways to change your life. Writing intentions, listening to your self talk, holding yourself  to your highest vision~ and clearing away people, places and things that no longer support the highest vision you have for yourself. The people, places and things that do not support you in your vision, unfortunately don’t see you that way. This requires a commitment from you, for yourself. When you clear away that which no longer support you, you open the space for that which does support you, in fact nourishes your Soul, your Spirit. Hold yourself to your highest vision and stay tenacious with what you allow in your space.
  • Activities and passions ~ Activities and passions are a creative expression of you. What makes you be in your body and feel good? This isn’t about exercise or a workout for weight loss or traditional health. This is activity that feeds your Spirit, it fires up your joy, your energy centers, and your zest for living. It’s not in the doing of the activities, it’s in the experience of showing up. Showing up for yourself, for your highest vision. In fact, golf, yoga, baking, painting, sewing, going to a museum are all activities with the potential to feel good in your body.
  • Right Actions~ Actions require an investment of resources, it is the step forward into the unknown, without attachment to the outcome. The importance is the choice of action. Actions support your vision, with your time, energy and finances invested towards your goal, giving more towards your highest vision and moving you closer towards it.
  • Tuning out distractions, turning into self~ Clean out the old. It is up to you to get rid of the old, set up and hold good boundaries, and trust yourself. There will always be distractions, always be something to pull you away from what you want, it is your responsibility to find your center~ where your desires, your truth lay and be present for yourself. It’s in these moments, you build strength, courage and a deeper connection to your vision.

When implementing these steps above, you’ll begin to notice simplicity in tuning out the distractions.

Positive Lifestyle opens you to a better way of living for you and for those you love. It’s in your commitment to yourself, to your inner knowing, your deepest desire of your highest vision that you gain the strength and courage to allow everything that no longer nourishes you to fall away.

Your decisions and commitments point you forward in the direction of joy and passion, with the self love for nourishing your body mind and spirit. Your choices become easier, your trust in yourself becomes greater and your desires once a vision, become real.



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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Reaching for Food

How Food…. Has Been Nourishing a Deeper Connection Within You


Mind Body Spirit

Food is an interesting topic. Most Nutritionists and Wellness Experts work with clients from the perspective of change your eating habits, learn to incorporate exercise, and you need to be aware of what you’re putting into your mouth.

WHAT IF…..The Food Choices YOU Have Been Making Have Been Protecting YOU? Actually serving a Purpose.

From a young age, girls are given food to soothe their emotions. Their truest feelings are brushed aside, they learn to eat to cope, to disguise their real feelings. As grown women, these patterns and habits with food, haunt you. You feel shame, guilt, depression, embarrassment and overall self hatred.

Why can’t you break this pattern? Why do you feel so controlled by food? Why is eating food such a comfort on one hand and a misery on the other?

These food choices have been protecting your deepest asset.

Your Connection to Your True Self.

For many people, the emotions, the real, raw and expansive emotions of a woman can be too much. As young girls, you begin to express your emotions and your truth. You expressed your deep wants, strong desires, and you embraced your joy and happiness running wild.

Your joy, your happiness, which is how you express yourself ~ can be too much for many.

In order to connect to these feelings, and emotions, you turned to food.

Food, gave you the connection. Food nourished your feelings, nourished your emotions. The issues arise every time you need to express your feelings. This can be in the form of a difficult conversation, standing up for yourself with the possibility of losing a relationship you deemed “important”, or when your stability and foundation begins to quake.  It can be a tough day, you see nothing but “problems”.  You have acquiesced and food silences you.

These experiences, move you closer to food. You reach for food, to nourish your Spirit, the part of you that needs to be heard, seen and validated.

Now, it’s time to uncover the hidden feelings and emotions, recognizing all of the ways food, served you, protected you. It’s time to release the feeling and emotions you stifled in order to make sure you get your needs met.

This is the Essence of the Woman you are today. All of you. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

No more hiding.

Together, let’s take a stand for the woman you are, and face up to yourself;  for your truest joy and happiness.

Here are 4 Authentic Steps to Empowering Yourself and Your Relationship with Food and Nourishing a Deeper Connection with Your Self.

  1. Listen to the feelings. When you reach for food, listen to the feelings- without judgment, with a compassionate and a caring ear. Eat the food, in conversation with yourself about what you want, need and feel. Write down whatever comes to you. Allow the feelings to flow through you, and enjoy the food. Even if others have labeled the food as “bad”, listen to all the ways this experience, this food is giving you permission to feel something, and allow those feelings to bubble up and rise.
  1. Keep Food Simple. Look to eat foods in color, a spectrum of the rainbow. Set aside time each meal to enjoy the food. Find meaning, joy, happiness and fulfillment in your meal. This may be an essential area of yourself you are diminishing. Food, is meant to bring joy and pleasure, it’s of the senses. Take your time here. Be patient and kind with yourself. Maybe even share with one person you trust who will support you, bringing more joy, pleasure and happiness to your meal.
  1. Stop being angry and judgmental with your body and your feelings and emotions. It’s not your body or your weight, it’s the relationship pattern with food and your feelings and emotions. Begin to get a grasp on the real truth of the issue. The beliefs and patterns that are holding you stuck. Listen to yourself. Make peace with your body. Give your mind, and your deeper connection a chance to change and grow, allow it to positively impact your feelings, emotions and your body.. Nourishment Mind Body Spirit
  1. Quality Down time. Begin to tap into your feelings and emotions. Keep a journal. Slow down. Allow all of you, your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, your truest feelings and desires to come through. Maybe, food really does bring you happiness on a deeper level, that’s why you turn to it. Honor that. Quality down time, just enjoy and savor something that makes you feel, Beautiful.

Food is a wonderful part of Living. It brings us together with the ones we love. Food delight in our senses, from what we see, taste, touch and feel and has the power to transform us from where we are to a pure blissful place.

Take the first step…

Honor yourself, the woman you are today.

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Priestess of Passion


More Self Love, less tough Love

Nourishing Your Roots and Finding Fulfillment

Body Mind Spirit


As a Fitness & Lifestyle Expert, looking through the lens of health and wellness, I see many women struggle with finding the necessary movement, nutrition and lifestyle practices that nourish who they are. With so much information out there about which exercise program to do, what type of cardio exercise and how intense it must be, to nutrition plans that can be seen as rigid and a daunting task.

I’m here as an advocate; nourish your roots, and find fulfillment body mind spirit.

Your roots are made up of your beliefs, habits, thoughts, feelings, emotions, environment and lifestyle choices.

Often times, when women struggle with weight and body issues, they are rooted through family beliefs, labels you took on, and ways your environment has reflected back to you. Often time, they are not based in compassion, love, and most importantly truth.

Women, for so long have been judged based on their bodies, and this does nothing for the Truth of who she is and the beauty of her Spirit.

What this has caused, is women of all ages to stifle her true feelings and emotions. To hide the hurt, pain, shame and guilt she has taken on because of her belief of her body.

There is a coldness, a hurt so deep, that it becomes unbearable, so she shuts down her own true feelings.

What I have found time and time again, it’s not specifically the food, nutrition, or movement that interferes with a woman and her body. It’s a deeper emotional connection, or really lack of deep connection within themselves and with others. Her own sense of security with who she is as a woman.

Emotions and feelings hold the power to Free YOU.

Committing to a practice redefining your beliefs, taking inspired action, and leaning into your deep wounds of pain, shame, hurt and guilt to let them go. This is the place where you “stuff down” your feelings, “comfort yourself”, mainly, because it’s the only way you know how. This was put into place long before you were a grown woman.

The first thing every woman needs is a safe space to express her true self. Some place or someone who can see her, hear her and recognize her bright Spirit.

Your emotions and feelings are the essence of your Spirit, the seat of your soul, it’s how you relate to your inner world which creates your outer world.

Here is a list of 5 Practices to put into place to Nourish Your Roots and Find Fulfillment

 1. Alone time, with your thoughts feelings and emotions. Give yourself permission to be with your thoughts, feelings and emotions around your body, your weight and self image. Find within yourself the ability to comfort yourself, sooth yourself with being present and engaged with your true feelings. This means practice, self love, compassion, non-judgment and allowing (see my blog post on the practice of allowing). Often times, it’s the chatter, and chaos of the mind which holds the limitations. What happens here, is you soften. You open, you allow a new, more truthful and passionate feeling to bubble up. This is the beginning of letting go of the old ways, and gives you the grounds to build your new foundation, Body, Mind, Spirit.

2. Find a movement practice that inspires you. Now, movement is not for the idea of losing weight or putting your body under stress of “a workout”. This type of movement practice I’m encouraging is to turn off your active mind, tune into your emotions, feelings and listen from within, having the movement inspire your actions. Maybe a walk in nature, a stretch class, a yoga class, a dance class, a walk on the beach, even walking on the treadmill. Allow the movement to inspire you, to free your mind. Breathe, take in the opportunity to be present and begin anew. This is where great transformation happens.

3. Find community that supports you. Finding like minded women and men that enjoy and can relate to the values you relate to. This is pivotal. A community such as Church, Temple, Gym, Studio, Organizations of Philanthropy and Giving. An essential aspect of community is that there is no judgment AND, they believe in the power of community to create change. Something to be mindful of here, this is not a support group. It’s not meant to rehash or go over the problem and issue. Quite the opposite. They hold you high and know your potential, encourage you to grow and take inspired action to create the changes you desire.

4. Cultivating Joy in your life. Joy is a powerful emotion. Joy, has the capability to empower you in any situation under any circumstance. Make it simple. Learn to tap into and lean on your Joy. Now, Joy is initiated through your senses, smell, taste, touch, sight, feel. You must allow Joy to flow through you. Let’s say, when you have a plate of food, allow your sense to turn on and tune in. Uncover your Joy in the meal. Other ways to cultivate Joy, essential oils, time in an art museum, a bubble bath, a glass of wine, quiet time with a cup of coffee, the feel of something soft, putting on something that makes you feel beautiful, listening to soothing music, watching a sunset, anything that inspires your senses. Listen to the true nature of your heart and soul.

5. Let Go. Let go of people, places and things that no longer nourish your Spirit. Letting Go is an act of Faith. Not a religious faith, a Faith in believing in the Power you do have. The power you have over food, the power you have over your current circumstances and the power you have to move forward. Letting go is an act of courage and strength. In order to make peace with your body, with food, and self image, you must let go of everything which created the circumstance and beliefs in the first place. It’s a surrender an acceptance of where you are. It’s in this space you decide to see things different and take the necessary steps to create a new outcome. This is where you build your practice from 1-4 to match what you desire, the body and relationship with your body the way you want.

These 5 steps, when put into a personal practice can transform any situation. The recognition that your environment, beliefs, thoughts, actions and lifestyle affect you on a very deep and personal level AND can be changed.

When you nourish your roots, the core of who you are, you allow yourself the gift of transformation.

And it’s this gift, the simple practices that open you, that touch your soul so deeply, richly and fulfilling you unfold, removing the cocoon and spreading your wings to fly.

Light as a Feather ….Body Mind Spirit

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


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Faith is true self expression in motion.

The Power of Faith


Faith is true self expression in motion.

Faith is an unseen force. It works in mysterious ways with the ability to create miracles. Faith connects your actions, thoughts and beliefs with the very thing you want. Faith stems from desire. In it’s most magnificent state it brings to life your passion, joy and pleasure. Faith is true self expression in motion.

When coupled with the right circumstances, a letting go of the old and a practice, Faith brings in new beginnings.

At the core of your being are beliefs, thoughts and actions which shape your experiences, from the work you do, the people you meet the places you go and the actions you take. Faith, at it’s deepest level, is the orchestration, the symphony of all of these beliefs, thoughts and actions playing out.

For transformation to occur on it’s deepest level, Faith must be the foundation of your true self, the beliefs you decide to hold, about yourself. Faith is your most intimate connection with your true self and all which connects you to the world.

Now, what you decide to believe about yourself, is up to you. There will always be people who don’t believe what you believe, understand what you understand, or approve what you do. This, is a direct conflict with your personal beliefs about yourself. It doesn’t make you wrong, although it challenges how you see the world. Faith, invites you in. It invites you to take a deeper look at your personal beliefs, your feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions. Your role here, is to cultivate a Faith so strong, no ones beliefs in conflict with yours, will sway you from who you are and what you believe. There is a surrender required for Faith. Surrender asks you to let go of the need to know, and to consistently and passionately commit to your beliefs, without attachment to the outcome.

Building a practice of Faith, a foundation of your beliefs, calls for silencing, quieting of your mind and connecting it with the flow and action of your body, such as a dependable yoga and meditation practice. Mindfulness, a commitment to connecting your thoughts and actions together, what you say you are going to do you do. Simplicity, the act of doing things that you enjoy, brings you pleasure and has your passion turned on. And of course, I AM. The power of I AM, builds the strength and fortitude needed to bring in the new.

Here are 3 necessary steps for a Practice of Faith, true self expression in motion:

  1. Have a conviction, a passion for what what you believe in. It’s essential for you to have a passion for what you believe. Passion connects you at the deepest level to that which you believe. Passion is the driving force that moves you into action and fuels your desires. Passion comes from trusting yourself, what you want and your inner knowing on having it.
  1. Commit to actions and a lifestyle that supports, nourishes and fuels your beliefs. Actions are required in order to move your passion forward. This means, taking actions that may challenge your old out dated belief system in order to build your new one. One step at a time. Action is foundation of doing, this builds and supports your beliefs about You.
  1. Take time for yourself. Build a practice of quieting your mind, grounding your beliefs and intentions and focusing your energy on the positive. Affirmations, journaling, yoga, meditation and quiet alone time all give you the space necessary to develop your personal beliefs. Your beliefs are what sets in motion your faith for what you desire.

The True Essence of Faith, building that which is unseen, is based on Your Personal Commitment to yourself and Your truest beliefs.

Illuminating the Riches Within,

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

The Practice of Allowing

The Practice of Allowingthe-power-of-allowing

Allowing, in a way it is the opposite of permission. You’re not asking anyone to do be or have something. You are opening to receive, to allow that with you Desire to come forth. Where the challenge with Allowing comes in, is in its insistence on a sense of safety & security within ones Self. There is no struggle, no fight. There is no trying, no doing. There is Trust, Faith, Patience and Belief.


Through a Practice of Allowing, you expand your vision, recognize opportunities and accept that which you can’t change. It’s accepting people, things and experiences as they are. It does not mean approving, it means accepting and allowing it to be what it is. It shifts your focus from where you are- what you have been seeing, feeling and experiencing into what you do want, and opens your path. There is work to be done on your journey down the path, now, the work is depended on YOUR COMMITMENT, your heart and passion.

5 Steps to Cultivate a Practice of Allowing:

  1. Focus Time: In order to know what you want, and stop getting what you don’t want, give yourself time and space to center and be in the stillness. Slow your mind, tune into your body, feel into your feelings. You’ll begin to hear the messages from within, rejuvenate your body and feel into the emotions and feeling of your joy and passion~ that which your Desires are made of. You can begin this with small actions, such as journaling, going for a walk, meditation, day dreaming, sitting at the beach, a massage, lighting candles or a bath. As you slow down and begin to find your peace, take simple, natural appropriate actions. Recognize yourself for the habits and actions you are doing. The key here is a continuance of practice to grow and evolve your self a bit deeper, with greater connection. This may mean adding in a yoga practice, taking a new class, taking up a new hobby, something that will open you to new experiences.
  1. Pay Attention: With curiosity, pay attention to the repetitive patterns within your life, whether they be thoughts, conversations, habits, actions, results, even people in community and environment. When you recognize these repetitive patterns, it is up to you to change the pattern- take action. That will mean separating your self from the pattern – thoughts, conversations, habits, and even people and environments. It does not mean these are bad, it means they do not move you forward, these patterns do not support you in having what you want. It is accepting of what it is. You’ll begin to notice through listening, looking and feeling that the new experiences and new conversations are there. Once again, this requires a consistent practice in paying attention to hear, see and feel that which matches what you want, to move you towards what you want.
  1. Accept Responsibility: Accept responsibility for the experiences in your life. Life experiences are in your life teaching you something. The good experiences acknowledge how sweet life is. The not so good ones are a gentle, or not so gentle remind there is still work to do. There is an opportunity for growth when you take responsibility for the experiences you are having, the way people treat you, your actions,whether they be reactive, passive or none at all and the thoughts you have. Change involves self responsibility, a cultivating of personal power in areas you have given away your power.
  1. Take Risks: Risk challenges your current way of being. It cracks you open to the possibility of something new, something great, expanding bringing forth your desire. As you continue your practice of focus time, gaining more clarity on what you want, you’ll begin to expand outside your comfort zone, looking for ways to do more things that make you feel good and light up your soul. The risks will become easier and they will at the same time become bigger to challenge your growth and Desires.
  1. Release the Need for Safety & Security: Safety and security is another way people look for permission, permission to have what you want. You can be doing new things, taking new actions, yet unless you have become accustom to numbers 1-4, you’ll find yourself with the same results. Releasing the need for safety & security is the true currency for allowing.

This builds up a practice, a path for allowing. With each step, each action taken, a new opportunity arises, new solutions and lights your way for Miracles.

Illuminating the Riches Within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion