Being Bold, fearless and confident


Being bold, fearless and confident.  It takes courage to challenge the status quo, go against the norm and want change.  Most often, people misinterpret the energy. I mean, people like comfort, safety and their version of security. Now,  it’s not for me to change people, that’s up to them. What I am passionate about is illuminating the true wealth of each person, within. That means seeing the best, brightest and most abundance resource a person has, Within yourself. This is not outside of you, not in a bank account, a job, a career, a relationship, a home.  It’s seeing the wealth of each person for who you are, not what you have.

Bold, confidence, fearless, means being YOU.  Authentic, without attachment.  Willing to take a stand for yourself.  Taking risks, risking what other people think is right.  It’s about being who you are.

How do your relationships nourish you?  Do you have people in your corner cheering you on, and wanting to see you succeed?  Do you have people afraid of the risks you take?  So is it there fear that is coming up, or are they just pessimistic?  Being bold, fearless and confident means stepping forward, nourishing yourself~ staying true to yourself.

The greatest gift I have received through my fearlessness, courage and confidence is to seek out and be around like minded people. Like minded women who want to bring others up, seeing their greatest gifts, resources and wealth from within.  Fierce, willing to take a stand for myself and my clients. Supporting others who breakthrough fears, doubts, and limits to blaze a new path lights me up.  It inspires my soul, my passion and my purpose.

Being bold, fearless and confident.  There’s no other way to be.

Illuminating the riches within,

Priestess of Passion