Loss of a loved one asks you to dig deeper, look closer and find a freshness in your soul. In its own unique way, loss of a loved one inspires you to find peace in your heart while stirring passion within your spirit. Monica Heiz ~ Priestess of Passion

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Moving through loss

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These past few months have brought about loss of a loved one to many people in the Priestess of Passion community.  Losing people that you love, ending relationships that bring you love and have filled you up is difficult to say the least.   The feelings and emotions associated with loss can be challenging and unknown.  You begin to put things and life in perspective of what is really important to you.  It’s the small steps moving on with life, grieving the loss on your own terms and creating a vision of where you want to go.  It’s the heartbreak.   The ending of something so special that moves you into the darkness.  Yet it’s in this darkness, you learn your own strength, courage and capacity to create change.  You can choose to be overcome by the feelings or lean into the feelings to find your joy and passion.

Honoring the loss of a loved one by recognizing the impact and the value they brought to your life and the relationship that was.  With so many emotions and feelings scattered around in your mind, it’s taking time to drop into your heart to what you truly feel.  Taking time for yourself, for something that brings you joy, calms your mind and brings focus to your energy. Fitness, baking, arts and crafts, working with your hands, gardening, these are a few ideas.  In these mind-body activities you create a space just for you.  For your thoughts, your positive emotions, your focus and future goals to have a place to breathe, grow and take root.  You connect to something deeper inside you that you may not have notice before.  Sure, you wish it wasn’t through the pain of loss of a loved one, yet I can tell you through experience, when you are ready you will find gratitude, peace and love for the gift your love one inspired within you through their passing. It becomes a not so gentle nudge, into being more authentic to yourself, to being more focused on your own goals and dreams and knowing you can move through anything.

Here are 3 skills and tools for moving through loss:

  1. Give yourself time, permission and personal space to find something that inspires you, makes you feel good, special and accomplished, and you are effortlessly willing to commit to. Maybe it’s yoga, meditation, painting, baking, creating a business, writing, dance classes, gardening.  Allow the inspiration of the activity to move you, body-mind-spirit, bringing new life to you.
  2. Let yourself feel the feelings, grieve the loss.  With life being so busy these days, often times you get pushed back into your normal daily routine quickly after loss. Take time, ask for help, surround yourself with people who are willing to have your back. Schedule time for yourself, take a trip out to the park, in nature, a massage to relax and rejuvenate your body, go out to lunch or dinner with friends who are willing to listen.  Trust and know you are safe to feel and express your feelings.
  3. Look at all you have accomplished, and know you are stronger now through this experience.  When you focus on what you have achieved up until this point, you shift your focus to your strengths, your ability to focus on your goals and move towards them. It’s like a blast of super power energy knowing you are amped up with energy to succeed again, with more passion.

Loss is a natural part of life.  It’s learning to have a relationship with yourself to grow and stretch. It’s in these time that keeps love moving through your heart, no matter what, how hard or unknown.
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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion