Own Your Fire



Fire, the Fierce Element of Destruction. The Passion of Desire.  The Spirit of Action.

Fire, your Spirit is ever moving, creating, destroying and rebuilding new.  How do you use your Spirit to create in positive action?

When you have a Passion & Desire, call upon your Fire.  This means everything out of alignment, no longer needed or bringing in your Passion needs to be destroyed.  Here’s where many people get stuck.  The appearance of things falling apart, being destroyed, or loss is moving you towards your Passion. It’s destroying clearing space for the new, what you truly desire.  Rather than retreating in fear, victim, old story, helplessness, stand in your Passion. Stand in your courage to face the old being let go.  Stand in your power knowing you can.  Stand in your truth with confidence and trust.  Own Your Fire.

It’s being in your fire your faith is tested. It’s being in your Fire your Passion is tested, how much do you want your outcome.  With Focus and Fierceness Stand in Your Fire.

Those who say “it’s hard”, never went after anything they held strong convictions for.  It’s always worth it.

Those who say “Why”, never let their passion and fire get to hot.  It’s always the greatest feeling expressing your passion.

Those who say “you can’t or shouldn’t”,  let their fears dictate their lives.   It is the best feeling going for your passion & desire full on.

Bring on the Fire.  Let your Light illuminate the riches within.


Priestess of Passion

Dedicated to my wonderful Clients.



Creating Change


What are your old patterns, beliefs and stories telling to you?  If you want different results, you need to change your operating system, your system of beliefs, patterns and stories that are repeating, you know, running the same program.  This takes patience, focus, vulnerability, and your attention. It takes your willingness, desire and inner knowing that you can have different results.  What I always find interesting, a bit silly even, is how when we want different results we continue to ask people about the results we want and they stick to the story, old pattern and belief, perpetuating the cycle and keeping you believing it’s far off in dream land.

So what do you do?  You can hear what they are saying and chose to listen as an observer, why do they believe it’s not possible, or far off, what do they know, have they tried it, are they willing to go the distance? The Best is finding, searching and connecting with people who are doing what you want~ getting the results you want. Then do whatever it takes to learn and be a part of their lifestyles.  That means your old patterns, beliefs and stories keeping you stuck will be challenge, pushing  you to create change.  You can’t do the same thing you were doing and expect to get different results, which means…you guessed it, you’ll need to start creating new patterns & beliefs.  This also means you’ll be investing your resources in a new way~ your money, time & energy.  To get the results you want, you’ll spend your time, money and energy different.

My suggestion is seek out a coach/mentor.  Someone who has the skills, talent and experience to move you.  I mean move your actions, move your mind, your spirit and your body~ all 3 into the direction of your dream, your outcome.  It’s the outdated model that wants to “help” people an only looks at the “problem”, what you’re not achieving.  In this new model, coaches/mentors are looking at what you want, your results, desires and dreams and reprogramming your operating system~ your beliefs, actions and patterns that brought you to where you are, to bring you to where you want to be.

Everything can change. Music to my ears, I love change.  The key is to first, know it can change~ no matter the circumstances, then to find people who can make your change happen. And shatter, crash, break the old operating system, get down and dirty with it.  You’ll feel so good, so refreshed, so alive and have a new perspective on life~ fresh energy to create your dreams.

So what are you waiting for?  Change happens as we make a new decision, Now.  Think and act. It’s your life, you have the power.

Change create it, or it’ll roll you over.