Understanding yourself by ways of your Inner Child, Feminine and Masculine

Understanding yourself by ways of your Inner Child, Feminine and Masculine

Your inner child is a part of you no what age you are. This aspect of yourself, developed in your younger years relates to your safety and security in the world. Your confidence to trust and feel safe. It’s the way you relate to the world in a playful, joyful, fearless way. It relates to you as an adult with “how” you are relating and interacting in your daily life, including patterns and beliefs, actions and attitudes. It’s how feel about show up in the world.

Let’s begin by look at signs your inner child is not having his or her needs met. There is constant turmoil or drama. There may be a lack of feeling secure, creating security or a feeling of fear, always needing to create and find security. The pendulum swings both ways. The first step is to see how your inner child is showing up in your life.

Feminine energy is nurturing, loving, creative, expressive, grounded. It can be motherly and womanly, To really fully connect into your feminine, one must be trusting of their inner voice, intuition and deep inner knowing. These are powerful actions, coming from your inner self to restore peace, balance and harmony. Taking time alone, opening your senses with essential oils, incense, candles, flowers, soft music, meditation and inner silence brings feminine energy to a place of grounding. This is where dreams, thoughts, ideas and visions are created.
Masculine energy is productive, action oriented. It’s the daily structure for accomplishing tasks. Masculine energy goes out into the world and takes action. It can be fatherly or manly. To fully embrace this power, one must have a goal or desire and willing to take action steps in alignment with that goal. Masculine energy is for the common good of all, generous and strong with faith and confidence.
All three aspects of yourself are constantly interacting in your world at the same time. You need your inner childs’ zest for life, fearlessness and boldness to take action out in the world in masculine energy. When this is out of alignment, masculine energy shows up as greed, power, control. Your inner childs’ trusting and knowing, discernment and safety are needed for your feminine energy to feel and express love, dream and believe, and trust. When feminine energy is out of alignment it shows up as helpless, victim, blame.
When the needs of your inner child are not met they will show up in your outer world as chaos, fear, survival. This interrupts the dynamics in your feminine and masculine energy. On a daily basis your operating “to get” the needs of your inner child met becomes how you interact. Your masculine energy may feel powerless or overly powerful, controlling or unassertive, greedy or indifferent. Your feminine energy may feel over stimulated or exhausted, not trusting or overly trusting, needing distractions to feel loved or shut down from love.
In order to find peace in your inner child and restore your feminine and masculine energy you’ll need to plant the right roots, meaning support, community, people who will provide the skills, resources you need to nourish, nurture and grow. I believe most people’s inner child have such a strong passion for living and creating. Influential people in your life at a young age or early adulthood may have constantly be looking at fear or problems rather than building and focusing on dreams. This creates instability and uncertainty in your inner child because it’s not the place they feel safe in, they feel safest and create from a place of visionary and dreaming. Here begins the path of turmoil.

Know your inner child, what they desire, what they need and what’s important to them. Become intimate with your feminine energy. As you connect deeper and fuller into yourself you will receive answers, then trust your intuition. Take action as appropriate, this gives your masculine energy a sense of purpose. Be in the stillness of yourself, take time to nourish, nurture and feel your sacred space. Sacred space meaning your energy, your feelings, your emotions, and what is yours. What brings you joy, what brings you pleasure, trust in yourself. Your masculine energy makes decisions and choices in alignment with your truth, your personal power, to be more of you. These 3 energies will dance around, moving, flowing, creating, inspiring, providing. Engaging in the flow of them, with constant attention to the growth, support and nurturing they need. As you restore your connections from the inside out, with strong roots creating a foundation for your inner child, your world will change to more than you could have dreamed of.


Thank you inner child for keeping their dreams alive.


Monica Heiz
Priestess of Passion



Creating From Within~ The Light of Your Spirit

goddess of light

Life amazes me.  It’s so wonderful to have the successes, love and abundance in your outer world, fulfilled from the joy, happiness and brilliance in your inner world.

Being in right relationship with self, what’s important to you, from the depths of your Inner Self, Your Inner Truth, lies your joy, happiness and brilliance.  Creating. Opening Your Heart. Feeling Your Truest Feelings.  From the inside.  What does this all mean?

Let go of attachment to form. Be in the highest vibration of Love for you and all you meet.  At any given moment you have a chance to surrender into the Truth of Who You are. Your Inner light, your radiant beauty knows what you need, desire and want.  Your inner light will guide you to your happiness, joy and brilliance. Your inner riches creates your outer world.  It’s a matter of Trusting in it, In Yourself.  Turning inward.

What you want is found being in Harmony, Energetic Frequency and Inner Knowing of what you desire. How do you create this?  Expand your energy, cultivate a truth within yourself, where no one outside can direct your feelings, desires and knowing. Surround yourself with others who are willing to support your dreams, visions, goals and outcomes. Other Bright Lights. Take action that support your desires.

You are closer than you think.  Trust in your deepest desires, invest your energy & time in feeling through your desires.

Demand & Expect the Best of Yourself.  Be that which you Desire.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Priestess of Passion

Transformational Leader in your own Life

do-things-from-your-soul-and-grab-it-to-take-home-rumi-quotes-about-true-love-936x702My soul is full of Passion, Joy & Creativity. I enjoy movement from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to create and live life more fully.
I began my journey earning my B.S in nutrition & Fitness from FSU. I set my goals high and openness to learning limitless. During my days at FSU, I began teaching aerobics, and training. I recognized the value training had for me, being able to focus my energy and create what I needed and wanted. Little did I know this skill set would come full circle for me to educate clients to manifest their greatest desires. My career in Fitness brought me to oversee Corporate Fitness Centers, teach classes for the most prestigious gyms in NYC, being a well sought out instructor, known for teaching with passion, charm, character, focus and precision. Through my teaching, my desires to compete on the big stage in fitness and win a championship began to take shape. I invested 5 years of full out joy competing at the Aerobic National Championship level, winning the National Championship. On to the next stage, after a few years competing in Fitness, I competed on the biggest stage in Fitness, the Arnold Sports & Fitness Championship placing 5th.
Over the years, with my limitless learning I have studied with such greats as Dr. Bland~ Father of Functional Medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman~ physician and best selling author, Dr. Junger~ physician to the stars and Cleanse Dr., Dr. Deanna Minich~ Food & Spirit, each one adding so much value, richness and a wealth of knowledge to my nutrition practice.

Being in Right Relationship with Self.
Being in Right Relationship with Self, by my definition means taking full responsibility for your choices and actions and expecting the best results. Understanding inspiration for action, time to go within, and time to let go.

Goddess Energy & Masculine Energy
Goddess Energy is expansive, full, positive potential. She flows, creates, and grows. Masculine energy is the container, systems and structure that hold Goddess Energy. It’s practical, linear, basic, and strong. My business, Priestess of Passion, is the expression of Goddess Energy through the Masculine container. Creating my own container with the expansion of my dreams & goals creates miracles in manifestation. I love coaching clients to positive lifestyle changes, focusing on energy, time & fulfillment, expanding and building lives you love. Creating the Transformational Leader in you to take control of living the life you desire, on your terms.