“When you commit to yourself, your vision and your goals with such focus, passion and desire to succeed, the whole world shows up to support you”. A 5 Step Process into Transformation. Monica Heiz~ Priestess of Passion


All to many times it’s easy to get stuck in feelings of stress, worry and chaos. It’s actually these feelings that block the flow of what you want and what you need, and at the same time, the feelings are here to help you. You are here to grow, prosper, be happy and live more fully. Everywhere you block the flow of positive energy, emotions and resources you block yourself from growing. Here is the gift in the message of the feelings, they are to inspire what needs to change within you, to change the feelings. If feelings are magnets, having negative feelings that come from within affect you dramatically, and having positive feelings that come from within affect you in miraculous ways. What needs to change within always begins with your relationship with yourself which holds the key to the feelings, which are essentially locked. This is where transformation is a useful skill set and tool. Transformation is the pathway, the stillness, the process that moves your feelings from negative to positive through patience, practice and fulfillment.

Transformation is a process. It’s the same process that takes the caterpillar to weave a cocoon, liquify itself only to be reborn again into the butterfly. It’s the same process that takes the egg to a tadpole to a frog that has legs to hop and jump on land. It’s the unknown, rooted in trust and built on the grand design of the Universe. The Universe is designed for you to go through your own transformation process, your own unique personal chrysalis to grow into a more evolved version of you, that lets go of the old. Essentially when you enter the chrysalis, you experience the letting go, the shedding of all that is no longer true to you. In this darkness, you’re stripping down, into the unknown, uncomfortable and vulnerable. It’s also the place where all new ideas, courage, strength and perseverance are found. All from within you.

Here is A 5 Step Process into Transformation, creating your own chrysalis

  1. Know and Trust in what you want, your desires, your ability to have it, AND step forward. This sounds simple, it’s also the first place most give up. It takes courage, commitment and a passion so deep in your soul to move into a place of the unknown. You are the only one who can commit to your desires.
  1. Take action. Taking action means committing to your process, to yourself. Taking action means taking a stand for yourself and what you want, from healthy boundaries, to taking time for yourself , being responsible for your actions and paying attention to all the good around you. Taking action is being an active participant in co-creating Your Life.
  2. Feel your feelings. Feeling, like your body, needs proper nourishment, activity and stimulation. They run through your body, they’re a gift to be expressed through you and your lifestyle. Your feelings don’t just change over night, it takes practice and patience to workout your feelings to be in harmony with what you want. It’s important to acknowledge the current feelings you have that have held you in the space you’re in. You know the feelings that are stress, worry and chaos, they have been the compass for you for what needs to transform within you. As you build your chrysalis you’ll perform step 1 &2 followed by step 3. The stronger you become with step 1 & 2 the deeper you will go into your feelings in step 3.
  1. Let go of attachment. Instead of looking for instant results, look for all the ways what you want is showing up for you, building within and with out what you want. A space within yourself and a space out in the world. It’s letting go of how it needs to happen. Since you have been pushing, looking and seeking for “it” to show up, now you learn how to be in flow~ letting go of controlling the outcome. Here is where you create a new relationship with your self, your feelings and the world around you.
  1. Engage with people, places, activities and communities that already have the desired outcome you want, AND are in alignment with your beliefs. It’s very easy to get caught up in the “Idea” that others have what you want, and this is great. When you find those that share in your beliefs, it provides you a place to be seen, be true to yourself and grow. Your feelings are no longer triggered by outside influences, because your outer world holds the same beliefs your inner world knows, wants and believes. Your outer world becomes a reflection of your true self within.

Creating Change is a process. When you commit to yourself, what you truly want Heart & Soul, the whole world shows up to support you.

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Through her highly skilled & unique coaching, Monica navigates you to feel safe, see solutions and find a way out.  Her belief is people always know a way out, it’s just buried beneath the sea, like a buried treasure.  She provides you a bright light, a space to feel safe while holding you to your highest potential, where you always find your solutions.  By illuminating the riches within, Monica helps people find their own true meaning of fulfillment.


The champions are the ones who in the face of adversity, listen to the message within their hearts. Monica Heiz~ Priestess of Passion


Leaning into change

Staying committed to yourself

It’s amazing how much goes into things working well, growing and succeeding.  You never really think about it because often times it comes natural, intuitive or easy for you. You’re in a flow state, where you experience the end result of excellence, with ease and grace.

What happens when it doesn’t go right? Do you look to find fault or blame?

It becomes so easy to focus on what’s not going right, you tend to miss the bigger picture.  The bigger picture meaning what is going right, where you can find solutions and how to stay centered.  What’s also so interesting about seeing the problem is, you look at it as a problem.  As you detach from “the problem”, your solution is always, always found at the root of the so called problem, which means, digging deep.

What do you need to do to release blame on the problem, whether it’s blame you place outside of yourself or blame you place on yourself?

1) Find kindness and compassion. Let go of judgment, ideals and closely held beliefs. These are aspects that continue to trigger your emotional and mental responses, over and over again.  Through kindness and compassion you create a pattern interrupt which allows you to have a new experience of the same old pattern.  A new experience leads to a new decision and a new outlook.

2) Detach yourself from the outcome.  This means separate your feelings, emotions and long held beliefs.  It creates space for a new experience, one that can flow from a deeper place within you and a new solution.  When you hold onto the expectation of outcome, you set yourself up in your mind.  This is not to say give up or let go of your desired outcome, it means to release the constant struggle to get the outcome you want.  Allow the solution to come to you with ease and grace.

3) Look at the situation as an opportunity to grow.  Most often your greatest growth & opportunity comes from your biggest challenges. When you release blame, you give yourself permission to step up, move forward and make a greater splash.  In this space, new opportunity, new people, places, experiences show up for you. Allow them in.

4) Be honest with yourself.  Take time alone to feel into the feelings and the experience that brought up the feelings of blame.  Let your thoughts move through you, feel your energy and listen to your own inner voice.  At the depth of your soul, what did you learn? What do you know? When you settle into yourself you give yourself permission to take notice of a new solution and TRUST Yourself.  Maybe this IS all you needed after all.

I want to share with you an example of blame and how when focusing on a solution, the people involved came out as Champions.
This past weekend the Florida State Football Team, reigning National Champions were playing without their Super Star Quarterback.  The replacement QB, besides replacing the super star, was playing in his first college ball game. You could see from his play action his nervousness and insecurity. Poor throwing, poor decision making and a lack of inner confidence.  It would have been very easy to place blame on this rookie QB for the less than stellar performance from the defending National Champions with a number 1 ranking playing a team ranked number 22.
Yet there was something else going on, deeper than what was being seen and it was clear his coaches had full confidence in him.
It’s a Team sport. If you looked closer, his teammates, just as an important part of the game, with more playing experience needed to show up for him in a bigger way.  They became accustom to a stellar leader and a dominating presence on the field for them, which was now missing, AND, they needed to find it within themselves.
While it was a way for outsiders to place words of judgment or blame about this young QB, he was not the problem.The coaches, with the head coach calling the game plays, kept his calm, never judging the young man and reminded him “move on to the next play.”  Each new play is a new play.
He was encouraged by his coach to “slow down, take your time”.The game went into overtime, each team had an opportunity in it’s red zone to score. Florida State defense took the field first.  Now, the players, aware of the opportunity presented to them, showed up.  The defensive unit played the way they play best. It was clear they detached from the outcome, focusing on being the best in the moment.  They did their job stopping their opponents.
The offensive unit took the field and playing with a new sense of confidence.  You could see each player taking responsibility for their part in making plays.  It was a great lesson for the team, no more hiding behind a great leader. The QB passed the ball, the offensive line did it’s job protecting and the Wide Receiver scored. It was a magnificent example of letting go of blame, holding steadfast with determination and courage, playing ( living in everyday life terms) with heart.  The solution was each player to focus on their own skills and talents and play.The coaches and head coach knew all along what this team was capable of.  He held the highest vision and their potential, even when it looked darkest.  The results were success.  From being in a place that looks like disaster to triumph.  All because of Believing in Your Self, Your People, Your Potential.
Stay committed to yourself and your dreams… allow the Universe to do the rest.
Enjoy this Autumn Equinox celebrating the abundance of the summer harvest
Illuminating the Riches within
Monica Heiz
Priestess of Passion

It takes a decision with far more courage and strength to let go, to see the beauty within and around you when you feel the whole world is falling apart. Monica Heiz~ Priestess of Passion

decision to grow

Taking a stand

Your decision and your faith

You always have a choice with how you respond to a situation, what you want to achieve and how you decide to think about your situation.  Most often, what looks like a problem is really an opportunity for you to step back look at your situation from a different perspective and find a solution that moves you out of your comfort zone, which lets go of your ego, your need to control and your righteousness.  This takes nothing less than a decision.  A decision to stand firmly in what you want with unwavering faith in your self.

In today’s society it has become easier to see a challenge, obstacle or problem as a negative, to let in fear, self doubt, victim, blame, judgment and hopelessness.  The real truth is, your challenges, obstacles and problems are here to move you forward. You can sit and dwell in the problem, you can talk about it, you can sweep it under the rug or you can decide to focus your energy in finding a solution.  Which means being clear the challenge, obstacle or problem is here for your personal growth, to move you beyond your comfort zone, toward the very solution you seek. So what does all this mean?  It means when you stop looking at experiences and situations as problems in a negative, you can see them in a positive and how they are assisting you in personal growth.  It’s not fighting change, it’s using change as a compass.  Everything changes.  So either you can resist it or you embrace it, with the understanding everything moves with attention in flow.  Things go up and things go down, it’s enjoying the ride, staying present and dancing with change.
Resources.  This is a big one I see and hear people speaking about.  Not enough ______________ (you fill in the blank).  Your resources are not separate from your decisions.  If you chose to do something it will require your investment in yourself, whether it’s time, energy, finances and/or skills plus a full on commitment from you.  It’s a must to stop looking at the “not enough” paradigm and begin to look at what your goal, outcome and desired results are AND invest your resources, especially your precious energy and time there.
You see, learning comes from many places, it’s not something that is limited to school and formal education, a degree or certification.  It’s found in your personal growth by engaging, inquiring and strengthening your Right Brain Functions.  With so much emphasis placed on Left Brain skills such as logical, analytical, objective, critical thinking, numbers and reasoning, you are often shut down in your Right Brain functions or Gifts. Your Right Brain functions often time weren’t valued, had no external measure, or squelched for being to emotional or feeling.  The gifts your Right Brain offers you are presenting possibilities, believes, appreciates, insight, risk taking, honoring and using feelings as a guide, expressive, creative, listening to your intuition, innovative, exploring new ideas, asks the question “why” in an effort to determine where changes can be made, non-judgmental and see the bigger picture.  This is where most creatives, musicians, athletes and transformational coaches assemble their greatest brain power.  It’s the flow of their creative energy,  you can see, feel and experience the impact these Right Brain people make in our world.  From movies, to music to sporting events, it’s the gifts from the right brain.

Seeing possibilities

The beauty is your uniqueness, your skills, talents and gifts.  The golden nugget I’d like you to take away here is the importance of seeing more than meets the eye. Being willing to make a decision, turn on strengthening your right brain and commit to your personal growth.  Connect with people who have the skills, tools, wisdom and knowledge to teach you and inspire you to your solution.

Only then will you understand the true power you have while moving through challenges in your life with greater confidence, peace and understanding.

What are all the ways you see possibilities, listen to your intuition and invest your resources for personal growth?

Monica’s work through Priestess of Passion dives into the inner landscape where fear, limitations and out dated beliefs are held. Through her highly skilled & unique coaching, Monica navigates you to feel safe, see solutions and find a way out.  Her belief is people always know a way out, it’s just buried beneath the sea, like a buried treasure.  She provides you a bright light, a space to feel safe while holding you to your highest potential, where you always find your solutions.  By illuminating the riches within, Monica helps people find the true meaning of fulfillment.

If your a man or woman who has lost your way on what is truly valuable to you, or ready for positive changes in your life, your in the right place.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion



Your Attitude. Be So Full of Yourself.

cat & lion2I was in the trails this morning and a cat sitting in the middle of the trail with her kitten behind her.  She starred at me and I looked at her.  What I observed from the area, is the cat was clear she was protecting her kitten and nothing was going to threaten her kitten.  I can understand that. I wanted to walk by and I had no desire to make her feel unsafe or threatened.  I took a step closer and she hissed at me while I looked her straight in the eye.  I didn’t see her as dangerous and I was clear on my intention~ to move by her without fear.

I took another step and the kitten ran into the wooded area as the mother cat stepped into the center of the trail as to face off to me.  I looked her in the eyes~ such beautiful piercing eyes, filled with power, passion and protection.  She hissed at me, claiming her space.  Here I was, it wasn’t unwillingness to back down to the cat, more along the lines to bring peace to the situation in front of me, to stay within myself, fill my attitude with my own beliefs, my own power, passion and protection.  I was not there to fight the cat, or turn away from the cat. I was there to be my own Spiritual Warrior~to face the challenging situation and be present, centered and focused within my own self.

Learning to face situations that can feel fearful stressful or challenging requires training, focus, and commitment to one’s own excellence.  You can always turn away from the opportunity to learn and grow or you can meet the experience head on and find a solution.  The solution is always available within.

I took another step forward.  The cat walked over into the wooded area and through the bushes across from me.  The kitten moved closer to the trail~ I could feel the cats expression move quickly towards her baby and I remained present within myself.  This was her fear~ fear of the safety of her kitten. For fear and projection is how you decide to perceive it, it’s attitude.   My unwavering centering maintained a calm, peaceful feeling from within and expressed outward. I stepped forward, continuing my walk on the trail, with compassion, gratitude and peace within my heart radiating out to the cat and her kitten.

It’s a true Spiritual Warrior that maintains composure, remains centered and peaceful when the outer world in chaos and turmoil projects the idea of fear and distrust.  My inner warrior was so full of myself, my attitude from within, that nothing was going to disrupt her peace, trust and calm within myself.  This is the way of a Spiritual Warrior.

I am grateful for the experience and all the ways life gives back to me to be my best.


Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion