Passion. How it moves you into action, to your wants

heart and eyes

Needs vs. Wants.  Needs and wants are very different.  The distinct difference is needs are basic, instinctual;  food, shelter, water, money, love come to mind.  Wants are goals.  Objectives we choose and decide to go after.  Passion is one emotion that fuels wants, it’s a driving force to go after something.  Men communicate needs by “going out to get”, taking action getting their needs met.  Women ask for support in having their needs met, asking for contribution and help.  This is an important distinction between the two.

Wants, fueled by passion, are the same for men and women.  The idea is to work together in understanding the role wants play in your life.  Women and men want more success, more fulfillment and satisfaction.  Women and men want to feel more passion, more desire, more connection. Passion, is expressed creatively, physically, sensually and with the heart and body.  Passion is not an emotion from thought or the mind.

If you want to experience more of your wants, you’re required to feel your passion, to be so in tune with passion it moves you, stirs your soul.   Be willing to receive inspiration from your passion and move into action.   Action is the second step to moving towards your wants. Action is the energy necessary to believe, feel, act and do what you need to have what you want. Wants are personal, intimate and greatly connected to what you believe about yourself.  Are you a woman or man committed to creating success in your life?  Are you focused on improvement and having more? Turn up your passion, identify your wants and take the actions go after what you want.  Some ways to turn up your passion are:  Spending time in nature, listening to music that moves you, taking a bath, fishing, reading, dancing, spending time with the ones you love.   It’s up to you to ignite your passion through practice, listen to your heart and body, feel into your passion.  What do you want?  What does it feel like having that?  What does it meant to you to have it? And stay there.  Be present to all of the feelings, emotions and thoughts it brings up for you~ creative, expansive, out of control and let them move you.  Let them guide you into the feeling of having what you want.

Listen to the message of your heart, your emotions and hear the next step to take having what you want.  Take action~ be inspired, be bold, be fearless.  Passion is this energy!  And it has the power to bring everything you want into your life, if you allow it to.  It will feel hot, almost constricted, and pushing; passion is the fire.  It’s the burning of the old and the center of creation for the new.  It’s the ability to take action, stay centered and move through the outdated, old, fear, limiting beliefs and YOU CAN.  Wants make you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, because you are willing to do what it takes to have them.

So what do you want?

What does it feel like having it?

And what are you going to do today to move you into action to have it?

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Priestess of Passion

Monica Heiz