Power and Passion. Enjoying the richness a woman has to offer.


Women inherently possess the qualities of Power & Passion.  What I find happens is most women grow up learning to be more fully in one of these qualities with greater effectiveness, either power or passion.  As we become adults, it’s this one quality within us that is the strength that carries us out into the world. A woman in her passion tends to show up more creative, expressive, a little more sensual and sexy.  A woman in her power tends to provide a greater sense of practicality, stability and groundedness.  What I’d like to offer up here is the greatest contribution a woman can give to society is embracing and illuminating both aspects of herself Power and Passion, fully and authentically.


This requires some practice and planning for a woman.  Identifying which aspect is your strength, power or passion and then choosing to practice living within the opposite quality throughout your day.  It is a practice, the idea is to add and learn to be in a flow within these 2 qualities, power and passion.  I see power coming from the element of Earth.  If we look at all of the elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, they are Feminine, of Mother Nature.  Earth being grounded, practical, sustaining and Fire being action, passion and moving.  A woman who can master both these areas of her being can stand with strength, courage and will and take action with conviction, trust and confidence. Who wants more of that!


When you are looking to grow, add positive changes, the best place to begin is within you. Recognizing you can improve your level of Power or Passion in the world, for better results helps provide a path for your journey.


Here are 5 ways you can identify which quality you are stronger within:


  1. You like to be in control of things, are very practical in your decisions, have a handle on your basic needs and your ability to succeed at work.  You are best in a leadership role providing support for others and have a strong sense of being recognized for your contribution.  Power
  2. You enjoy expressing yourself through creativity, whether it be movement, arts, acting, your desire to express yourself is what moves you out into the world.  You value stability, you are drawn and crave expression.  You know when you are in your passion, the world moves mountains to provide all you need.  Passion
  3. You plan and organize your day to get the most out of it.  You have things you want to do, and fitting it all in can feel like a challenge.  You don’t usually over spend your time, energy or finances, you do track your resources to be planned and budgeted. Power
  4. You love to follow your goals and dreams, and you’ll invest the time to do so. You take time for yourself to learn the skills you need to be great at your craft and you’re not afraid to try something different.  You realize your path is to follow your desire, what feels right to you, and it makes you light up with joy and pleasure.  Passion
  5. You listen to other people speak and you can hear the apprehension in their voice or words.  You want to jump in and help them, point them in the direction of their passion, to go for it.  You get excited when you hear other people’s passion, joy and excitement.  Passion


Learning to embrace and be more fully in touch with your own Power and Passion gives you more freedom. Freedom to be a woman authentic, in trust and with courage. I invite you to explore these 2 qualities within yourself and experience the richness you have to offer being a Woman.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion





Focus is a powerful skill set. It provides you direction, it gives you clarity and it moves you towards your goal. It is the energy of truly going after what you desire. Focus will never let you down, it has the ability to provide you everything you want and tackle the seemingly impossible Passion + Commitment + Focus = Results Monica Heiz ~ Priestess of Passion


Your most valuable business assets

Focus, the ability to attend to internal and external cues in your daily living for you to be at your best

For years, focus had been a term used in sports, for athletes to be their best.  The tools, skills, and training’s athletes engaged in proved to provide an advantage to staying at the top of their game and consistently being competitive.  As a competitive athlete, this skill served me well, I thrive in the role of being focused on a task, with great precision, aim and determination.  As I grow my business and cultivate the strengths of clients, focus is a skill set I am passionately committed to highlighting.  It’s a most valuable business asset.  One reason why is when you have focus, a point of aim, you will always have work that feels rewarding, customers that appreciate your service, income that values your time and skills and a purpose.  Knowing what you need provides a focus to going towards what you want, and there is no better way to have success in business than this.

Internally, your focus consists of your thoughts, emotions and your physical responses.  Externally, your focus consists of your environment, your experiences, your moment, where you are at.  Together, your focus is strengthened, developed and on target as you match and hold your internal focus in any situation ~any situation~ within your external.  Your external is not the center of focus, it’s a tool used to maintain and commit to your vision and purpose within your internal focus. When you are in your internal focus and take action according to this fierce focus, no matter what shows up in your external, you take action from your internal focus.  Fearless. No excuses. You get the job done.

Why is this so important in business?  How many times in business have you said, “I’m not going to do that today”,  “another big bill came in”, “it works, why change it”,  “I’d like to update, or add to my business but…”,  ” I’ll just take the clients that come to me”, “I’ll wait until tomorrow”, and the list of excuses go on.  

Your business results don’t change until you change your focus.  Focus on what you want.

Focus determines your success.  I can prove it.  Just read the testimonials on my website  www.priestessofpassion.com  Each of these clients stepped forward and developed a new level of focus to grow professionally and personally.  And you can see their level of success, hear their commitment and their passion to the skills and fresh inspiration within their lives.

Focus, leads you to the ability to gain greater clarity in what you want, to find new solutions and pursue what you once believed impossible.  I believe assets are within each of you.  When you know what lights your fire, what inspires you to do great passionate work, the feelings of going after what you want, taking action, and everything that moves you to be more, these are your truest assets.  And in being more, you increase your time, energy and income, your positive experiences, your level of work and satisfaction.  You begin to go after the feeling of your greatness with your own power and passion in the world.

It’s with great joy I follow my focus everyday and share in my level of success, commitment and passion with you.

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion