Meet The Priestess of Passion

Monica always had a way about her that was fearless.  Her sisters call it reckless.

It’s an inner knowing I have, a depth in my soul.  Where most people look for ways to create “safety” I was always looking for ways to move, jump to the next thing that fueled my passion, even at a young age. I was curious, excitable and ambitious.  I wanted to have it all and I have the ability to  make things happen.

I realized my passion and desire and belief in something beyond what others see, made them uncomfortable, it pushes up against their “negative human condition”. Where I can see, feel and believe in creating the unbelievable, they would feel threatened by my tenacity and boldness.

I decided to create my business around this.  Bold, Fierce and Limitless.  Priestess of Passion focuses on Positive Lifestyle Changes Focusing on Energy, Time & Fulfillment.

My career began over 20 years ago as an Aerobic instructor.  I graduated Florida State University with a degree in Nutrition & Fitness.  teaching aerobics became my passion.  I loved & thrived in the leadership role.  Creating choreography, expressing myself through movement and bringing people on a journey through stimulation of mind body and spirit. It was about the difference I made in their life inspiring them to be their best, rather than just workout. I’m demanding.  I demand the best, that doesn’t mean the hardest, toughest, or fastest.  It means to show up for yourself with passion, a decision and action- to be your best.  I knew in college I wanted to compete and Win a Gold medal, I wanted to be a champion and I wanted to be on the biggest stage in fitness.  I began competing in Sport Aerobics and within 5 years I won my Gold Medal and earned my Title of National Champion. It’s the act of winning that is so gratifying, yet what’s most valuable is Who I needed to be to Win the Gold Medal. It’s the consistent energy of precision, devotion and achievement.  On to my next vision of competing on the biggest stage in Fitness.  I participated in Competitive Fitness for a few years, leading me in 2009 to the Arnold Sports & Fitness Classic, the largest Stage in Fitness, earning a 5th place finish.

Priestess of Passion is my desire to inspire men & women beyond the gym.  To inspire their dreams, goals and visions. I stayed true to my soul, with fierce Passion & Power and I lead people on their own personal journey to excellence.  There may always be people wanting to “play it safe”. With me, life is not about playing safe, it’s about listening to the deep fiery passions of your soul, your deeper inner knowing and harnessing your power to have it all.  You Can.    You have to want it.  You have to be willing to go against the norm. You have to be willing to Say YES to yourself when others say your crazy.

Deep Down You Know Your Truest Potential.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Priestess of Passion

Monica Heiz


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