Manifestation. The True Connection to your Heart and Soul.

Heart + Soul +  Trust = Manifestation

There is so much talk these days of manifestation, to manifest what you desire.  For me, manifestation is something I wholeheartedly believe in.  What I believe gets left out often is the necessity to be grounded and rooted in Self. In the space of grounded and rooted in Self, you Trust in your being, the environment you surround yourself with and in your own Heart and Soul.

Manifestation requires a vision, plan, action steps and a sacred relationship with yourself.

To be grounded and rooted, there is a simplicity in letting go, a non attachment and a balance of Trusting your own soul, led by your heart. Manifestations asks you to trust in your being, while the whole world continues to move, dance and flow.  With manifestation, you change the level you’re at, change your coordinates on where you are.  This asks you to open, allow and be.  With great joy and pleasure, you allow and receive.  It’s essential to let go of the old, outdated and reoccurring patterns, through practice, meditation or stillness of the mind, and openness.  There is an expansion that occurs for manifestation to take root and appear.

Now, when you drop into your heart and soul, in the quietness and stillness, when you know what you desire, and decide to connect within, you allow the magic to unfold and the Universe to co- create with you. With YOU, your being, your heart and soul.

Your Root is nourished through safety, security, stability in home, finances and relationships, even your relationship with yourself.  Manifestation asks you be strong in your own sense of Being, through being rooted and grounded in your own safety and security. Without proper rooting and grounding, manifestations usually have difficulty staying grounded and rooted, therefore many have trouble with manifestation coming to full fruition. It’s a process.  It circles back around to your heart and soul, the core of your being, where your being is safe, secure, connected and trusting.


Ask yourself these questions when Manifesting:

  1.  Are you centered and stable in what you desire, heart and soul. Do you believe in yourself, without knowing how it happens and trusting that it is happening.
  2. Can you find the calm, your peace, safety, security and stability while the world around you shakes, knowing your heart and soul is leading you forward toward manifestation.
  3. Are you willing, ready and able to let go of the old, the outdated, the story, opening to the new, better and more prosperous level for your life. One that is creating and building a solid foundation, fertile soil for your manifestation to take root, open and blossom, bearing fruit.
  4. Are you willing to sit in the stillness, the quiet and calmness to allow the process to unfold for you.

Enjoy the journey…where all things are possible.


Illuminating the Riches Within





Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion