The willingness to give and the power of receiving; without attachment

Giving and receiving

There is alot of ideas and beliefs about giving and receiving.

I am going to speak about my experience, coming from a place of personal truth and self trust. I call this space Your Heart.

So often we are programmed to receive what is given to us. We don’t always understand, we can choose to say no in a way that speaks from our own truth and personal power. It holds you responsible and accountable for what comes into your life, your energy field.

Maybe you’ve been taught to “be good, or just accept”, possibly to be a people pleaser. You go around receiving experiences, things, feelings, emotions and aspects of life that don’t feel like your truth. They just feel so off course for you, because they are.

Now, let’s get to giving. You enjoy giving, it makes you feel good. When you are asked to give for something that holds opportunity for you that you can’t see, you may back away, you don’t like it. How about giving someone a compliment that holds them beautiful, powerful, smart, successful. This often comes through you from a place of envy, jealousy or wonder. Can you completely give a compliment and walk away.

Can you give of anything and walk away?

Can you give without attachment to what comes back? And, can you give to someone without receiving from them?

Here is what I have to share. Just because you give something to someone, whether it be a compliment, money, time, skills, does not mean you must receive back through them, especially if, what they are giving is not in alignment with what makes you feel good.

So, you ask, how do I not receive from them if I’ve given them money for services? You stepped forward in faith and trust of yourself, in belief of yourself. This is you giving, giving to you- to trust. It is their responsibility to show up as they are. If they are in alignment with their message and offering, it will be a clean clear transaction. Your receiving will be of equal or greater value than your giving.

Now, receiving. As you figure out, choose and decide what you want, it is your responsibility to align your receiving muscles with this and that means saying no, or not allowing that which you don’t want. There will be certain opportunities for you to say yes, as you go, to build along the way. Saying yes to certain experiences, programs, and changes is a stepping stone and allows the Universe to know you are serious and committed to your desired outcome, what you want to receive. It also give you, that’s right gives you the opportunity to experience the changes you want, by starting. Giving yourself the chance to step in without attachment, just opportunity.

Receiving you choose. What becomes so grand about receiving, when you grasp it, you can let go, detach and remove yourself from people, places, even income that is coming in, being received from a place of expectation, expectation from the giver of who you are supposed to be or they need you to be. This in itself frees you in ways that hold you in your brilliance.

It speaks from the heart of who you are.

What you receive, the energy behind someone’s giving is just as important, why they are choosing to give. What is it they need or believe they get from giving?

The point being, hold your power. Give what you have, to give freely- which means no expectation. There is a cost, a price a value on your giving, just no attachment. The significance is always energy and energy from a feeling place. As you build and create these relationships, you feel and appreciate how powerful you are. Powerful because you had nothing to give or receive, what you had was an opportunity and experience to share in mutual value and respect from a place of Your Heart, Self Love.

Receiving. Listen to the person. Are they giving what they think you need or you want to have, or do they truly want you to receive through their heart, their passion. A gift.

Learning to navigate and understand this flow is a beautiful and sometimes messy process.

The outcome is magical. It becomes a true expression of your Self. The whole of you, your inner light of Love, Cherished and Honored.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Focus is a powerful skill set. It provides you direction, it gives you clarity and it moves you towards your goal. It is the energy of truly going after what you desire. Focus will never let you down, it has the ability to provide you everything you want and tackle the seemingly impossible Passion + Commitment + Focus = Results Monica Heiz ~ Priestess of Passion


Your most valuable business assets

Focus, the ability to attend to internal and external cues in your daily living for you to be at your best

For years, focus had been a term used in sports, for athletes to be their best.  The tools, skills, and training’s athletes engaged in proved to provide an advantage to staying at the top of their game and consistently being competitive.  As a competitive athlete, this skill served me well, I thrive in the role of being focused on a task, with great precision, aim and determination.  As I grow my business and cultivate the strengths of clients, focus is a skill set I am passionately committed to highlighting.  It’s a most valuable business asset.  One reason why is when you have focus, a point of aim, you will always have work that feels rewarding, customers that appreciate your service, income that values your time and skills and a purpose.  Knowing what you need provides a focus to going towards what you want, and there is no better way to have success in business than this.

Internally, your focus consists of your thoughts, emotions and your physical responses.  Externally, your focus consists of your environment, your experiences, your moment, where you are at.  Together, your focus is strengthened, developed and on target as you match and hold your internal focus in any situation ~any situation~ within your external.  Your external is not the center of focus, it’s a tool used to maintain and commit to your vision and purpose within your internal focus. When you are in your internal focus and take action according to this fierce focus, no matter what shows up in your external, you take action from your internal focus.  Fearless. No excuses. You get the job done.

Why is this so important in business?  How many times in business have you said, “I’m not going to do that today”,  “another big bill came in”, “it works, why change it”,  “I’d like to update, or add to my business but…”,  ” I’ll just take the clients that come to me”, “I’ll wait until tomorrow”, and the list of excuses go on.  

Your business results don’t change until you change your focus.  Focus on what you want.

Focus determines your success.  I can prove it.  Just read the testimonials on my website  Each of these clients stepped forward and developed a new level of focus to grow professionally and personally.  And you can see their level of success, hear their commitment and their passion to the skills and fresh inspiration within their lives.

Focus, leads you to the ability to gain greater clarity in what you want, to find new solutions and pursue what you once believed impossible.  I believe assets are within each of you.  When you know what lights your fire, what inspires you to do great passionate work, the feelings of going after what you want, taking action, and everything that moves you to be more, these are your truest assets.  And in being more, you increase your time, energy and income, your positive experiences, your level of work and satisfaction.  You begin to go after the feeling of your greatness with your own power and passion in the world.

It’s with great joy I follow my focus everyday and share in my level of success, commitment and passion with you.

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion