Authentic, Self confidence, Truth. Stepping forward, being honest that things are not working the way you want them to, having a willingness to face your fears, your pains and your losses with courage, will, determination, strength and grace opens your world to a new way of being. Listening to your heart with passion and power while taking inspired action changes your world for the positive and authentic to you. Monica Heiz~ Priestess of Passion

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The Power to be True, honest and free within

One of the greatest gifts you have is the power to be authentic.  To be true, honest and free within your soul and out in the world, specifically your relationships, personal and business.  It sounds fairly simple.  The complicated part about being authentic is the stories you carry in your life, the one’s that have been created since childhood, the way you see the world and have created your current life and situations.  What makes it complicated about being authentic is breaking through the stories.  You see, you created the stories for a reason, they made you feel safe, made you feel loved, made you feel taken care of. What I would like you to understand here is your stories helped you get to where you are.  They served a purpose, they help you grow, helped you understand certain lessons and provide valuable insight to how you got where you are in life now.

Are you ready to change your story?  One that is authentic, powerful, true and freeing.  Where everything you want to be experiencing in life is a positive, abundant, fulfilling way comes to you….
To change your story, to break through the pattern, to see and have a new operating system, takes courage, will, strength, determination and the best and biggest of them all, an OPEN HEART.  The power you have to be authentic.

To live fully, unapologetic and with grace

In my study of Shamanism (ancient practice of Indigenous people), I learned a new way of understanding the 4 chambers of the heart.  I was taught to “Act from the Heart”.  That when I act in accordance to the Love in my heart, without attachment to outcome, without the old programming or operating system, I could change my outcome.  Most commonly taking these actions brings up fears, pain, loss, hurt, struggle etc… When you choose and make a decision, to face Head on what your Heart is calling you forward for, you take action from your Heart AND you risk.  You risk what the story was telling you and how your life was showing up.   In that moment you Open Your Heart to THE POSSIBILITY OF A NEW OUTCOME.
This is the power you have to be authentic.  This is the power you have to be true to yourself, to let go of the old ways.  This is the power you have to be honest and free to the desires, feelings and emotions within your heart.  Within your heart, IS what shows up out in the world.  Out in the world is a mirror reflection of what IS within your heart.

The joy I receive from teaching these skills, holding a non-judgmental space and feeling my clients passions rise, grow and move out in the world is breathtaking. To watch men and women tap into a place within yourself that inspires you to take action out in the world that is authentic, true, honest and free lights me up, brightens my world and expands my heart.

We learn what we do out in the world as we see it as children, from your environment, role models, relationships and many others. Some of these serve you well and others no longer match the quality of life you want or the person you are.  It’s your decision to take action and change them.  I’m all for change and action, I know first hand how amazing life is when you breakthrough stories, old patterns, limiting beliefs.

You can always do it.
You have to want it.

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Everything is possible….I’m living proof of it. 🙂

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz
Priestess of Passion