The value proposition of your intuition

Using your intuition requires self worth.  It requires you to place value on yourself greater and more powerful than titles, status, or money.


Listening to the messages of your intution can be a bit uncomfortable. You push up against limiting beliefs and ideas such as “you’re wrong, that’s not true, follow the program to be safe,” and the list goes on in ways you were taught to trust something outside of yourself. Listening to your intuition was shut down and you may have disconnected from it.

Now with this understanding, taking action to use your intuition will challenge you. You’ll learn to trust yourself, to listen and feel your own truth and inner wisdom. You’ll uncover deep pearls to connect and string together to move your life forward in miraculous ways.

How do I know?

Using your intuition requires self worth. It requires you to place value on yourself greater and more powerful than titles, status, or money.

To begin using your intuition let’s start by having you ask yourself questions and journal. Open to the answers you receive. They say prayer is asking and mediating is receiving, so here goes.

Here are questions to ask:

1. What do I need to know see or feel in this situation? What ever the situation is you want to move beyond. Write down the answers that come through you. Just allow them to flow- feelings, even if pain, injustice, or sorrow. Write out what comes through without attachment or judgement. This is important. You see, the reason you shut off your intuition was because of what you felt, knew or saw, which others disapproved of, discredited you for. In order to keep yourself safe and loved you gave up your intuition.

These are small steps. Write and allow.

As you allow, you open flow. Flow is the natural state of movement, abundance and exchange. Once you notice and have an awareness to the answers, with consistency give them space to show up and write the words feelings, actions and answers.

2. What is an action I can take, that holds myself powerful, accountable and able to commit to myself- my own worth, actually a new level of adultdhood?

A small actionable step. Be clear on how you are showing up, challenging yourself to grow. Clear that it pushes the status quo. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. It is a process. A process where you may fall, and pick yourself up, and get stronger with each action. This is the beauty of true authentic intuition. The more practice the better you become and the greater you can introduce more of what you want into your life.

3. What do I need to let go of in order to create the change I want and what is it time to implement to gain the results I want?

Letting go may be a belief system, a way of acting, such as not holding a boundary or ignoring your eating habits. What you will need to implement is powerful, consistent, self trusting actions and habits. Again small actionable steps.

Once you have these questions asked and answers, pay attention, use focus and write your experiences. See and understand what is going on, as experiences which are limiting you and disrupting your flow. With each small action, with each one that creates the new, challenges the status quo, or your fears you open to flow- to your connection to your Highest Power, the Universe, Higher Self, Source- your own energetic imprint, your true identity.

This is Your Gift for you to share with the world. Your resources flow, play and move through here.

Illuminating the riches within,

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Your greatest resource is Power

Values are a way you can coordinate your priorities. When you understand the values most important in your life, you have the power to align your resources with your values.

I use the word power specifically. Your power comes from your decisions, choices, actions and habits.

The challenge most face is settling down, settling into what you want, how to understand the nature of your power and implementing.

I want to keep this simple for you. The current decisions, choices, actions and habits you are making are based on what you know, usually based on the culture, family and community you have been connected with.

The greatest gift you have is your power of choice and decision. The future is based on the choices and decisions you make today.

Let’s apply this now. If you want to experience a change, it’s not always the change that scares you. It’s doing something different than the way you learned it. It confronts the status quo of how you were taught or what you believe.

The first thing is to list the qualites and values most important to you.

For example, for me, fitness, health and lifestyle (my identity of lifestyle) is important to me. To align my resources with my values, I am going to find community and places to spend my energy, time and money which will build and develop my fitness health and lifestyle which includes people.

I value risk taking, shining my light to be seen valued and recognized. What I consistently do, is find communities and groups who can appreciate these qualites of me.

When you align your values with your resources you add to the quality of your living.

You- must be open to it.

There will always be distractions, ideas of limitations, or just a sense of comfort.

Here’s where it is up to you, your power, your courage, your belief and faith to step forward. To act. To allow.

You will continue to get the same results until you step into a new community, recognizing common values and shared goals.

Time, money and energy are resources designed to circulate. To move and flow. When you are in fear, stressed, feel powerless or helpless with any of your resource, you close yourself off to what is possible.

Listen to that again. When you are in fear, stressed, feel powerless or helpless with any of your resources you close yourself off to what is possible.

Anything New begins with an idea. Then that idea is acted up.

There is no concern of outworld resources. There must be a connection with one’s own inner world, ones own power decisions and actions to make it happen.

There are no rules. There is no structure. You will have to build that. Build your own rules and structures. And, when you find the right communities, they will support you in building those rules and structures.

This is why a corporate culture is important for the company and its employees. This is why a marriage depends on 2 people with a shared vision, common goals and values in life. It makes the journey towards success and fulfillment pleasurable, effortless and HAPPY.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Owning your Identity

The power of your 2nd chakra, Owning your identity

The 2nd chakra represents either side of the spectrum, pain or pleasure. It is linked to lack and scarcity or abundance and prosperity. It represents your identity within the world and your relationship to the resources that nourish and nurture, money, food and sex.

It is often modeled, imprinted and developed based on your family systems, their beliefs habits and patterns.

Where lack and scarcity bring upon fear of unworthy, neediness, not enough, hiding, self judgment, hopeless, and a host negative feelings and emotions.

Abundance and prosperity brings with it clarity, focus, a sense of peace, trust and more than enough. It speaks of owning your own identity around your basic needs, money, food, sex.

These 2 sides of the spectrum are designed to have movement~ e-motion, energy in motion. Therefore when you are caught in the current, the flow of emotions you can see, feel and turn your emotions into a powerful transformer of circumstances. Where there was lack and scarcity, identify the relationship, the trigger, the point you feel and how you describe the feeling. From here, begin a process to redefine the feeling. Confront fears, the basis for holding negative feelings and emotions. Take actions that challenge you, scare you and trust, that transforms your feeling quick, it’s an accomplishment, and says yes I can and I do.

Abundance and prosperity is meant to be shared. It’s meant to flow, that’s the true nature of the 2nd chakra when healthy and balanced. You flow, your resources flow freely meaning no negative charge to hold them stuck and stagnant.

2nd chakra is how we relate to our emotions and feelings and how we can flow in the world, our resources and relationships. If you find you get a bit stuck or unsure, find trust, step forward, find pleasure and joy and act. Often the simplicity of giving gets you unstuck. Giving from a positive emotion, no attachment, this is what it means to give freely, non attachment.

Learning to navigate your 2nd chakra will give you a plan of action. It identifies your feelings and emotions and directs you, without attachment, to where to transform and shift your interaction and energy. Energy meaning thoughts, feelings and actions, your beliefs. Once again, often the beliefs were planted by family patterns. As you look, and see, as you decide you want a different outcome, feeling, belief you begin to feel and act from that place.

It begins with giving. With opening up your heart, with finding trust in yourself and freely giving with passion and self love.

It’s where you own your identity. Who you are in the world

It’s a beautiful chakra to have spinning and moving healthy and clear. Enjoy the process

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Trust The true power you hold within


Trust is an interesting topic. I believe we’ve been taught, programmed and accepted that trust comes from outside of self, or even put into another power, a higher power.

Yet, there is so much beauty, Self Love and understanding of Self when one places trust in their own hands.

Here is how I understand trust.

It’s a relationship with yourself from your first, second and third chakras. First chakra relates to safety security and place of home. Second chakra relates to pleasure, joy, community, sense of belonging. It relates to your connection to the outer world through your senses. And, third chakra relates to personal power, your own sense of value and worth.

If your first and second chakras are in relationship to how we need each other in a way for survival, what does the model of needing each other look like for thriving? And if personal power is about self worth, how do you choose to show up valuing yourself.

Trust is a relationship you have with yourself. Your ability to know the ground beneath you, your foundation of safety and security, the way you provide for yourself, the way you honor yourself and the way you value and receive your joy and pleasure, this is based on your Self. The self of you that is unshakeable because of the faith and trust you have in who you are and your own personal intimate relationship with Source. Your connection to the ground below you and the sky above you. Ultimately the currency of Self Love, the currency of trust in Self and your Divine Beingness.

Trust holds the power within you. Trust speaks from your foundation of safety and security. You know you are safe, for your truth and your alignment, your integrity are in relationship with how you feel. Yes, how you feel about yourself.

That’s right, feeling. Do you have self love? Do you honor your word? Do you value yourself? Do you find no need to be right, to judge, to control or get anything? Your feelings of self control, a place of freedom, peace, pleasure and joy is the process through which trust comes through.

What I am saying is, when in the feelings, abundant with who you are, through self control, freedom, peace, pleasure and joy, you gain, you earn trust within yourself. And, these feelings become effortless and easy when you are in your truth. From your truth, you trust.

So this is different than trust outside of self. Trust outside of self looks to others, for others to help, for others to be held with some accountability or responsibility. Trust outside of self will find safe ways, things that have some sort of known, comfort or outside authority. Trust outside of self wants to have a proven system or plan, yet, that plan or system may not match your own inner light, being and self. Therefore, if this proven plan or system does not work for you, when in the community, group or tribe, it affects your Trust in self. It makes you wrong. It makes you wrong rather than looking at the perspective that You Are Not Trusting Yourself.

So what if today, you looked at all the ways you can trust yourself. All the ways you can listen to what makes you feel joy, pleasure, self control, freedom and peace. And look at all the things that you can question your own trust. Is it really your trust in yourself or are you choosing to trust a belief and idea outside of yourself.

There is a place to fit into community and to have safety and security. There is also a way to listen and feel from within your own truth, your own power, your light. And when you do, it opens the gates to the beauty and wealth, of Self Love and Currency of Divine Truth, your own inner knowing, where all things move through you.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


The willingness to give and the power of receiving; without attachment

Giving and receiving

There is alot of ideas and beliefs about giving and receiving.

I am going to speak about my experience, coming from a place of personal truth and self trust. I call this space Your Heart.

So often we are programmed to receive what is given to us. We don’t always understand, we can choose to say no in a way that speaks from our own truth and personal power. It holds you responsible and accountable for what comes into your life, your energy field.

Maybe you’ve been taught to “be good, or just accept”, possibly to be a people pleaser. You go around receiving experiences, things, feelings, emotions and aspects of life that don’t feel like your truth. They just feel so off course for you, because they are.

Now, let’s get to giving. You enjoy giving, it makes you feel good. When you are asked to give for something that holds opportunity for you that you can’t see, you may back away, you don’t like it. How about giving someone a compliment that holds them beautiful, powerful, smart, successful. This often comes through you from a place of envy, jealousy or wonder. Can you completely give a compliment and walk away.

Can you give of anything and walk away?

Can you give without attachment to what comes back? And, can you give to someone without receiving from them?

Here is what I have to share. Just because you give something to someone, whether it be a compliment, money, time, skills, does not mean you must receive back through them, especially if, what they are giving is not in alignment with what makes you feel good.

So, you ask, how do I not receive from them if I’ve given them money for services? You stepped forward in faith and trust of yourself, in belief of yourself. This is you giving, giving to you- to trust. It is their responsibility to show up as they are. If they are in alignment with their message and offering, it will be a clean clear transaction. Your receiving will be of equal or greater value than your giving.

Now, receiving. As you figure out, choose and decide what you want, it is your responsibility to align your receiving muscles with this and that means saying no, or not allowing that which you don’t want. There will be certain opportunities for you to say yes, as you go, to build along the way. Saying yes to certain experiences, programs, and changes is a stepping stone and allows the Universe to know you are serious and committed to your desired outcome, what you want to receive. It also give you, that’s right gives you the opportunity to experience the changes you want, by starting. Giving yourself the chance to step in without attachment, just opportunity.

Receiving you choose. What becomes so grand about receiving, when you grasp it, you can let go, detach and remove yourself from people, places, even income that is coming in, being received from a place of expectation, expectation from the giver of who you are supposed to be or they need you to be. This in itself frees you in ways that hold you in your brilliance.

It speaks from the heart of who you are.

What you receive, the energy behind someone’s giving is just as important, why they are choosing to give. What is it they need or believe they get from giving?

The point being, hold your power. Give what you have, to give freely- which means no expectation. There is a cost, a price a value on your giving, just no attachment. The significance is always energy and energy from a feeling place. As you build and create these relationships, you feel and appreciate how powerful you are. Powerful because you had nothing to give or receive, what you had was an opportunity and experience to share in mutual value and respect from a place of Your Heart, Self Love.

Receiving. Listen to the person. Are they giving what they think you need or you want to have, or do they truly want you to receive through their heart, their passion. A gift.

Learning to navigate and understand this flow is a beautiful and sometimes messy process.

The outcome is magical. It becomes a true expression of your Self. The whole of you, your inner light of Love, Cherished and Honored.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

The Practice of Allowing

The Practice of Allowingthe-power-of-allowing

Allowing, in a way it is the opposite of permission. You’re not asking anyone to do be or have something. You are opening to receive, to allow that with you Desire to come forth. Where the challenge with Allowing comes in, is in its insistence on a sense of safety & security within ones Self. There is no struggle, no fight. There is no trying, no doing. There is Trust, Faith, Patience and Belief.


Through a Practice of Allowing, you expand your vision, recognize opportunities and accept that which you can’t change. It’s accepting people, things and experiences as they are. It does not mean approving, it means accepting and allowing it to be what it is. It shifts your focus from where you are- what you have been seeing, feeling and experiencing into what you do want, and opens your path. There is work to be done on your journey down the path, now, the work is depended on YOUR COMMITMENT, your heart and passion.

5 Steps to Cultivate a Practice of Allowing:

  1. Focus Time: In order to know what you want, and stop getting what you don’t want, give yourself time and space to center and be in the stillness. Slow your mind, tune into your body, feel into your feelings. You’ll begin to hear the messages from within, rejuvenate your body and feel into the emotions and feeling of your joy and passion~ that which your Desires are made of. You can begin this with small actions, such as journaling, going for a walk, meditation, day dreaming, sitting at the beach, a massage, lighting candles or a bath. As you slow down and begin to find your peace, take simple, natural appropriate actions. Recognize yourself for the habits and actions you are doing. The key here is a continuance of practice to grow and evolve your self a bit deeper, with greater connection. This may mean adding in a yoga practice, taking a new class, taking up a new hobby, something that will open you to new experiences.
  1. Pay Attention: With curiosity, pay attention to the repetitive patterns within your life, whether they be thoughts, conversations, habits, actions, results, even people in community and environment. When you recognize these repetitive patterns, it is up to you to change the pattern- take action. That will mean separating your self from the pattern – thoughts, conversations, habits, and even people and environments. It does not mean these are bad, it means they do not move you forward, these patterns do not support you in having what you want. It is accepting of what it is. You’ll begin to notice through listening, looking and feeling that the new experiences and new conversations are there. Once again, this requires a consistent practice in paying attention to hear, see and feel that which matches what you want, to move you towards what you want.
  1. Accept Responsibility: Accept responsibility for the experiences in your life. Life experiences are in your life teaching you something. The good experiences acknowledge how sweet life is. The not so good ones are a gentle, or not so gentle remind there is still work to do. There is an opportunity for growth when you take responsibility for the experiences you are having, the way people treat you, your actions,whether they be reactive, passive or none at all and the thoughts you have. Change involves self responsibility, a cultivating of personal power in areas you have given away your power.
  1. Take Risks: Risk challenges your current way of being. It cracks you open to the possibility of something new, something great, expanding bringing forth your desire. As you continue your practice of focus time, gaining more clarity on what you want, you’ll begin to expand outside your comfort zone, looking for ways to do more things that make you feel good and light up your soul. The risks will become easier and they will at the same time become bigger to challenge your growth and Desires.
  1. Release the Need for Safety & Security: Safety and security is another way people look for permission, permission to have what you want. You can be doing new things, taking new actions, yet unless you have become accustom to numbers 1-4, you’ll find yourself with the same results. Releasing the need for safety & security is the true currency for allowing.

This builds up a practice, a path for allowing. With each step, each action taken, a new opportunity arises, new solutions and lights your way for Miracles.

Illuminating the Riches Within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Creating wildly successful changes, brings you through your greatest challenges. Transformation requires attention

astrology 5 Transformation, Lasting Change. Taking steps to create transformation and lasting change is a process. Like any other successful goal you’ve achieved, your attention, focus, discipline, action and commitment are required. Often when going for wildly successful changes within your life, challenges arise. Think for a moment about all of the changes you want to achieve, things you want in your life that you don’t yet have. A great body, a wildly passionate relationship or rekindling your existing relationship, a certain dollar amount in the bank or specific salary, a career or work that ignites your soul to name a few things many people aspire to have. As you set course to achieve these successes, your challenges actually serve a purpose.

Somewhere deep within, there is a belief, a habit, a pattern, thoughts, limiting self talk that essentially is disrupting your movement forward, pulling you into the challenges to face them. As bitter sweet as it may be, these challenges give you the strength, courage, tenacity, wisdom and vulnerability to connect deeper, more passionate, more committed to your Self, and in a NEW Way. Call it growth, a spiritual growth, spiritual maturity and this gives you the ability to learn, let go of old outdated ways and step forward, with a fresh, glowing sense of purpose towards your goals.

As you strive for these changes to achieve your goals, there is a greater meaning behind your goal, facing that which limits you or holds you stuck. This process to Transformation and lasting change ask you to reach for richer, deeper more meaningful connection with yourselves and with others. Connections filled with meaning, purpose, passion, joy and fulfillment. The path there is through your spirit, the place within that is ignited by purpose, passion, joy and desire.

We learn to cultivate a relationship with our physical body through movement, exercise and sports. We cultivate a mental relationship with our mind through work, sports and challenges. Our personal relationship with emotions are built through personal feelings and emotions from relationships, and with life experiences.

Connection, a deeper relationship with your Spiritual body happens through recognizing, valuing and owning your desires and your wants, facing the limiting beliefs and disruptive patterning. This recognition creates the landscape for growth to happen through facing challenges, and in the process creates a new relationship with your self. A connection that is uniquely yours.

For those of you who enjoy crushing your goals, focusing on your achievements and making things happen, finding the sore spots within where your goals have been elusive is tender and most likely, a vulnerability you’d rather not expose or spend time looking at. Brene Brown in her book, Daring Greatly exposes vulnerability as the pathway through, to  deeper connection and success. To be vulnerable, exhibits the skills to release and remove the limiting, self sabotaging habit, patterns and critical self talk. Only when we are willing to see our sore spot and love it can we set in motion the courage, strength and resilience to move forward.

This is a fundamental reason why having a coach or mentor supporting you achieving your transformation, lasting change is crucial. Finding a coach or mentor who has experienced transformation, lasting change by being vulnerable, open and honest and comes out strong on the other side. Having a coach, a mentor who can listen to your vulnerability, your openness and honesty, and see you with compassion, strength and as courageous, essentially not buying into your limiting belief and holding you accountable and able to create the lasting change you desire.

This is the ground and the foundation for transformation, lasting change. Nourishment for your Spirit.

Until next time,

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Priestess of Passion Coaching