Successful men have the power to build, lead, generate and take action for the greater good of their families, businesses and communities. The passion of a woman is unrivaled when she is clear of her wants and desires, to support, contribute and grow her relationships in her business and personal life. Together, the level of satisfaction, fulfillment and success we can achieve is limitless. Successful Men, Passionate Women. Priestess of Passion~ Monica Heiz


Polar Opposites & Partners

Doing business and building relationships

The Power of Men, The Passion of Women

Creating a new relationship for men & women. One where power and passion are equally valued, nourished, supported and inspired.
Relationships, have typically been built around the family unit. Old societal programming saw men as the major provider and the women as the care taker, nurturers of the home and children.  Then came the 60’s of Free Love and women wanted more equality, more rights and what they saw as more power to work and earn financially as a man.

Because of our ancestors, and all of the changes that have occurred in time, today brings me the ability to dive into my work with fierce passion and unstoppable power. 

Power and Passion.  Inspiring men to action from his greatest power, Inspiring women to attract from her deepest passion and desires.
I’m a stand for men being at their best, succeeding, bringing home greater resources of finances, time and energy for his family.   For women, I’m a stand for us to be so confident, radiant, and turned on by all you are, in the work you do, that everyone notices.  You are a gift, a beauty, sheer pleasure to be around, to see and enjoy.

Successful Men and Happy Women

In life and business, men are driven by a focus, by goals and a plan moving out in the world into action.  In each man’s operating system, his hard drive, is a deep need to provide for the one’s he loves, a hunger to be his best, strongest, quickest, most successful, victorious.  Women on the other hand, in life and business, have an inner fire, a deep desire to contribute, to be a part of something, to add value, increase growth and worth, to support her Yes.

These qualities together, when connected, create an environment for an abundant, passionate, powerful, ecstatic relationship~ in both business and life.


The masculine energy of men is courageous, powerful, intense and has a link to your most masculine attribute, your sexual energy.  Your sexual energy thrives as you are more fully expressive, celebrated and received authentically in your own power,  which is the perfect place, the sweet spot for Men Doing Business.  It’s where success, satisfaction and pride all collide, for a thrilling, satisfying experience.
Men, in business have a goal, a desire to provide and make money, enjoy his toys and his time.
This is what your Power Strategy Session will set up for you.

During your POWER STRATEGY SESSION you will:

  • Identify your current belief systems and what is holding you back from your most powerful, authentic self in business and life. Rewire your beliefs to support your masculine energy, with power, intensity and clear focus.
  • Connect the dots for your success in business, your personal power and your sexual energy.  Understand how and why they support each other for your greatest success in business and life.
  • Identify, name and load your bases with your Core Values, qualities that are non-negotiable for you, that is where you stand most powerfully in business and life.
  • Develop a strategy for action consisting of an operating system using your new skills, your belief system and Core Values
  • Negotiate an Optimal High Level Fitness & Nutrition plan to keep your body & mind sharp. Step up your A game, recognizing the benefit of fitness & nutrition in successful Business.

You know as a man, you do business and succeed in many ways, all richly rewarding.  You also know you have a burning desire for more, more success in the area of finances, client relationships, your body, health and sex, business growth and opportunity, partnerships and providing for the people in your life most important to you.

Your POWER STRATEGY SESSION will provide you:

  • A shiny new set of tools to build, develop and earn new business, relationships and partnerships that matches the man you are.
  • A fierce fire and deep passion to claim your power, take action and follow through.
  • A strong shot of No BS.
  • Time, energy and masterful coaching with me, the Priestess of Passion straight up with the joy, passion and sensuality of a woman.
  • The truth and a look into your Greatness, your untapped potential.

For a limited time,  I am opening this complete Power Strategy Session for a $250 savings.  I have BIG things going on here at Priestess of Passion.  I love turning to my community of men and women where I thrive giving support, energy, excitement, passion, commitment and my determined best for each client to exceed your own expectations.  I would love for you to pass this along to anyone you know that would genuinely benefit from working with me.  Someone who is committed and passionate about their business, ready and willing to ignite their burning desire for greater success, courageous and action oriented.

A man stepping forward to embrace his sweet spot in business and life.
These, are my kind of men.

For the next 3 days, May 28th-May 30th Save $250 and pay $950.00
This detailed, focused POWER STRATEGY SESSION will increase to an investment of $1,200
This $250 saving is available for 3 days, it ends Saturday night May 30th at midnight.

I have opened a few time slots on my calendar in the next few days to set up phone calls with those of you interested in a conversation about a POWER STRATEGY SESSION.

Email me at so we can schedule a time to speak.

Looking forward to all you have to offer and give.

Illuminating the Riches Within
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Monica Heiz
Priestess of Passion

Priestess of Passion