The Essential Support of the Masculine for the Feminine to Soar

 The Emotional Support of the Masculine provides the Feminine the space to Soar


The feminine energy, when charged up, in her passion, with purpose, vision and action is unstoppable, Can do anything.  One essential necessity for a woman, when in this place, is the support of the masculine….Emotionally.

For centuries, women have been told, taught and handed down beliefs around their financial needs being met by the masculine.  Through this programming, women have turned to men, whether it father figures, spouses or jobs to provide for them financially, abandoning their emotional self.  The part of herself that holds her power to take flight, creating fulfillment in every area of her life, tapping into her limitless potential and the keys to her happiness.

If we look at this time in a woman’s life, it’s traditionally the time between leaving her parents home, the nest, and heading out into the world.  She knows the potential she has and she knows it’s her time to, Spread her wings and fly. Many women have been programmed to get a job, get a husband, and find safety in something other than herself, her gifts and her ability to provide for herself.


Due to this societal conditioning, many women take the path of safety and security.  It’s safer for her parents, her family and those “who love her”.  In her eyes, these are not options.  The only way for her to take that next step into adulthood, is her Leap of Faith, her Trust in Her Self.  For those young women with the tenacity, will power, structure and passion to go beyond the confines of society, she turns to the masculine, not from a place of safety and security, rather asking for his support in helping her grow and take off~ providing her emotional support.  It’s not financial support these women are looking for, they know financial success is in her own hands.  A woman of this level knows to be held back by decisions made solely on finances, holds her tied down, and stifles her.  What she seeks out, searches for is the masculine support, through an emotional level.  Men have an instinct ability to take action. These men consistently generate success due to their system and structures, and level of commitment to work. A woman knows, having the attention, guidance and support of such a man allows her true gifts, her Passion, joy and zest for life to shine, soaring to new heights and make a last impact in the lives of everyone she touches. She is truly an ANGEL.

Here are somethings to know about women with a plan, focus, passion and purpose.

1. Women with a vision will always find a way.  The truth is, women have a deep rich connection with their intuition. She is tapped into her emotions, knowing the value they hold to help her bring her dreams and desire to fruition. A visionary leader, ready to inspire others, and live her life on her terms.

2. Women who are driven by success love to be in action, choose to hold themselves accountable and make their own decisions.  From a young age these women know the power they have.  Always turned on by the next task that holds meaning to her, giving her an opportunity to create something that she’s proud of.

3. Her passion isn’t for status, money, things, or “Mr. Right”.  Although, she knows through her passion she acquires the connections which leads to an increase in all areas of her life; greater success, more money, better lifestyle and a man who adores her for the beauty she brings to his life, it’s not the main focus, she is purely driven for her passion of success, it’s what brings her blissful happiness.

It’s never to late for a woman to decide to take action and spread her wings.  She may have made choices and decisions at a young age to give her the safety and security everyone told her to have, later in life she comes to realize it has no meaning or fulfillment to her.  She sets out on her journey to find her own happiness through this process of her Emotional Connection to her self. Later in life, after many personal experiences, she turns inward, for the first time listening to herself, finding HER answers.  The freedom she begins to experience is profound, life changing, moving her forward.

The important thing to hear is, when a woman knows where her passion lies, and has the desire to see her vision through, support her, hold her up, accept her limitless spirit and she will Fly.

Illuminating the Riches Within,

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion




Moving Forward FLOW and Being; CHAOS and Action


Moving Forward

FLOW and Being; CHAOS and Action

Flow is a state of being. It’s being in right relationship with yourself and your responsibilities. Flow brings a presence, a natural order where chaos brings quick action. As a recovering Action oriented decision maker, I can say finding and being in a state of flow takes practice, patience, trust and a willingness to let go of the old ways. Let’s explore the difference and the benefits each one brings.

Flow allows for the timing, simplicity and trust all things are moving in the right direction. There is a grace and ease that accompanies flow, a being in the NOW. Flow stems from, moving from task to task without thoughts of time, energy or money, your resources being objectified. Flow gives you the freedom to be present in your current situation, activity, experience, while turning off your hyper focus, your laser focus on “the one pressing issue or task”, that neediness of attention. Since we are dealing with resources in exchange for what we are doing, how we are using our time, energy, skills and money, flow provides the necessary opportunity to be aware of the present moment detaching from the outcome of resources. It places the awareness on your ability to make decisions and choices from where you are, to what you want to achieve in relationship with yourself.

Flow turns on your stability, your inner trust and intuition with movement and action in a way that moves you forward. Moves you forward to what you really desire.

Let’s look at chaos. There is a place and purpose for chaos. Chaos clears the way for the new. It brings to your direct attention something is out of balance, things need to change, grow and rebuild. It takes action, it takes a decision and an action to move from chaos to stability- again, a trust, an inner knowing. When chaos begins or is set up, it requires an investment of your resources, time energy, skills and money. Resources are used for the purpose of growth, building and moving forward. The stagnation of resources is an indication things are out of balance- flow is necessary to bring things back to order. Chaos will show itself in order for you to recognize the need for change, getting back to flow.

Flow and chaos give you the opportunity to see where in your life you are holding back, not stepping forward to live more fully. Where are you holding back your resources, not taking responsibility for yourself. Maybe your health? What about your eating, your food, your body weight? How about your finances? Your career, work or job? What about your relationships, your partner/spouse, your friends- are these moving forward or are they in a stagnation, a chaos that causes turmoil?

The other issue at hand is non-action. This is a complete shut down of flow or chaos. This is where you decide to Ignore the Situation. It festers, it gradually gets bigger, more charge, and eventually has detrimental effects, even death. I’m talking about an issue that is in direct relationship to you and your living and well being. Certainly non-action on an issue that is no longer of use to you, has a positive effect, you remove yourself from the situation. Pay attention to to the difference of the two, bring awareness to what is essential in your life and what is non-essential.

Flow. It brings with it more. It opens the channels to receiving, to participating to showing up. Flow guides you to more love, joy, abundance, and happiness.


Illuminating the Riches Within,

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion