Career Women and Her True Power ⭐

Career Women have been put to the test. Stepping up when needed, being present when others are in need.

Playing roles of wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, committee member, and the list goes on.

Add to that her own agenda to stay healthy and fit, feel and look sexy~ expressing her true identity and her own sense of self love.

Where does a woman go from here?

It becomes her negative self or critical self talk which has spiraled her down as opposed to up.

Women are designed to support each other through process. Through letting go, releasing and stepping into the new. This is the truth of a woman.

A woman’s True Power comes from this depth of her own identity, her self expression

As career women, recognize the way words, actions, feelings, behaviors and patterns ~ are either filling you up or draining you.

These are the 2 polarities. Masculine and Feminine

Negative self talk, critical self talk vs. self love and truth.


AND…. you have the right to be; seen heard valued appreciated loved successful worthy. You have the right to feel beautiful to look sexy to be too big too much too full of yourself. This requires a shift in perspective and owning your true power.

Now how do you implement, flow and embrace this way of experiencing your True Power?

You Trust.

You Allow.

You Give and You Receive.

You create all of this from a space of seeing yourself, all of you, and you look, listen, feel and touch a place~ deep within your soul, Your Spirit.

The parts of you which are sensual, joyful, playful, seductive, receptive, open and free.

It doesn’t happen overnight and neither did your career. It takes practice, vulnerability and trust in yourself like no other. The rewards it pays off are greater than you could imagine.

More intimacy, deeper connection with your significant other/lover, an ability to let things go, to release in a way that allows you to feel, without any attachment, no blame, judgement, shame, accountability or responsibility.

Your True Power as a Career Woman asks you to take off all of the hats, to put on your Crown and Lead as the Woman you are.

This is the beginning of something wonderful. Let your Light Shine from the Inside Out.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion



How do you create lasting soul filling transformation and what benefits does it bring you?

What exactly is Transformation and a  Safe Space?

In this context a safe space is a place where a woman or a man is free to feel their feelings. As the old systems fall away of false power or misuse of power, control or compartmentalizing. Within this space, there is a force created to release judgments, shame, old identities and beliefs which had been stored in the body. Stored in the body to protect one’s self from the pain of being seen, hear and expressing one’s own truth.

These old wounds stemmed from the past, from family, culture, beliefs and an environment set in motion to conquer and divide. Now, to have the peace, freedom and happiness you desire and need to find and define your own success, health and happiness these feeling need an outlet a way to be expressed.

Transformation happens in this safe space. Just like The safe space of a cocoon for a caterpillar to transform into a butterfly,  a piece of coal acts as a safe space for a diamond to be transformed through pressure and the shell of an is the safe space the oyster provides a pearl to be formed with a parasite or sand.

Notice, there is pressure or a liquid state in order to transform, just as our emotions are represented by water. There is a release which occurs for transformation.

This safe space allows for you to shine as you release limiting beliefs, feelings and emotions which have held you in fear, anger, despair and pain, to name a few.

Now a safe space is an incubator. They’re often used in new business to protect the project before it’s released. In transformation, those of us who have grounded, found depth within ourselves, to allow our emotions to flow, stand firm and tall. We are bright and bold.

We wear our hearts on our sleeve.

What makes us unique as space holders is, we were to big, to bright, to passionate in something other than the system which had been created. We held steadfast to our hearts.

As healers, shamans, priestesses, oracles, alchemists, the space we hold allows for the expansion of energy~ e~motions, energy in motion.

You see, your energy when it’s contracted or contracting by nature is getting smaller, not bigger, not fuller, or more life. When your energy expands you are getting bigger, brighter, fuller and more life moves through you. Your life force, your personal power.

This is the space we hold. Why? Because as women, we are designed to let go, heal, restore, repair and bring to balance. We are designed to expand, flow and surrender~ let go and we are skilled at allowing others to feel and experience these shifts, we have embraced on our journey.

Within a safe space, you find emotional freedom.

Within a safe space you reclaim your personal power.

Within a safe space you find what you need, and allow your energy to rise up and meet it.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


There’s a whole other level to commitment.

There’s a whole other level to commitment

It asks to look at things from another perspective.

It shifts the focus or idea of purpose from a push and “not giving up” mentality and action to, what am I not seeing, what is my ability to take actions from a new place, to shift my views and beliefs of my own way of strategizing and implementing for outcomes.

This level of commitment has no fears. This level of commitment would walk away, that’s right walk away to place attention on building relationships, health and contribution without the idea of a power outside of self.

This level of commitment would walk away, that’s right walk away to place attention on building relationships, health and contribution without the idea of a power outside of self.

This commitment shows up as self reliance and, contribution by others creating a giving and receiving that’s in balance and harmony of your desired outcome.

It builds and creates. This level of commitment finds joy, pleasure and passion, and it shows up with purposes in connections.

Often commitment has places focus only on “I must do this to achieve that”. The level of commitment I’m describing, operates by setting goals, intentions, desires, visions, however you want to define them, taking necessary actions and reviewing the results. If the results are not connecting to your desired outcome, you may be going about your goal and vision from the wrong perspective, nothing to do with your ability to commit and follow through. Pushing harder is not always the solution. Getting out of your environment works. Getting out of your environment is an incredible way to see how others work towards or achieve what you desire. It gives you a fresh perspective and a way to go about your commitment.

Commitment has an emotional component to it. Committing to something, is personal. It links you to what you desire, what you feel is important to you. Not following through, not completing the commitment disturbs your peace of mind and can interfere with your relationships, professional and personal.

Embrace your emotions.

Embrace your desire “for” your commitment. In this, you allow flow to move through you, with a sense of right action and purpose.

Your needs, your push will self defeat you, by believing this is the way to commitment. And honestly, subconsciously our “needs” have been linked, programmed to safety security and basic survival needs. In a way, going about your commitments from this emotion of need you’ll gravitated towards relationships and connection in this undercurrent of emotions, unaware of how to maintain your own mastery of commitment, free of the survival pattern.

In this new space and open perspective of commitment you are inviting and welcoming a new environment and way to be intimate with commitment. You thrive in ways beyond the confines of pushing through your commitments to gain success.

You master it.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Trust The true power you hold within


Trust is an interesting topic. I believe we’ve been taught, programmed and accepted that trust comes from outside of self, or even put into another power, a higher power.

Yet, there is so much beauty, Self Love and understanding of Self when one places trust in their own hands.

Here is how I understand trust.

It’s a relationship with yourself from your first, second and third chakras. First chakra relates to safety security and place of home. Second chakra relates to pleasure, joy, community, sense of belonging. It relates to your connection to the outer world through your senses. And, third chakra relates to personal power, your own sense of value and worth.

If your first and second chakras are in relationship to how we need each other in a way for survival, what does the model of needing each other look like for thriving? And if personal power is about self worth, how do you choose to show up valuing yourself.

Trust is a relationship you have with yourself. Your ability to know the ground beneath you, your foundation of safety and security, the way you provide for yourself, the way you honor yourself and the way you value and receive your joy and pleasure, this is based on your Self. The self of you that is unshakeable because of the faith and trust you have in who you are and your own personal intimate relationship with Source. Your connection to the ground below you and the sky above you. Ultimately the currency of Self Love, the currency of trust in Self and your Divine Beingness.

Trust holds the power within you. Trust speaks from your foundation of safety and security. You know you are safe, for your truth and your alignment, your integrity are in relationship with how you feel. Yes, how you feel about yourself.

That’s right, feeling. Do you have self love? Do you honor your word? Do you value yourself? Do you find no need to be right, to judge, to control or get anything? Your feelings of self control, a place of freedom, peace, pleasure and joy is the process through which trust comes through.

What I am saying is, when in the feelings, abundant with who you are, through self control, freedom, peace, pleasure and joy, you gain, you earn trust within yourself. And, these feelings become effortless and easy when you are in your truth. From your truth, you trust.

So this is different than trust outside of self. Trust outside of self looks to others, for others to help, for others to be held with some accountability or responsibility. Trust outside of self will find safe ways, things that have some sort of known, comfort or outside authority. Trust outside of self wants to have a proven system or plan, yet, that plan or system may not match your own inner light, being and self. Therefore, if this proven plan or system does not work for you, when in the community, group or tribe, it affects your Trust in self. It makes you wrong. It makes you wrong rather than looking at the perspective that You Are Not Trusting Yourself.

So what if today, you looked at all the ways you can trust yourself. All the ways you can listen to what makes you feel joy, pleasure, self control, freedom and peace. And look at all the things that you can question your own trust. Is it really your trust in yourself or are you choosing to trust a belief and idea outside of yourself.

There is a place to fit into community and to have safety and security. There is also a way to listen and feel from within your own truth, your own power, your light. And when you do, it opens the gates to the beauty and wealth, of Self Love and Currency of Divine Truth, your own inner knowing, where all things move through you.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Transformation Transcends the Ordinary…Your Spirit Soaring in Action


Transformation transcends the ordinary, moving you into the extraordinary.
It is the Spirit in Action.

Where the Mind processes beliefs and thoughts, and the Body feels experiences and emotions, the Spirit has the courage, strength, will, determination and ability to exceed through Action.
Together, with intention, focus, patience and stillness, Mind, Body and Spirit collaborate for Transformation.

Often times transformation is compared to or confused with change. Change is part of the process of transformation by replacing one thing with another thing, usually of equal value. Transformation involves a change in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, habits, and actions. Transformation open you to a new way of being, doing and having- it pulls you forward.

Transformation requires a letting go of old habits, beliefs, emotions, feelings and actions. Going from where you are to where you want to be, calls upon you to cross the gap that separates you from what you want, crossing into the unknown, to where you desire to be, and what you desire to have.

The first step is recognizing where you are and where you want to be.

  • Notice your daily habits, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and experiences. These are the aspects of your Mind Body and Spirit currently in Action- making up your life.
  • Next, get clear on where you want to be, slow down your mind, center and gain clarity- in the stillness.
  • Process, take note then….
  • Set yourself in motion as you take the actions received in the stillness, the clarity

As you gain clarity, begin to take the next steps, or actions, correlating with your clarity. The issue many people have with this is often due to the beliefs of the mind. Be patient and kind with yourself. Go back to the stillness, the answers are always there, and the answers will most likely challenge your beliefs. It’s during this time you begin to build, strength and courage to take the actions, action is the essential nourishment of the human Spirit for True Transformation.

Transformation takes practice and training. Training of the Spirit with the Mind and Body. It does involve cleaning and clearing, letting go of the old, to allow the fire from within, the passion of your desires to rise and move you into action.

Let’s look at the skills and tools necessary for the path to Transformation:

Action #1
Be in the stillness and release self judgment, practice Self Love

It requires stillness, patience and time. We live in a world full of busy-ness. We look for ways to stay out of our heads, and we wish for more time. The irony is the way to time and peace is through time in stillness. Confronting the emotions, feelings, beliefs and actions which are in direct conflict of what you want. The deeper issue is personal judgment, labels, negative self talk and condemning of Self. We are our own worst critics. Self Love here people. Give yourself permission to Love yourself, all of yourself. Be present, be kind. This takes Practice. Make time for Your Self. Self Love

Action #2
Practice daily habits of fresh emotions- rinse, wash, repeat

Replace your old feelings and emotions. Now that you have begun to release and let go of self judgment and your inner critic, you’ll replace them with kinder, more loving thoughts about yourself. This is a practice, a daily habit. Think about it like this; you wash your clothing to keep them clean and fresh. Your emotions need the same cleaning. Clean your emotions regularly and replace with fresh emotions. Yes, it takes an ability to let go, and there is so much freedom there.

Action #3
Add in a new habit/activity/action that moves you towards your desired transformation

Now, with a clear space for Self Love, begin to add in activities,and experiences that bring more joy to your life- do the things that ignite your passion. I recommend you begin with something that is attainable, you can maintain and will create a sound foundation for you as you continue your transformation. This requires a new action, pattern, and habit

Action #4
The way you spend your time and energy inspires you, nourishes your Spirit- Self Love

Your new habits must inspire you, move you emotionally, to feel something powerful and deep. Allow this new habit to take root and make the necessary small changes around you to compliment and ground this habit. The habits you add into your life for transformation are the foundation, the roots of You. They nourish your Spirit. This includes the people around you. Yes, the people you surround yourself with- do they celebrate your successes, honor your desires and bring you joy. If, they are not doing all of the above- take stock of how they are adding to your life, how they are supporting you emotionally and mentally. As you grow in strength, emotionally and mentally, you’ll be in essence make decisions and choices, taking actions according to you- this may uproot some or many of your relationships.

The stronger you get through your mental and emotional practice and training, the more manageable, with ease and grace your daily living will become.

Action #5
Acknowledge how far you have come, be Grateful

Be grateful for your consistency, positive thoughts, new beliefs and the small steps, habits and actions you are taking daily – the process of transformation. Acknowledge where you are, the positive actions you are taking, show yourself loving- kindness

There is one more step here…
Grounded Present Focused
Your New Normal…

Action #6
FAITH. BELIEVE. Surrender to the Flow of Your Life.

It is the roots- the foundation from where your Mind Body Spirit springs from
It’s the Connection to the Deeper Self. It is not a letting go or a fight for what you want. It’s an Inner Knowing. Your direct connection to your Self
This is the Way. It’s the Light
Faith, Trust and Belief provide the nutrients which nourish your Mind Body Spirit at the Core of Transformation.

This action has you believing, it is the new unfolding…right before your eyes.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Photographer reserves all rights

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Your Attitude illuminates your Passion, True Power and Values. When your Mindset, Feelings, and Emotions align with the Character You Express wholeheartedly, Your Attitude is Full of Your Excellence, reflecting out into the world. And that Goes a Long Way. Priestess of Passion~ Monica Heiz

Excellence as Attitude


A little goes a long way

Attitude– clear focused vision of where you are and where you are going. Attitude, Purposeful discernment of right use of your energy and true power.  Attitude reveals your values.

When you are clear on what you value, your business, career growth, health, and body, family, personal relationships, intimate relationships, community, and even, my favorite, your skill set, you are able to define the attitude you decide to have. I can assure you, men and women that have a passion for success always have an Attitude of Excellence in everything they do; it is a state of mind. Through understanding how your Values impacts your Attitude, you can move your energy and true power forward, achieving results and success.  

Attitude comes from your Mindset. Mindset is the belief system you hold, it’s how you think. By paying attention to positive thoughts, you are setting your mindset and attitude in the right direction.  Since your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have, you can create the most fulfilling, positive experiences, and do things you didn’t believe you could do. Your mind can set you up for success. You must build your Mindset to hold the Attitude You Want. You can create experiences using your mind, by how you think. When you choose positive beliefs and apply purposeful focus, your mind powerfully aims straight towards your goal. Of course, holding yourself this powerful takes an attitude of success to match.

Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

So if you have goals you want to achieve, either you are taking action and making them happen, or you are being lazy and taking an easy way out- finding excuses why they’re not happening, and buying into your own excuses.  

I am known for my Attitude in work and business.  I hold a high value system that honors and respects my skill set, while having a high standard of excellence and a drive for success.   I hold these values, not because I need to, but because it is who I am at My Core, where I am authentic, present, and fiercely connected to the Best Work I do. Quite honestly I love how my influence positively inspires, motivates, and drives my clients to their Best Work, increasing business and personal relationships, revenue, quality, and passion for their work and overall well-being, getting results.  My Attitude spilling over into my clients; that for me is Success.

I know every day I make a conscious choice with My Mindset to focus on My Values and My Attitude for MY Success.

Here are 5 tools to Tune Up and Tune In to Your Attitude:

  1. Be clear on what you value.  What in your life has meaning to you and why?  Look at what these people, places, businesses, communities, things or qualities of yourself bring and add to your life. Your Best is required in all experiences, interactions and communications within what you value. Define your Attitude. Incorporate Right Use of Energy; be focused and clear with intention and true power, knowing your own worth and values. What an awesome feeling to be so passionate and powerful in your Attitude for what Fills You Up!
  2. Clean Up and Tighten Up your Mindset.  Your Mindset must be impeccable with what you believe, feel, and value…..psst…no one is going to do it for you.  Take your time and practice, through exercise, meditation, and quality time with the ones you love. Focus on building a Positive Mindset that supports your desired results.  Read books and listen to podcasts on Mindset.  Be a believer in You, your passion, and your true power, and hold your Attitude high, meaning hold your Attitude to a high standard.  Just as “you are what you eat,” you are also what you believe.  Keep your mind fresh, clean, and focused on the Biggest Attitude you can have.
  3. Put your Attitude out there, Trust in Yourself.  I get that not everyone is going to understand, value, or see your Attitude the way you do- it does not matter.  The ones who do see and value your Attitude will also see your level of drive and desire to succeed.  Your Attitude is your power and passion, and only you can choose to own it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for the support, help, or reinforcement from a friend, partner, or mentor. Holding your Attitude High is very rewarding, and it can also be a bit challenging and rocky at times. Requesting backup gives you a flash of energy, reminding you of your Best, your greatness, and why you hold Your Attitude so High.  Sometimes it is just what you need to blast you forward.
  5. Each and Every day live bold in Your Attitude.  Starting your day with a clear vision and intention of who you are, what you value, and how you are succeeding, sets the ground work for your Attitude.  When challenges, setbacks and interferences can and often do occur, you are ready. When in your Positive Attitude, Nothing can shake your peace of mind, disturb your focus.  Attitude is the space in which, no matter what is happening in the world around you, you are Fierce within, choosing Your Attitude over the disruption.

Be Driven to succeed. Love your Attitude and be true to your Power and Passion.
Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz
Priestess of Passion

Power and Passion. Enjoying the richness a woman has to offer.


Women inherently possess the qualities of Power & Passion.  What I find happens is most women grow up learning to be more fully in one of these qualities with greater effectiveness, either power or passion.  As we become adults, it’s this one quality within us that is the strength that carries us out into the world. A woman in her passion tends to show up more creative, expressive, a little more sensual and sexy.  A woman in her power tends to provide a greater sense of practicality, stability and groundedness.  What I’d like to offer up here is the greatest contribution a woman can give to society is embracing and illuminating both aspects of herself Power and Passion, fully and authentically.


This requires some practice and planning for a woman.  Identifying which aspect is your strength, power or passion and then choosing to practice living within the opposite quality throughout your day.  It is a practice, the idea is to add and learn to be in a flow within these 2 qualities, power and passion.  I see power coming from the element of Earth.  If we look at all of the elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, they are Feminine, of Mother Nature.  Earth being grounded, practical, sustaining and Fire being action, passion and moving.  A woman who can master both these areas of her being can stand with strength, courage and will and take action with conviction, trust and confidence. Who wants more of that!


When you are looking to grow, add positive changes, the best place to begin is within you. Recognizing you can improve your level of Power or Passion in the world, for better results helps provide a path for your journey.


Here are 5 ways you can identify which quality you are stronger within:


  1. You like to be in control of things, are very practical in your decisions, have a handle on your basic needs and your ability to succeed at work.  You are best in a leadership role providing support for others and have a strong sense of being recognized for your contribution.  Power
  2. You enjoy expressing yourself through creativity, whether it be movement, arts, acting, your desire to express yourself is what moves you out into the world.  You value stability, you are drawn and crave expression.  You know when you are in your passion, the world moves mountains to provide all you need.  Passion
  3. You plan and organize your day to get the most out of it.  You have things you want to do, and fitting it all in can feel like a challenge.  You don’t usually over spend your time, energy or finances, you do track your resources to be planned and budgeted. Power
  4. You love to follow your goals and dreams, and you’ll invest the time to do so. You take time for yourself to learn the skills you need to be great at your craft and you’re not afraid to try something different.  You realize your path is to follow your desire, what feels right to you, and it makes you light up with joy and pleasure.  Passion
  5. You listen to other people speak and you can hear the apprehension in their voice or words.  You want to jump in and help them, point them in the direction of their passion, to go for it.  You get excited when you hear other people’s passion, joy and excitement.  Passion


Learning to embrace and be more fully in touch with your own Power and Passion gives you more freedom. Freedom to be a woman authentic, in trust and with courage. I invite you to explore these 2 qualities within yourself and experience the richness you have to offer being a Woman.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion