Fear as an Ally

fire goddessFear has many labels, judgements and attachments to it. What if it was nothing more than a compass pointing us in the direction of where we need to go? If we decide to not look at what the fear means to us and why, if we decide it’s better to ignore, sweep our fear under the rug , then how are we growing, expanding and living?  Sure fear brings up some very, very uncomfortable emotions. Situations that we’d “rather not deal with”.  Did you ever stop to think, maybe that’s why.

What I mean is how about looking at fear from another perspective, one as an ally.  One that brings attention to things that we need to look at without judgment, with curiosity, a willingness & openness to see what the fear is. I must admit, the hard part is feeling the feelings, the real deep feeling fear brings up. The ones that feel real.  This is where I encourage & recommend you bring in a support team who understands the depth of feelings you will feel, honors you and takes a stand for the you that comes out of the fear, with new life, vitality and lust for life. Emotions, feelings, they need to be felt & expressed.  There is no sugar-coating them, no medicating them, no if, maybe or what if.  They need to move in a new way, not the old pattern that’s afraid of the fear. In order for things to change in your life, you need to change them. Be willing, be humble and be trusting.

What would happen if you addressed your fear?  Who do you need to be? What good can come from you looking your fear in the eyes? I can honestly say it’s not the good times that makes life great, it’s the challenges you overcome to get there that makes life worth living.

That takes courage, strength & will to go beyond what you know.  And to do this you need to see a different perspective, have a fresh attitude and believe in yourself greater than the fear.  This my friends, is priceless.  It’s the Integrity & Truth of YOU, your deepest Essence.   Radiant, illuminant and magnificent.

Illuminating the Riches Within,


Priestess of Passion




Commitment, Success & Fulfillment


Commitment. Success. Fulfillment.

They’re a swirling spiral of new, positive energy, believing in something greater than what is. It’s the knowingness, desire and passion to achieve. Together, these 3 qualities commitment, success & fulfillment, can move mountains, move you into action and create beyond your wildest dreams.
Now, while the outcome always feels so good, it’s the challenges you overcome, the focus & commitment you embrace and the journey you embark on where your most intimate passion comes alive and nothing can stop you.
The first ingredient necessary to embark on your journey of commitment, success & fulfillment is YOU NEED TO BELIEVE. The absolute beauty in this is YOU must change what you believe that is holding you back, keeping you stuck and limiting yourself. Time to Pay yourself, dig into your inner desires, commit to what they mean to YOU. Beliefs are whatever YOU decide them to be, listen to yourself and commit to YOUR Desires. Knowing that you will be challenging the status quo, stepping up to the plate, going out into the middle of the ocean with no land in sight, stepping on the big stage naked~ stripping down all of the beliefs handed to you only to stand on your own~ against what everyone says. Sure, there’s courage involved, the risk to commit to your deepest desires is so much more fulfilling than following the crowd.
You have the power, personal power, be bold, brave and commit. Success & fulfillment is no longer defined by the things you acquire, it’s now defined by the steps you take, the decisions you make in integrity, authenticity and true to you. It’s in this process, success & fulfillment show up. You become humble, gracious, full of grace and live pure joy~
Commitment. Success. Fulfillment Love who you are and what you do.
Priestess of Passion