Living Life from the Inside Out


The human body is fascinating.  To grasp everything we want to experience is found inside of us, the eyes are the window to the soul.  How are you seeing the world?    The way you see the world affects your choices, decisions and actions, how you interact & move out in the world.


Let’s look a little closer.  Your inner operating system guided by feelings, emotions and senses, influences your choices, decisions and actions.  This is within you.  In your truth, your commitment to yourself, your faith (faith meaning belief & trust)  and inner power, you begin to see the world different, you say YES to YOU.  This is when you begin living, by turning your attention and focus to you~ the inner you, from where you live your life.  From this space you cultivate your, trust, inner knowing, guidance and intuition, skills much greater than anything found outside of yourself.  You reach deep finding your beauty, grace, strength and courage.  These are the greatest tools to live your life for they inspire passion, joy and fulfillment.  It is what is inside, that makes all the difference,  where  passion and  inner power set the world on fire with all of your hopes and dreams.

This is the way of the High Priestess.  The High Priestess gains knowledge from within,  your deepest truth through your intuition, inner knowing and guidance.  This inner world of yours is for the claiming with the focus, determination, and openness to explore. As you explore the deepest most intimate parts of your self, you uncover all that was hidden, lost, misused or not valued. This takes nothing less than strength & courage.  Facing your inner most self.  For it is your inner world that is reflecting out and creating your outer world.  Your Inner High Priestess is waiting for you, to live life fearlessly from the Inside.

Build your life from the inside out.

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion



Tranformation. The keys to creating success

transformational goddess

Transformation is the ability to change. It’s an unknown weaved with willingness. It’s desire fueled with fire. It’s never say quit in the face of adversity, fear, crazy logic and everything else that will tell you to turn back.  Yet you know, within your heart the keys to your success are in the transformation. The strength, courage, vulnerability and trust to step forward anyway.

My latest step towards transformation has brought me to recognize a deeper truth. Nutrition & Fitness has served me so well and I have a bigger calling, a deeper desire in my heart that’s come forth. It still consists of supporting people attain their goals, in fact it is training people, it just happens from the inside and helping them identify their greatest skills, talents and gifts, so you lead your life from your truest strengths. My love and passion for nutrition & fitness was simple, easy and intuitive. It’s been a lifestyle I was raised with since my childhood, I grew up around exercise and lots of quality foods, fruits & vegetables. It was an aspect of my childhood that helped me grow and nourish myself to be my best out in the world.  My work is no longer about me, it’s about the career women & men I help live in their passion everyday, just like I have through Fitness. Motivating, inspiring, guiding and coaching them to their individual best. WHY?  Because I know when men & women are at their best the world thrives~ and in that space we create a better world where we generously give the best we have, and I love having.  When we Have we Have more to Give.

Transforming from a Nutrition & Fitness Coach to a Transformational Coach has been an incredible journey with ups and downs.  The greatest gift for me in it is my ability to gracefully step forward in receiving what is my next step. Not saying it’s easy, saying  I have learned to Trust my Self greater & more Fully. I have taken time to stop moving, stop chasing and start receiving.  I’ve had the ability to see my greatest strengths and transform them and leverage them as a greater asset. We spend most of our waking time at work. When people know how to use their strengths to generate more positive energy around them, adding greater value and offer their greatest selves to the benefit of the business everyone succeeds.  When your strengths are seen for who you really are, it opens the door for more success.

Money and it’s role in Transformation.  Money is one of the most important resources we use to exchange for goods & services.  Just like quality foods nourish the body and fitness moves the body and stirs the mind, money creates your life for the better, for your passions & desires to show up in the world.  It influences your choices and decisions~.  It’s making a commitment to yourself to hold yourself more powerful than money itself.  It’s never about the money, it’s about who you need to be to claim your power over money.  If you’re like me and you love success, achieving and creating more in your life, you go out and find the right people, trainings and skills to achieve more.  This circles back around to my Transformational Coaching.  As a high level coach I’ll train you in the right skills to master your strengths from the inside out. Train your beliefs, actions and power to achieve your lifestyle goals, this also means step up your game in your career and value & worth in self.  It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and the World.

Illuminating the Riches Within


Priestess of Passion