Clear Space ~ Love. Value. Security


So often we act out patterns or situations that are based in ways we needed to get our needs met…as children. We have used these methods as adults, unless, we decide to step forward, trust in our potential and risk the IDEA of losing. You see, as children, we were afraid to lose love, security and value or worth. So we came up with ways to make sure we got these needs met. The real TRUTH is, there is nothing to lose. When we show up as spiritually mature adults, we TRUST in Love, Security Value and Worth. We take a stand for them within ourselves, we appreciate them in others and we give freely. Because, we are not afraid to lose.

This has been a problematic issue for society.

When adults are faced with childhood wounds and fears. Losing love, losing security or losing value and worth, just like children, we act out in ways of fear. Judgments, blame, shaming, manipulation and negotiation. Now is the time we decide to change this. Face up to our past experiences and act in a new way.

Collaboration, cooperation, team building. Honoring people for who they are, not who you want them to be or what you think you want to get from them.

Nothing Changes until you decide to take responsibility for Who You Are. No one can take away your sense of Self, your love, security or value and worth. That is your inherit gift to the world. Find right relationship with others, in business and personal. Stand your ground and be willing to listen. Listen to what the other person needs or is asking for. Is it in right relationship? Is there a plan in place, a mutual agreement based on Truth?

Truth comes from your ability to know your stories, your own triggers, see them and take new actions. Actions in truth no longer magnify and support the story and triggers. Truth comes from your boldness, courageousness and Trust from within self.

Fear of Losing. We’re so afraid to lose. Like losing will break us, or make us something we’re not, because it’s a perception of who we’d be, not really who we are.

Fear of Trusting others. That’s your own perception, your own fear which puts distance between you and what you want. We need to be in relationship with others. We need to Trust in who we are and we need to decide if the person we are engaging with is someone we want to trust, really, will show up as they say they will. Trust can be found in each and every one’s lifestyle. The actions or in-actions you take, the words and language you use, the people you choose to be around in business and pleasure. Only you decide what your life looks like and how you are in relationship to Trust. You build your relationships based on that.

Society often uses judgments, labels and titles to define ourselves and others. The real issues occur when someone labels or identifies someone based on their own judgment or perception. The best way to recognize this is, is it in Truth with Who You Believe You Are. If it is not, then:

  1. Correct the person making the assumption, do not tolerate someone labeling, judging or identifying you that is not in belief with who you are. Claim Who You Are
  2. Re-evaluate the relationship, business or personal you have with the person. If there have been similar, consistent instances and you see a pattern of them not seeing you the way you see yourself, then it may be time to disconnect your valuable time and energy from the relationship.
  3. It’s up to you to Own your own Love, Value, Security, from within. This shows when you speak up. Confidence, is the ability to say what you mean without fear of losing anything that is not truth. When you speak up, in your truth, you are showing people, you know who you are, you know what you stand for and you matter ~ That’s Self Love.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


The Power of Action, 5 Essential Steps


Action has the ability to move you forward. The most powerful aspect of Action is, to listen to the voice from within. Sometime, that voice asks you to, find the stillness, create the space, and find your center. This kind of Action tends to get dismissed for the go out and do, get it done, type of Action.

Action is requires to create change. It asks you to find a new way, create a path that has not been traveled and challenges your status quo.

Often times people put up resistance to “action”, finding excuses, turning their heads, essentially giving up their power to create the change they truly desire. Action depends upon humility, gratitude, faith and trust.

In order for anything to change, action must be taken. Action involves thinking and doing, with the desired outcome to be a new way.

Here are 5 Essentials Steps to Action

  1. Know where you want to go, what the desired out come is you want. In order to know where you want to go, you must chart a path, have a plan. Where you want to go is different from where you are now. You’ll find when deciding where you want to go, you’ll need to take new steps, new actions to get there. Not always is the plan easy to see, and it may take you on some turns. The key here is to know where you want to go.
  1. You’ll be challenged, almost tested. When creating changes by taking action, you’ll meet up old limiting patterns, behaviors that created where you are now. These were the patterns, behaviors that got you to where you are. You may meet up against them as your new choices and decisions will bring you to do things a new way. These challenges are what creates the change. They make you stronger, test your courage, your inner resolve and your faith ~ in yourself.
  1. Take small steps, Big courage. The reason I recommend small steps is, you are building a new foundation, a foundation that will support you in moving forward. This foundation is what holds you together and having support in all ways. Small steps lead to big wins, and the courage it takes to face these small steps allows you freedom to make the changes you desire.
  1. Find the Stillness, Listen. In many cases action is either rushed or procrastinated with inaction. There is a healthy balance of Action found within, in your stillness to listen to your inner voice. Through the stillness, with your full attention, and patience you will find your next step to action. This link is the bridge between where you are and what you need to do to go where you want to go.  It begins in the stillness so action is clear, precise, focused and on target.
  1. Allow the Actions to unfold. After the action is taken, allow the process to follow and unfold. This is where the new decisions and choices you have made, begin to move you forward. Let them be, Trust in your decisions and choices. Be present, focused and committed to your new action. There is no pushing in the action. With precision, focus and detail your actions move like an arrow launched to it’s target. Allow it to be carried out. There is so much Personal Power in Trusting in your decision and your action.

There is so much Joy in taking the right actions and having the Trust and Faith in the Process.

It establishes a deeper connection with yourself, and Action shows you all things are possible.


Illuminating the Riches Within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

When Your Values Conflict With Your Actions


Taking action on day to day tasks can become repetitive, and a bit mundane. Often you seek for something new, inspiring, fresh. The issue which arises is letting go of the old to incorporate and welcome the new. What may occur is a “pattern interrupt”, a crisis or quick change of focus, drawing your attention off the day to day, and into something more important, or rather crucial. This pattern interrupt, change of focus, some call a wake up call.

Each one of us has a set of values, Core Values, which helps us operate and function in the world. These values, are the container for how we live, in alignment and harmony with what we want and desire. Some values are commitment, loyalty, passion, happiness, personal growth, health, vitality, creativity, self expression, integrity, focus, fitness.

As children, and young adults we are typically groomed to look for stability and security in how we live. Finding relationships, careers that provide some type of safety, some kind of security. As we mature, these relationships and ways of living have often disconnected you from your values. You aimed for security and safety through things~ which limited, inhibited and interfered with your personal values. Your values, represent the truth of who you are and what you believe in, it is where you find your Joy, Personal Power and Freedom.

As time moves on, and you’re pulled further from your values, there is a disconnect, a need to fill a void. As you try to fill the void, the actions you take move you away from your values, as opposed to closer to them. Here’s where pattern interrupts happen. When those pattern interrupts happen, pay attention, it’s your life speaking to you. Your daily actions are out of alignment with your values.

For this process to unfold, to become aware your actions are out of alignment with your values, there is an element of recognition and stillness that must occur. The recognition gives you the awareness that the issue, pattern or problem is occurring. The stillness, and quiet gives you the space and time to understand how the issue is affecting you and find a new solution, new actions. It gives you the space to express your true values.

New actions require a new way of thinking and doing something. It’s in new thoughts and actions new results occur. Here, in this new way of thinking and doing, inspiration, creativity, motivation and flow begins to happen. It’s here where the day to day tasks and the mundane becomes transformed into something that ignites the passion in your soul, the freedom in your actions.

Presence, Patience, Focus and Trust are required. When you begin to place more attention on your Values taking new actions, presence, patience, focus and trust are required in taking the right actions, the necessary steps.

There is a clarity from a place within that must be nurtured with time alone, simplicity, and tending to yourself. This space can rattle you, it causes you to question yourself, what you want and what you have been doing. It’s a space where you make decisions based on your own truth, your own personal values. What begins to unravel is magical. Very quickly you feel this freedom, you embrace the risk for it moves you in the direction of what you truly desire, what’s right for you, heart and soul. You find peace. A peace washes over you. All of the compromise, negotiations, places you settled- in an instant fall away. You recognize your strengths, your values and why you feel so passionate about them- how they make you feel, how they nourish your spirit.
What occurs is:

Values always show up in Truth and Alignment

This lights your soul on fire, inspiring you to move forward, living more authentic, passionate and fearless

Illuminating the Riches Within,

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion