Owning your Identity

The power of your 2nd chakra, Owning your identity

The 2nd chakra represents either side of the spectrum, pain or pleasure. It is linked to lack and scarcity or abundance and prosperity. It represents your identity within the world and your relationship to the resources that nourish and nurture, money, food and sex.

It is often modeled, imprinted and developed based on your family systems, their beliefs habits and patterns.

Where lack and scarcity bring upon fear of unworthy, neediness, not enough, hiding, self judgment, hopeless, and a host negative feelings and emotions.

Abundance and prosperity brings with it clarity, focus, a sense of peace, trust and more than enough. It speaks of owning your own identity around your basic needs, money, food, sex.

These 2 sides of the spectrum are designed to have movement~ e-motion, energy in motion. Therefore when you are caught in the current, the flow of emotions you can see, feel and turn your emotions into a powerful transformer of circumstances. Where there was lack and scarcity, identify the relationship, the trigger, the point you feel and how you describe the feeling. From here, begin a process to redefine the feeling. Confront fears, the basis for holding negative feelings and emotions. Take actions that challenge you, scare you and trust, that transforms your feeling quick, it’s an accomplishment, and says yes I can and I do.

Abundance and prosperity is meant to be shared. It’s meant to flow, that’s the true nature of the 2nd chakra when healthy and balanced. You flow, your resources flow freely meaning no negative charge to hold them stuck and stagnant.

2nd chakra is how we relate to our emotions and feelings and how we can flow in the world, our resources and relationships. If you find you get a bit stuck or unsure, find trust, step forward, find pleasure and joy and act. Often the simplicity of giving gets you unstuck. Giving from a positive emotion, no attachment, this is what it means to give freely, non attachment.

Learning to navigate your 2nd chakra will give you a plan of action. It identifies your feelings and emotions and directs you, without attachment, to where to transform and shift your interaction and energy. Energy meaning thoughts, feelings and actions, your beliefs. Once again, often the beliefs were planted by family patterns. As you look, and see, as you decide you want a different outcome, feeling, belief you begin to feel and act from that place.

It begins with giving. With opening up your heart, with finding trust in yourself and freely giving with passion and self love.

It’s where you own your identity. Who you are in the world

It’s a beautiful chakra to have spinning and moving healthy and clear. Enjoy the process

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion



The willingness to give and the power of receiving; without attachment

Giving and receiving

There is alot of ideas and beliefs about giving and receiving.

I am going to speak about my experience, coming from a place of personal truth and self trust. I call this space Your Heart.

So often we are programmed to receive what is given to us. We don’t always understand, we can choose to say no in a way that speaks from our own truth and personal power. It holds you responsible and accountable for what comes into your life, your energy field.

Maybe you’ve been taught to “be good, or just accept”, possibly to be a people pleaser. You go around receiving experiences, things, feelings, emotions and aspects of life that don’t feel like your truth. They just feel so off course for you, because they are.

Now, let’s get to giving. You enjoy giving, it makes you feel good. When you are asked to give for something that holds opportunity for you that you can’t see, you may back away, you don’t like it. How about giving someone a compliment that holds them beautiful, powerful, smart, successful. This often comes through you from a place of envy, jealousy or wonder. Can you completely give a compliment and walk away.

Can you give of anything and walk away?

Can you give without attachment to what comes back? And, can you give to someone without receiving from them?

Here is what I have to share. Just because you give something to someone, whether it be a compliment, money, time, skills, does not mean you must receive back through them, especially if, what they are giving is not in alignment with what makes you feel good.

So, you ask, how do I not receive from them if I’ve given them money for services? You stepped forward in faith and trust of yourself, in belief of yourself. This is you giving, giving to you- to trust. It is their responsibility to show up as they are. If they are in alignment with their message and offering, it will be a clean clear transaction. Your receiving will be of equal or greater value than your giving.

Now, receiving. As you figure out, choose and decide what you want, it is your responsibility to align your receiving muscles with this and that means saying no, or not allowing that which you don’t want. There will be certain opportunities for you to say yes, as you go, to build along the way. Saying yes to certain experiences, programs, and changes is a stepping stone and allows the Universe to know you are serious and committed to your desired outcome, what you want to receive. It also give you, that’s right gives you the opportunity to experience the changes you want, by starting. Giving yourself the chance to step in without attachment, just opportunity.

Receiving you choose. What becomes so grand about receiving, when you grasp it, you can let go, detach and remove yourself from people, places, even income that is coming in, being received from a place of expectation, expectation from the giver of who you are supposed to be or they need you to be. This in itself frees you in ways that hold you in your brilliance.

It speaks from the heart of who you are.

What you receive, the energy behind someone’s giving is just as important, why they are choosing to give. What is it they need or believe they get from giving?

The point being, hold your power. Give what you have, to give freely- which means no expectation. There is a cost, a price a value on your giving, just no attachment. The significance is always energy and energy from a feeling place. As you build and create these relationships, you feel and appreciate how powerful you are. Powerful because you had nothing to give or receive, what you had was an opportunity and experience to share in mutual value and respect from a place of Your Heart, Self Love.

Receiving. Listen to the person. Are they giving what they think you need or you want to have, or do they truly want you to receive through their heart, their passion. A gift.

Learning to navigate and understand this flow is a beautiful and sometimes messy process.

The outcome is magical. It becomes a true expression of your Self. The whole of you, your inner light of Love, Cherished and Honored.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Reaching for Food

How Food…. Has Been Nourishing a Deeper Connection Within You


Mind Body Spirit

Food is an interesting topic. Most Nutritionists and Wellness Experts work with clients from the perspective of change your eating habits, learn to incorporate exercise, and you need to be aware of what you’re putting into your mouth.

WHAT IF…..The Food Choices YOU Have Been Making Have Been Protecting YOU? Actually serving a Purpose.

From a young age, girls are given food to soothe their emotions. Their truest feelings are brushed aside, they learn to eat to cope, to disguise their real feelings. As grown women, these patterns and habits with food, haunt you. You feel shame, guilt, depression, embarrassment and overall self hatred.

Why can’t you break this pattern? Why do you feel so controlled by food? Why is eating food such a comfort on one hand and a misery on the other?

These food choices have been protecting your deepest asset.

Your Connection to Your True Self.

For many people, the emotions, the real, raw and expansive emotions of a woman can be too much. As young girls, you begin to express your emotions and your truth. You expressed your deep wants, strong desires, and you embraced your joy and happiness running wild.

Your joy, your happiness, which is how you express yourself ~ can be too much for many.

In order to connect to these feelings, and emotions, you turned to food.

Food, gave you the connection. Food nourished your feelings, nourished your emotions. The issues arise every time you need to express your feelings. This can be in the form of a difficult conversation, standing up for yourself with the possibility of losing a relationship you deemed “important”, or when your stability and foundation begins to quake.  It can be a tough day, you see nothing but “problems”.  You have acquiesced and food silences you.

These experiences, move you closer to food. You reach for food, to nourish your Spirit, the part of you that needs to be heard, seen and validated.

Now, it’s time to uncover the hidden feelings and emotions, recognizing all of the ways food, served you, protected you. It’s time to release the feeling and emotions you stifled in order to make sure you get your needs met.

This is the Essence of the Woman you are today. All of you. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

No more hiding.

Together, let’s take a stand for the woman you are, and face up to yourself;  for your truest joy and happiness.

Here are 4 Authentic Steps to Empowering Yourself and Your Relationship with Food and Nourishing a Deeper Connection with Your Self.

  1. Listen to the feelings. When you reach for food, listen to the feelings- without judgment, with a compassionate and a caring ear. Eat the food, in conversation with yourself about what you want, need and feel. Write down whatever comes to you. Allow the feelings to flow through you, and enjoy the food. Even if others have labeled the food as “bad”, listen to all the ways this experience, this food is giving you permission to feel something, and allow those feelings to bubble up and rise.
  1. Keep Food Simple. Look to eat foods in color, a spectrum of the rainbow. Set aside time each meal to enjoy the food. Find meaning, joy, happiness and fulfillment in your meal. This may be an essential area of yourself you are diminishing. Food, is meant to bring joy and pleasure, it’s of the senses. Take your time here. Be patient and kind with yourself. Maybe even share with one person you trust who will support you, bringing more joy, pleasure and happiness to your meal.
  1. Stop being angry and judgmental with your body and your feelings and emotions. It’s not your body or your weight, it’s the relationship pattern with food and your feelings and emotions. Begin to get a grasp on the real truth of the issue. The beliefs and patterns that are holding you stuck. Listen to yourself. Make peace with your body. Give your mind, and your deeper connection a chance to change and grow, allow it to positively impact your feelings, emotions and your body.. Nourishment Mind Body Spirit
  1. Quality Down time. Begin to tap into your feelings and emotions. Keep a journal. Slow down. Allow all of you, your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, your truest feelings and desires to come through. Maybe, food really does bring you happiness on a deeper level, that’s why you turn to it. Honor that. Quality down time, just enjoy and savor something that makes you feel, Beautiful.

Food is a wonderful part of Living. It brings us together with the ones we love. Food delight in our senses, from what we see, taste, touch and feel and has the power to transform us from where we are to a pure blissful place.

Take the first step…

Honor yourself, the woman you are today.

Illuminating the Riches Within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Priestess of Passion


More Self Love, less tough Love

Nourishing Your Roots and Finding Fulfillment

Body Mind Spirit


As a Fitness & Lifestyle Expert, looking through the lens of health and wellness, I see many women struggle with finding the necessary movement, nutrition and lifestyle practices that nourish who they are. With so much information out there about which exercise program to do, what type of cardio exercise and how intense it must be, to nutrition plans that can be seen as rigid and a daunting task.

I’m here as an advocate; nourish your roots, and find fulfillment body mind spirit.

Your roots are made up of your beliefs, habits, thoughts, feelings, emotions, environment and lifestyle choices.

Often times, when women struggle with weight and body issues, they are rooted through family beliefs, labels you took on, and ways your environment has reflected back to you. Often time, they are not based in compassion, love, and most importantly truth.

Women, for so long have been judged based on their bodies, and this does nothing for the Truth of who she is and the beauty of her Spirit.

What this has caused, is women of all ages to stifle her true feelings and emotions. To hide the hurt, pain, shame and guilt she has taken on because of her belief of her body.

There is a coldness, a hurt so deep, that it becomes unbearable, so she shuts down her own true feelings.

What I have found time and time again, it’s not specifically the food, nutrition, or movement that interferes with a woman and her body. It’s a deeper emotional connection, or really lack of deep connection within themselves and with others. Her own sense of security with who she is as a woman.

Emotions and feelings hold the power to Free YOU.

Committing to a practice redefining your beliefs, taking inspired action, and leaning into your deep wounds of pain, shame, hurt and guilt to let them go. This is the place where you “stuff down” your feelings, “comfort yourself”, mainly, because it’s the only way you know how. This was put into place long before you were a grown woman.

The first thing every woman needs is a safe space to express her true self. Some place or someone who can see her, hear her and recognize her bright Spirit.

Your emotions and feelings are the essence of your Spirit, the seat of your soul, it’s how you relate to your inner world which creates your outer world.

Here is a list of 5 Practices to put into place to Nourish Your Roots and Find Fulfillment

 1. Alone time, with your thoughts feelings and emotions. Give yourself permission to be with your thoughts, feelings and emotions around your body, your weight and self image. Find within yourself the ability to comfort yourself, sooth yourself with being present and engaged with your true feelings. This means practice, self love, compassion, non-judgment and allowing (see my blog post on the practice of allowing). Often times, it’s the chatter, and chaos of the mind which holds the limitations. What happens here, is you soften. You open, you allow a new, more truthful and passionate feeling to bubble up. This is the beginning of letting go of the old ways, and gives you the grounds to build your new foundation, Body, Mind, Spirit.

2. Find a movement practice that inspires you. Now, movement is not for the idea of losing weight or putting your body under stress of “a workout”. This type of movement practice I’m encouraging is to turn off your active mind, tune into your emotions, feelings and listen from within, having the movement inspire your actions. Maybe a walk in nature, a stretch class, a yoga class, a dance class, a walk on the beach, even walking on the treadmill. Allow the movement to inspire you, to free your mind. Breathe, take in the opportunity to be present and begin anew. This is where great transformation happens.

3. Find community that supports you. Finding like minded women and men that enjoy and can relate to the values you relate to. This is pivotal. A community such as Church, Temple, Gym, Studio, Organizations of Philanthropy and Giving. An essential aspect of community is that there is no judgment AND, they believe in the power of community to create change. Something to be mindful of here, this is not a support group. It’s not meant to rehash or go over the problem and issue. Quite the opposite. They hold you high and know your potential, encourage you to grow and take inspired action to create the changes you desire.

4. Cultivating Joy in your life. Joy is a powerful emotion. Joy, has the capability to empower you in any situation under any circumstance. Make it simple. Learn to tap into and lean on your Joy. Now, Joy is initiated through your senses, smell, taste, touch, sight, feel. You must allow Joy to flow through you. Let’s say, when you have a plate of food, allow your sense to turn on and tune in. Uncover your Joy in the meal. Other ways to cultivate Joy, essential oils, time in an art museum, a bubble bath, a glass of wine, quiet time with a cup of coffee, the feel of something soft, putting on something that makes you feel beautiful, listening to soothing music, watching a sunset, anything that inspires your senses. Listen to the true nature of your heart and soul.

5. Let Go. Let go of people, places and things that no longer nourish your Spirit. Letting Go is an act of Faith. Not a religious faith, a Faith in believing in the Power you do have. The power you have over food, the power you have over your current circumstances and the power you have to move forward. Letting go is an act of courage and strength. In order to make peace with your body, with food, and self image, you must let go of everything which created the circumstance and beliefs in the first place. It’s a surrender an acceptance of where you are. It’s in this space you decide to see things different and take the necessary steps to create a new outcome. This is where you build your practice from 1-4 to match what you desire, the body and relationship with your body the way you want.

These 5 steps, when put into a personal practice can transform any situation. The recognition that your environment, beliefs, thoughts, actions and lifestyle affect you on a very deep and personal level AND can be changed.

When you nourish your roots, the core of who you are, you allow yourself the gift of transformation.

And it’s this gift, the simple practices that open you, that touch your soul so deeply, richly and fulfilling you unfold, removing the cocoon and spreading your wings to fly.

Light as a Feather ….Body Mind Spirit

Illuminating the Riches Within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

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