Non Attachment

It’s very simple to speak and say, well detach from it- hold no attachment, it’s another thing to actually be able to apply this skill set.

Non-attachment at its foundation holds you in faith, strength, courage and trust.  It’s a magical place to stand. What occurs in order to be in non- attachment is a power from within and without so strong, there is nothing to stand in your way of the desired outcome.

Now, for many people the idea of detaching, brings up the exact issue that creates the attachment. So for example, fear of money- has people afraid of letting go, releasing, give of money. Fear of safety and security has people holding onto things, homes, people, money because of the feelings and emotions that are associated with the idea of losing safety and security.

These are the real issues, programming and patterns to clear- to find a sense of peace, clarity and freedom.

So how does one go about doing this?

First, identify what the fear is?  I mean look at the fear- not judge it, or label it, just look at what brings up fear- loss of what?  Now once you have identified the fear, be present with it. No action required. No emotions required.  Go about your living, and begin to notice each time a thought, feeling, emotion or experience comes up and triggers this fear. Good.  All you are set to do here is identify it and observe as it comes up.

Now that you know what brings up the fear, you see the trigger. Be patient.  What often is a thorn in the side with non- attachment is the fighting, the grip, the will, and determination to change something to get out of the pain, chaos, trauma.  This holds a charge and power.  Patience is the salve to igniting the trigger.  With patience you can defuse the charge.  Stay in patience. Center, breath, and find stillness.  These are a new experience.  This begin to settle the ground beneath you, the one that shakes everytime the trigger blows up.

What your next step here is to look for what you want.  What experiences feelings emotions and outcomes do you want.  No- attachment, just what are they.  Then ask youself why these triggers affect you.  Why at this point in your life are you being triggered by something that occurred when you were a child and what truth do they hold now? What traumas were there, what chaos erupted, what pain, saddness, vicitimization and lack or scarcity did you see or were exposed to.

Here is where you my love must show up in your power.  If you saw witnessed or experienced a trauma, you most likely did everything you could to protect yourself and overcome it.  Settle in to this with me.  Look around you.  Do you have the love, security, safety, money, food and relationship (whether with yourself or a partner) you desire.  Did you create the environment now as an adult you needed to get yourself out of the situation or circumstance that held you in pain, chaos and trauma?

I bet you did.

So now, the body, your emotions are still running the program.  They are being triggered by the patterns that show up in your life.  See you did a great job remove and growing from the experience physically, yet emotionally those wounds must be released- non- attachment, for you to truly be free.

You’re essentially still holding the fear pattern within through your thoughts actions and behaviors.  Now, non-attachment will ask of you to step into courage, to be the adult, the responsible adult you were always looking for to show up, to step in and take action, to protect you through creating a safe space.  This space gives your emotions, feelings and inner child, inner feminine a space to be safe.  In this safety you have the freedom to be, to express yourself, your truth- to feel to speak to be heard seen and validated.  You are given the space to open and let go, relax and find peace.  This continues to evolve into non-attachment.  That’s right, you are no longer attached to the story or the way others, adults in your life, showed up projecting and intimidating their issues on you.

You find a new sense of peace joy and happiness.  It is here you are free.

Your emotions hold the power to transform your life, are you ready.

Priestess of Passion

Where true power and passion is found in the courage to live a wholehearted life.

Monica Heiz



A Woman’s Worth, Illuminating the Riches Within


Over the past week I’ve had 2 men stop, for me.  They couldn’t put their finger on what was different about me, only that they were very attracted to me.  They wanted to spend time with me, finding me mysterious, curious.  The attraction was more than physical, something greater than external.  These men where attracted to my light. They were charmed by the radiance of my inner feminine, the Priestess within, illuminating out in all I am. I find women notice it, and often have a hard time seeing the reflection within themselves.  It becomes unsafe for women to see another women so wildly accepting of herself, her joy, her passion and her pleasure.

What is the recipe for women to notice their own inner worth?  The value they have inherently within that doesn’t seek approval, has no need to be right, perfect or unkind to herself?  For a woman to be so unapologetically all she is, Happy, Free and Radiating Joy

Within you, your Divine Feminine, Inner Priestess hold more power than you could ever imagine.

The first state of affairs is to release the belief that outer things, money, high end luxury car, big home, top level career, designer handbags hold more value than you do, or that they give you value.  Sure these luxuries add to your quality of living, but when you sacrifice your own truth, your own worth in exchange for these things, you give up your power.  You give up your power to the things you believe make you who you are.  They don’t and they can’t.  Only you can do that for you.

Let’s get back to value and worth.  A woman’s worth is marked on her ability to hold good boundaries, use discernment when making decisions, not judge others, and most importantly honor her body mind and spirit with healthy positive habits, thoughts and actions.

And guess what?  Honoring your body mind and spirit as a woman will take an investment of your resources, time, energy, and money.  Resources are given to us to exchange for building, creating and investing in what matters most to us.  If you complain about “being fat” or “not having enough time”, well it’s a call to action to invest, step forward, spread your wings and jump. If you believe buying another pair of shoes will do the trick, or getting your nails done, you’re missing the point.  A woman, who holds power, who knows her value and worth is willing to invest in herself. No excuses. Period.  Sure she’ll be uncomfortable, yet with faith, a courageous heart and the trust of her self, she steps forth into the unknown onto a journey of self discovery which brings her more life than she could ever imagine.

When we begin to understand money as a tool, it’s put to use to provide for us what we need in life, that includes spiritual maturity of using money to grow our own health, well being and spiritual practice. One that keeps you happy, healthy and radiant. Money, provides the luxuries necessary to nourish, nurture and support your greatest asset, your Inner Priestess, Your Light.  You’re too valuable, and you know it. Quite the excuses and the whining.

How do I keep my Inner Priestess so Bright? I cultivated a deep, passionate and loving relationship with my emotions.  Ones that like any relationship have their ups and down, yet, with a knowing they are my emotions, I am responsible for them and they support my living from my habits, thoughts and actions.  I’d better know how to use them to my advantage.

I’ve let go of attachment of what I think I need and what I want to focus on what I feel.  What feels true to me.  What inspires my soul. Where is my passion, my joy and my freedom.  That is my source of connection to my Inner Feminine and I unabashedly share it, and Be, in it.

Being in my Feminine means, letting go of the push, any sense of insecurity, holding centered, rooted and balanced in Trust.  It means listening to my intuition, watching the world around me from a higher perspective, and it means leading my life from flow with ease and grace.  I hold sacred with value my resources, my relationships, my business, my health and my life.  If there is no trust, honor or respect, I make a conscious choice to end the relationship and walk away.

I believe men appreciate and need woman to take a stand for their own feminine. I believe our world needs women ready to take a stand for her own feminine, to honor her own self, releasing her toxic behaviors thoughts and patterns.  I believe it’s time for women to reclaim a part of herself she abandoned for things, the idea the outer world would provide for her.

The honest truth.  A woman must be ready. She must be so tired, exhausted, drained of her energy, her life force.   A woman must be so unhappy in her life, miserable at wits end and really feeling unworthy and defeated to say, YES, Yes I am ready to claim my value and worth.

And, that’s a good thing……

The journey can then begin.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz

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Priestess of Passion


Your Attitude illuminates your Passion, True Power and Values. When your Mindset, Feelings, and Emotions align with the Character You Express wholeheartedly, Your Attitude is Full of Your Excellence, reflecting out into the world. And that Goes a Long Way. Priestess of Passion~ Monica Heiz

Excellence as Attitude


A little goes a long way

Attitude– clear focused vision of where you are and where you are going. Attitude, Purposeful discernment of right use of your energy and true power.  Attitude reveals your values.

When you are clear on what you value, your business, career growth, health, and body, family, personal relationships, intimate relationships, community, and even, my favorite, your skill set, you are able to define the attitude you decide to have. I can assure you, men and women that have a passion for success always have an Attitude of Excellence in everything they do; it is a state of mind. Through understanding how your Values impacts your Attitude, you can move your energy and true power forward, achieving results and success.  

Attitude comes from your Mindset. Mindset is the belief system you hold, it’s how you think. By paying attention to positive thoughts, you are setting your mindset and attitude in the right direction.  Since your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have, you can create the most fulfilling, positive experiences, and do things you didn’t believe you could do. Your mind can set you up for success. You must build your Mindset to hold the Attitude You Want. You can create experiences using your mind, by how you think. When you choose positive beliefs and apply purposeful focus, your mind powerfully aims straight towards your goal. Of course, holding yourself this powerful takes an attitude of success to match.

Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

So if you have goals you want to achieve, either you are taking action and making them happen, or you are being lazy and taking an easy way out- finding excuses why they’re not happening, and buying into your own excuses.  

I am known for my Attitude in work and business.  I hold a high value system that honors and respects my skill set, while having a high standard of excellence and a drive for success.   I hold these values, not because I need to, but because it is who I am at My Core, where I am authentic, present, and fiercely connected to the Best Work I do. Quite honestly I love how my influence positively inspires, motivates, and drives my clients to their Best Work, increasing business and personal relationships, revenue, quality, and passion for their work and overall well-being, getting results.  My Attitude spilling over into my clients; that for me is Success.

I know every day I make a conscious choice with My Mindset to focus on My Values and My Attitude for MY Success.

Here are 5 tools to Tune Up and Tune In to Your Attitude:

  1. Be clear on what you value.  What in your life has meaning to you and why?  Look at what these people, places, businesses, communities, things or qualities of yourself bring and add to your life. Your Best is required in all experiences, interactions and communications within what you value. Define your Attitude. Incorporate Right Use of Energy; be focused and clear with intention and true power, knowing your own worth and values. What an awesome feeling to be so passionate and powerful in your Attitude for what Fills You Up!
  2. Clean Up and Tighten Up your Mindset.  Your Mindset must be impeccable with what you believe, feel, and value…..psst…no one is going to do it for you.  Take your time and practice, through exercise, meditation, and quality time with the ones you love. Focus on building a Positive Mindset that supports your desired results.  Read books and listen to podcasts on Mindset.  Be a believer in You, your passion, and your true power, and hold your Attitude high, meaning hold your Attitude to a high standard.  Just as “you are what you eat,” you are also what you believe.  Keep your mind fresh, clean, and focused on the Biggest Attitude you can have.
  3. Put your Attitude out there, Trust in Yourself.  I get that not everyone is going to understand, value, or see your Attitude the way you do- it does not matter.  The ones who do see and value your Attitude will also see your level of drive and desire to succeed.  Your Attitude is your power and passion, and only you can choose to own it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for the support, help, or reinforcement from a friend, partner, or mentor. Holding your Attitude High is very rewarding, and it can also be a bit challenging and rocky at times. Requesting backup gives you a flash of energy, reminding you of your Best, your greatness, and why you hold Your Attitude so High.  Sometimes it is just what you need to blast you forward.
  5. Each and Every day live bold in Your Attitude.  Starting your day with a clear vision and intention of who you are, what you value, and how you are succeeding, sets the ground work for your Attitude.  When challenges, setbacks and interferences can and often do occur, you are ready. When in your Positive Attitude, Nothing can shake your peace of mind, disturb your focus.  Attitude is the space in which, no matter what is happening in the world around you, you are Fierce within, choosing Your Attitude over the disruption.

Be Driven to succeed. Love your Attitude and be true to your Power and Passion.
Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz
Priestess of Passion