Non Attachment

It’s very simple to speak and say, well detach from it- hold no attachment, it’s another thing to actually be able to apply this skill set.

Non-attachment at its foundation holds you in faith, strength, courage and trust.  It’s a magical place to stand. What occurs in order to be in non- attachment is a power from within and without so strong, there is nothing to stand in your way of the desired outcome.

Now, for many people the idea of detaching, brings up the exact issue that creates the attachment. So for example, fear of money- has people afraid of letting go, releasing, give of money. Fear of safety and security has people holding onto things, homes, people, money because of the feelings and emotions that are associated with the idea of losing safety and security.

These are the real issues, programming and patterns to clear- to find a sense of peace, clarity and freedom.

So how does one go about doing this?

First, identify what the fear is?  I mean look at the fear- not judge it, or label it, just look at what brings up fear- loss of what?  Now once you have identified the fear, be present with it. No action required. No emotions required.  Go about your living, and begin to notice each time a thought, feeling, emotion or experience comes up and triggers this fear. Good.  All you are set to do here is identify it and observe as it comes up.

Now that you know what brings up the fear, you see the trigger. Be patient.  What often is a thorn in the side with non- attachment is the fighting, the grip, the will, and determination to change something to get out of the pain, chaos, trauma.  This holds a charge and power.  Patience is the salve to igniting the trigger.  With patience you can defuse the charge.  Stay in patience. Center, breath, and find stillness.  These are a new experience.  This begin to settle the ground beneath you, the one that shakes everytime the trigger blows up.

What your next step here is to look for what you want.  What experiences feelings emotions and outcomes do you want.  No- attachment, just what are they.  Then ask youself why these triggers affect you.  Why at this point in your life are you being triggered by something that occurred when you were a child and what truth do they hold now? What traumas were there, what chaos erupted, what pain, saddness, vicitimization and lack or scarcity did you see or were exposed to.

Here is where you my love must show up in your power.  If you saw witnessed or experienced a trauma, you most likely did everything you could to protect yourself and overcome it.  Settle in to this with me.  Look around you.  Do you have the love, security, safety, money, food and relationship (whether with yourself or a partner) you desire.  Did you create the environment now as an adult you needed to get yourself out of the situation or circumstance that held you in pain, chaos and trauma?

I bet you did.

So now, the body, your emotions are still running the program.  They are being triggered by the patterns that show up in your life.  See you did a great job remove and growing from the experience physically, yet emotionally those wounds must be released- non- attachment, for you to truly be free.

You’re essentially still holding the fear pattern within through your thoughts actions and behaviors.  Now, non-attachment will ask of you to step into courage, to be the adult, the responsible adult you were always looking for to show up, to step in and take action, to protect you through creating a safe space.  This space gives your emotions, feelings and inner child, inner feminine a space to be safe.  In this safety you have the freedom to be, to express yourself, your truth- to feel to speak to be heard seen and validated.  You are given the space to open and let go, relax and find peace.  This continues to evolve into non-attachment.  That’s right, you are no longer attached to the story or the way others, adults in your life, showed up projecting and intimidating their issues on you.

You find a new sense of peace joy and happiness.  It is here you are free.

Your emotions hold the power to transform your life, are you ready.

Priestess of Passion

Where true power and passion is found in the courage to live a wholehearted life.

Monica Heiz



Clear Space ~ Love. Value. Security


So often we act out patterns or situations that are based in ways we needed to get our needs met…as children. We have used these methods as adults, unless, we decide to step forward, trust in our potential and risk the IDEA of losing. You see, as children, we were afraid to lose love, security and value or worth. So we came up with ways to make sure we got these needs met. The real TRUTH is, there is nothing to lose. When we show up as spiritually mature adults, we TRUST in Love, Security Value and Worth. We take a stand for them within ourselves, we appreciate them in others and we give freely. Because, we are not afraid to lose.

This has been a problematic issue for society.

When adults are faced with childhood wounds and fears. Losing love, losing security or losing value and worth, just like children, we act out in ways of fear. Judgments, blame, shaming, manipulation and negotiation. Now is the time we decide to change this. Face up to our past experiences and act in a new way.

Collaboration, cooperation, team building. Honoring people for who they are, not who you want them to be or what you think you want to get from them.

Nothing Changes until you decide to take responsibility for Who You Are. No one can take away your sense of Self, your love, security or value and worth. That is your inherit gift to the world. Find right relationship with others, in business and personal. Stand your ground and be willing to listen. Listen to what the other person needs or is asking for. Is it in right relationship? Is there a plan in place, a mutual agreement based on Truth?

Truth comes from your ability to know your stories, your own triggers, see them and take new actions. Actions in truth no longer magnify and support the story and triggers. Truth comes from your boldness, courageousness and Trust from within self.

Fear of Losing. We’re so afraid to lose. Like losing will break us, or make us something we’re not, because it’s a perception of who we’d be, not really who we are.

Fear of Trusting others. That’s your own perception, your own fear which puts distance between you and what you want. We need to be in relationship with others. We need to Trust in who we are and we need to decide if the person we are engaging with is someone we want to trust, really, will show up as they say they will. Trust can be found in each and every one’s lifestyle. The actions or in-actions you take, the words and language you use, the people you choose to be around in business and pleasure. Only you decide what your life looks like and how you are in relationship to Trust. You build your relationships based on that.

Society often uses judgments, labels and titles to define ourselves and others. The real issues occur when someone labels or identifies someone based on their own judgment or perception. The best way to recognize this is, is it in Truth with Who You Believe You Are. If it is not, then:

  1. Correct the person making the assumption, do not tolerate someone labeling, judging or identifying you that is not in belief with who you are. Claim Who You Are
  2. Re-evaluate the relationship, business or personal you have with the person. If there have been similar, consistent instances and you see a pattern of them not seeing you the way you see yourself, then it may be time to disconnect your valuable time and energy from the relationship.
  3. It’s up to you to Own your own Love, Value, Security, from within. This shows when you speak up. Confidence, is the ability to say what you mean without fear of losing anything that is not truth. When you speak up, in your truth, you are showing people, you know who you are, you know what you stand for and you matter ~ That’s Self Love.

Illuminating the Riches Within

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion