Willingness. What Are You Willing to Do?

Willingness is the ability to say yes to yourself. It is the doorway to possibilities.

What do I mean?

In order to go after what it is you want, in order to create changes and change the course of your life, you are going to have to be willing. I don’t use those words often, “have to”. What I know for sure is, if what you are doing is not making you happy or going in the direction you want it to go in, you will have to change your course of action.

Let’s begin with your resources, your money, time and energy. You will need to, have a willingness to place your money, time and energy towards that which you want. Your willingness shows that you desire the changes. Willingness has no attachment. It is an energy that shows up as yes, this is what I want. Willingness speaks of your ability to let go, vulnerability and openness. This is the path to change.

So what are you willing to Do? Often when you get deep in the chaos turmoil, stuckness, or pain, getting out takes a greater commitment, a greater need to settle, create a plan and act, again a willingness to let go of the story and problem and find a solution, this is willingness.

Most people are held back by their inability to be willing, to have courage, to find faith to act from self trust. Think about this. Do you want to be like and considered most people, or do you believe in yourself that you are capable of making the changes necessary to have what you want.

This is a conscious choice, a decision made based on your own self confidence, no one can or will do it for you.

Willingness may go against everything you were taught and believe, and that is what courage is about. Standing up for what you believe in and speaking up. Courage is not tied to outer resources.

This is where most people lose their willingness. Once you begin to talk about money, time, or energy, people shut down, disconnect or turn off. Willingness flies out the window. Willingness, has no attachment, so once again, it opens the conversation to something new and it understands in this new, in a new direction it will take, money, time and energy.

What are you willing to Do? What is something new you are ready to step into that points you in the direction of your dreams, goals, vision and desires?

Creating changes can be challenging, we tend to be programmed pretty good as to what we believe is right or wrong, truth or not truth and what is important.

Willingness breaks through these barriers.

What changes are you looking to create in your life now?

Illuminatingthe riches within

Priestess of Passion

Monica Heiz




What holds you back from what you want

What’s holding you back isn’t what you don’t have. What’s holding you back is the choice and decision to have that which you want.

You see, in order to acquire and have what you want, will ask of you to do the work, put a plan together and take the steps necessary to have what you want.
What holds you back is the story, and beliefs you tell yourself about money, about spending money or putting money towards what you want.

Money is a tool. it is used to build and invest into things, qualities that will help you, to aquire the thing you want. Money is the vehicle, when you spend and invest in services, program and products thathelp you get there. Now the choices you make on the products, services and programs are up to you. The point is saying no, and being unwilling to move money towards your desires, hold you back.

You don’t commit. You’ don’t hold yourself powerful enough. You don’t see the power you hold in the decision you make to have what you want by placing money towards having it.

Now the steps, require action. So when money is put in the plan, you have a sense of urgency a sense of purpose. Take the steps. Go to the groups, take the classes, show up. These are all important aspects that move you towards your desire. It take courage and it shows commitment.

In order to have what you want, you must be doing things different than you are doing them, so this plan puts that in place.

Practice. Practice feeling what it feels like having what you want. Practice expriencing who you are having this. What does it feel like. How do you stand, how do you act? What becomes important to you. Do more of these things.

You see having what you want is in your control What it takes is letting go of the story. Letting go of the excuses. Stepping into curiosity and courage, the 2 qualities necessary to find a new way, to find what it is you desire and want. Every other way- has you in the old beliefs that hold you back and don’t support you and your wants.

Other people will have a story why you can’t do it, why it won’t work.

Stop listening to them. They don’t hold the power, you do. Your power requires actions in alignment with your goals and desires.

What holds you back is your inability to take the actions, to be bold and hold yourself powerful in action.

Now, today, what are you going to do, what action are you going to take on in alignment with your goals and desires.

Illuminating the riches within

Priestess of Passion

Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Deep Connection to Your Self and Your Place in the World~ Emotional Strength



Emotional Strength, like any other strength, comes through flexing your emotional muscles.  Facing challenges that seem insurmountable. As a whole, society has been vague at best when it comes to facing our emotions, and the benefits of rising to the occasion of emotional challenges.  Yet, emotions hold the key to your choices, decisions and actions. How you feel, directly connects to what you decide and choose to do. Gaining emotional strength requires facing fears, insecurities and past programming which has held you stuck, held you in uncomfortable feelings and emotions. It’s only when you decide to take up a training program in emotional strength, that you really shed the unwanted pains, traumas, limits, negativity and burdens you carry, the ones that weigh you down.

And the truth is, you wear your emotional scars within your physical body. The negative patterns, beliefs and limitations show up in your attitude, actions and the way you speak to yourself, your body, mind and spirit.

Emotions have held the responsibility of  been judged, being seen as too much, aggressive, uncontrollable, stoic and the list goes on.  The main issue I see, is society as a whole hasn’t been given tools and skills to learn to understand and train our emotions.  I’m not talking about boxing them in, stuffing them down, cutting them off.  I’m speaking about all of the addictions, habits, and coping mechanisms that people take on to suppress and not feel their feeling because they don’t know how.  A lack of a system to understand when you’re being triggered, having a skill set to recognize it, stay centered and present and feel your true feelings~ in all their discomfort.  Often times the true underlying root of the feeling stems from past experiences where you were emotionally scarred, left feeling unworthy, inadequate, unlovable, experienced distrust, made to feel less than, overall loss of power and weakened.  And you know, you know the true nature of expressing yourself and your emotions.

The journey to emotional strength begins by your willingness to face your challenges head on. Your willingness to trust your own power and your ability to choose courage over fear.

It’s wonderful to have a fitness program, strengthening your physical body, and you have learned through training, it provides a level of mental and emotional strength in the process. Having an emotional practice, gives way to strengthening your ability to respond to emotional challenges. Rather than falling into your pre-programming, or your old behaviors, an emotional strength training program provides you the tools and skills to react with patience, grace, focus, trust and most importantly, your truest source of power~ unwavering Faith and Trust in YOU.  You see, when you see a limiting pattern for what it is, when you have emotional strength, supported by courage, trust and truth, anything is possible. It’s that moment when you shift your world. All of those limits, untruths, negativity, pains and traumas disappear.

You always have a choice. It’s up to you. Do you want to be weighed down by your past emotional experiences or are you ready to face the challenges today and create a new, better future for you tomorrow.


Illuminating the Riches Within





Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion